Chapter 11

Luke was so angry, he was sitting on his bed when his Mom came into the room.

"I never should have hit you, but you deserved it"

"Leave me be Mom"

"Luke will you come down, and be with the family"?

"No, I'm all alone I always have been"

"You have the best life, but we will not tolerate you making a fool of us"

"I love Reid Oliver, so deal with it"

"Stay here and pout, I don't care" Lily walked out, and walked downstairs. Luke was trying to think of what he could do, but he didn't know anyone that would help him come up with the money. He heard someone come into his room, he was about to yell but didn't when Faith walked over to him.

"Faith go be with the family, I'm really not someone you want to be around"

"I heard Mom, and Dad say you have feelings for a man"

"Reid Oliver he has a name Faith"

"I'm sorry don't yell at me Luke"

"I'm sorry, Reid is in trouble, and I can't help him"

"What is wrong"?

"He is in jail, he needs bail money, his Parents wont help, and Mom, and Dad are happy he is in jail"

Faith jumped up, and ran out of her room. Luke thought she was angry with him to, but she came back, and sat beside him, handing him a necklace.

"What is this"?

"Grandma gave this to me, it is pure Gold, and worth a lot of money. Sell this, and get the money to help your friend"

"No I can't take this Faith, but this really means the world to me"

"Take it Luke, do you want your friend in that horrible jail"?

"No but Faith this is yours"

"No it is yours now, please go, and help your friend" Luke smiled he kissed her cheek, and jumped up, and grabbed his coat, and said he would pay her back someday. He ran downstairs, his Parents yelled out, but Luke ran out the door, and down the stairs. His Mother ran to the door, "Luke Snyder get back here"

"I'm going for a walk" He left, Lily looked at Holden she knew something was up with him, but she knew he didn't have the money for bail for Reid.

Holden touched Lily's arm, "Maybe we should bail him out"

"Never he is where he belongs even his Parents walked away from him"

"Yes but if that was Luke would you leave him there"?

"No but he isn't my concern". Lily walked away, Holden shook his head, and went into the other room, and sat down beside Ethan, and Natalie.

Luke went to town, and went to the Police Station to ask how much bail was. He was told, he ran out, and went to the jeweler down the street. He walked in, and put the necklace down, asking how much he can get for it? He was surprised the jeweler was fair, and he got more than he expected. He took the money, and went to the Police Station, and put up the bail for Reid. The Officers looked at Luke, but they had to let Reid go, but he had to appear in front of the Judge in 2 weeks. Reid said he understood, they released Reid, and told Luke he better hope Reid stays in town, or he will lose his bail money.

Reid and Luke walked outside Reid smiled , "How did you get my Parents to give you the money"?

"I didn't my sister gave me a necklace, I pawned it for your bail"

"Oh God no Luke"

"You couldn't spend a night in that horrid place, I had to get you out"

"I owe you Luke, but where will I go now, my Parents hate me, and I have no other family here"? Luke was speechless, he didn't know what to say, he knew he couldn't take him home.