This is a story Sanda wanted me to write for her. She wanted a fairytale story with Luke and Reid. This is going to be different for me, but I'm going to try and write this for her. I hope you enjoy reading it.

I do not own anything this is strictly for fun, and I want to keep the characters alive by writing about them.

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a young man named Luke. He was so lonely, he felt different, he just wasn't happy. His Mother was worried about him. She would try to set him up with some of the young ladies in the area, but he never really enjoyed them. His Mother would say they were Princesses, but he didn't care, he just didn't enjoy his time with them. They were lovely ladies, but just not for him. His Father would have long talks with him, but it would go in one ear and out the other. He hated being lectured by his Parents. They only cared that he was a Prince, and was the talk of the town, saying he was weird because he was not with a Princess yet.

His Parents called Luke downstairs, they wanted him to meet the new neighbors. Luke was angry, he just knew it was a new Princess, he bounced down the stairs, trying to smile but couldn't really manage a deceit one. He got to the bottom step, and saw his Parents talking to a couple. His Mother smiled, "This is Prince Oliver, and Princess Megan". Luke smiled, "Nice to meet you". He was so relieved, they didn't have a daughter. Luke turned seeing a young man standing by the window looking out. Luke's Mother touched Luke's shoulder, "That is Prince Reid, he is upset that his Parents moved here. He needs someone to talk to why don't you go over , and say hi".

Luke walked over, "Hello Reid".

"Oh hello, nice place you have here"

"Where do you live"?

"We live at the Palace just by Willow's Pond".

"Oh yeah Prince Dixon, and his Family left Oakdale Lane 4 weeks ago"

"Yeah I know great for us, we moved again".

"How old are you Reid"?

"20 why"?

"Oh I'm 19".

"You live here for long"?

"Yeah I was born in this house, so was my brothers and sisters"

"Oh this place is so boring, I live is Dallas, that was a great place to live"

"It is cool here give it some time Reid"

"What do you do for fun here, party with all the pretty Princesses"?

"No I'm single, but you will have your choice of Princesses that is for sure"

"Want to go out, you can show me around"?

"Sure I will grab my coat". Luke ran over telling his Parents, and walked over, "Lets go". Reid waved to his Parents, and left. Luke smiled, "Reid are you mad that you had to leave Dallas was there a Lady you had to leave"?

"No Luke no lady, what do you do for fun here"?

"Oh we swim, or you can go to the movie theater, or the Diner in town is amazing"

"A diner like in great food"?

"Yeah food my Parents wouldn't eat there, but the young people love it"

"Ok we are going there, lets go my treat"

"I can pay for my own food Reid"

"Really Luke since you brought that up, you can treat me". Reid laughed, as they both walked into town.

To be continued.