It is a continuation of the 'What are Friends For?' Series taking place after 'The Song Epic'. Characters introduced are only characters we've met in the stories so far, new characters will come later.

One would say that there's a serenity unmatched as the crimson sun slowly set over the horizon far away from the ice which looked like it was resting from the long cold winter. The sun had started fading like this ever since the penguins of Emperor Land had reunited with their mates' and were enjoying the summer whilst raising the next generation. Among this generation were some of the most promising students Miss Viola had ever seen; these students were Jake, Gabriel, Kourtney, and Syrena. Of course Miss Viola wasn't surprised seeing as how these chicks had parent of such pure and hearty voices, except for Mumble. Jake was the son of Mumble and Gloria, Gabriel was the son of Erik and Bo, Kourtney was the daughter of Atticus and Nicki, and of course, Syrena was the daughter of Age and Hayley.

Of course, none of these penguins had a smooth path to getting where they were now. Mumble was an outcast from birth, seeing as how his father, Memphis, had dropped him and caused his vocal chords to freeze and stun his growth patterns. Gloria was at the top of her class, but she was friends with Mumble and everyone gave her a hard time for it, so even though she was popular, she still felt the same pain her friend, and future mate, did. Erik was the son of Mumble and Gloria, and he had a voice that had previously gone unheard in Emperor Land. His voice was specialized in opera singing and boy could he hold some exceptionally long notes. Erik's mate, Bo, was also a friend of his when he was younger and then grew up to be his mate, she was an image of courage to her generation, but struggled when she and Erik decided to become mates before the day of the pairings. Nonetheless, Erik and Bo did what they did for love, and they're perfectly fine right now. Jake was the little brother to Erik Mumble and Gloria decided to have, and they were thrilled about raising another chick. Atticus had been a friend of Erik and Bo growing up, and at first didn't believe in true love; but then he met Nicki and his whole perspective changed. Nicki had a voice for street style music just like Atticus, so they fell in love at the first song. Their daughter, Kourtney, hadn't found her style of music yet, but her mother said she need not worry. Kourtney was always turning to Gabriel, Jake, and Syrena for her worries, but her friends always came through. Gabriel was the chick of Erik and Bo, but he preferred to just be called Gab, for it was catchier to him.

But no three penguins in Emperor Land at the time were more respected and sympathized for than the family of Age, Hayley, and Syrena. Like Erik and Bo, Age and Hayley wanted to become mates before the days of pairings, that's how Syrena came along; but what really shocked the penguins of Emperor Land was the past of Age and his mate. They had come from a nation that was considered to be the best in Antarctica, no nation, not even Emperor Land, could compare with the musical talents that were born under the shadow of the mountain where they lived. But right after Age and Hayley's generation was born; they caused a horrible avalanche that wiped their beloved nation off the face of the ice. Only a handful of penguins survived the disaster, among them were Age and Hayley. Separated from each other after the event, they grew up far apart and never knew the other was alive, until a fateful meeting in a special hideout where they both went. There they realized they were alive, and found their feeling for each other, which were long since forgotten. Following their becoming mates, Age was violently attacked by a group of skuas and barely survived. But he had made a recovery and was given the chance to see his daughter get her heart song.

Syrena, however, wasn't so sure of what she wanted in life, she had many questions and doubts, she had a loving family and great friends, but to her, she wanted more. She needed to be sure to fulfill her father's dreams of redeeming himself to his parents and lost friends. Even though his song about a week earlier (That's what the story 'I Was Here' is about) had freed Age of this pressure, Syrena was struggling to understand that this was no longer a concern, so she, like her father before her, was carrying the weight of an entire nation on her back. Whilst she tried to balance it, she met someone, and that someone changed what she wanted in life and would make her go distances that few penguins had ever gone. And this, is how our story begins…

If you couldn't tell, Age and Syrena are going to form a very close bond throughout the story. In this part of the series, the title of main character goes to Age and Syrena.