If you don't play the music while reading this, it's not going to be any fun. This is just a little bit about the triumphant party that was held for all the new Pathfinders, and a little twist to it too!

Family Bonds of a Different Kind


Wherever She May Be

It was time Nicki stepped up to the stage, and at long last, she wanted to party hard for everyone. It was then that Atticus and Kourtney got up and helped her out with her song, it was a crowd pleaser from the very first lyric. (Starships-Nicki Minaj)

Nicki: Let go to the beach each

Let's go get away

They say, what they gonna say

Have a drink clinck

Found the bud light

Bad niches like me it's hard to come by

The patron, own, let's go get it on

The zone, own yes I'm in da zone

Is it two three leave a good tip

Imma blow all my money and don't give two

Kourtney sung next and she had a real cool voice for the beat of the song.

Kourtney: I'm on the floor, floor

I love to dance

So give me more, more

'Till I can't stand

Get on the floor, floor

Like it's your last chance

If you want more, more

Then here I am, am

The chorus was sung by the whole family.

The Whole Family: Starships, were meant to fly

Flippers up, and touch the sky

Can't stop cause we're so high

Let's do this one more time

Oh, oh

Starships, we meant to fly

Flippers up, and touch the sky

Let's do this one last time can't stop

We're higher than a mother feather

Atticus took control of the round.

Atticus: We're than a mother feather

We're higher than a mother feather

"That's was super catchy Nicki!" Hayley and Bo exclaimed to Nicki as she and her family came down off the stage. "I don't know if I can think of something as catchy as that." Hayley said being extremely modest.

"Oh come girl, go ahead and try!" Nicki told to her.

"Well…okay." Hayley mumbled out.

"I'll help you!" Shouted Bo.

"So will I!" Declared Carmon, who had been listening in; Nicki just smiled and hopped back on stage.

"Alright everyone listen! Up next to keep this party going is three close friends of mine, and they're all new Pathfinders as well! Please welcome, straight from Emperor Land and Adelie Land, Hayley, Bo and Carmon!" Nicki absolutely screamed their names and the crowd went nuts. The three girls rushed on stage, and Hayley instantly had an idea. (Hotel Nacional-Gloria Estefan)

Hayley: Hotel Nacional

Dressing very chic

One, two, daiquiris

Dancin' to the Cuban Beat

White pearls teased up hair

Lips sticks red to make 'em stare

Dramas on like Susan Lucci

It's time for Hoochie Coochie

Bo seemed to like a lot, but she leaned over to Hayley in-between verses and asked, "Who's Susan Lucci?" To which she said shrugged her shoulders, and it was Bo's turn to sing.

Bo: Say, say, say, goodbye to the sunlight

We own the nighttime yeah

Say, say, say, goodbye to the sunlight

We own the nighttime yeah

Bo continued, and the crowd so far loved it.

Bo: Two-toned shoes, favorite dress

Need no diamonds to impress

Red and white coupe Chevrolet

Paparazzi flash away

I'm feeling V.I.P

It's the only way to be

Born for gold like Yamamuchi

It's time for hoochie coochie

Hayley stepped in to do the chorus, and out of courtesy, didn't ask who Yamamuchi was.

Hayley: Say, say, say, goodbye to the sunlight

We own the nighttime yeah

Say, say, say, goodbye to the sunlight

We own the nighttime yeah

It was about time Carmon stepped in, and when she did, the Adelie boys went nuts and whistled.

Carmon: Champagne, caviar, no wedding mess

You and me, no need to guess

So many nights to share

Official love affair

Voila we're in Paris

Oui, Je t'aime, ca c'est la vie

Think "Last Tango" Bertolucci

It's time for hoochie coochice

No asked what 'hoochie coochice' was, or who 'Bertolucci' was, but she was kidding obviously when she said, 'official love affair' for Ramon was her only.

Bo: Oui, Je t'aime, ca c'est la vie

Oui, Je t'aime, ca c'est la vie

Oui, Je t'aime, ca c'est la vie


Carmon finished, and the whole area, filled with both nations erupted into cheers and whistles.

Hours after the party and the congratulations when everyone was asleep, Age lie awake in his temporary home in Adelie Land. The events of the past few days were unreal to him, and to a point, he was glad they happened. Syrena found her love and followed her heart, and he was expecting to be a father of two. Age drifted off into sleep, with his loving mate in his flippers.

Far away from Adelie Land, somewhere out on the open ocean, the aliens were taking very good care of Syrena and Zev. "There you go little miss, nice and cozy." A lady alien said, and then left Syrena and Zev to their little area on the boat. Syrena then turned to Zev, and though she wanted to go with him, she still missed home already.

"I'm homesick already Zev, can you hold me?" She asked meekly and smiled. Zev just grinned and got up and wrapped his flippers around her and hugged her nice and warm.

"How's that?" He asked her with the stars shining in his eyes.

"Perfect…so where do you think we're going?" Syrena asked him as they both looked at the stars above.

"To my parents, you'll get to meet them, and I'll get to see them. It seems it all worked out. And the best part we'll get to come back someday." Zev said, and this was Syrena's favorite part.

She got to go on another adventure with the one she loved, and then she'd be able to return home. She be sure to tell Gab that she loved Zev and not him. But the thought didn't worry her right now, and shortly after the young couple fell asleep, the boat in motion and speeding towards their next adventure on the mainland.

Later into the night, after Age had finally fallen asleep, it couldn't have been more of a nightmare. He was dreaming of Emperor Land, the sky was a bright green and the aurora was gleaming, but the aurora was a yellow, and rocks were raining down from the sky, crashing into the ice below and killing penguins as it did. Age knew that what he was seeing was nothing but a dream, but it felt so real. Inside the dream, he moved himself about, spinning and looking at all of his surroundings. Everywhere, more and more penguin lost their lives from falling rocks and then there was a massive rumble in the ground and a bright red water flowed past him, burning penguins and taking more lives at it went. Age tried to wake himself up, but he couldn't. Suddenly, he felt like he couldn't breathe, there was a toxic gas in the air choking him to death, and as he looked around once more he saw everyone he knew, being taken by the disasters. Mumble engulfed by red water, Erik taken by a rock, everyone. Just before he himself was suffocated in his dream, he heard Hayley call him. He picked himself up, for he had collapsed on the shattered ice, and turned around only to see her reaching for him a few dozen yards away.

"Age…" She called weakly, and then was struck unconscious by a mystery penguin. Afterwards he laughed maliciously and killed her with a rock. Age couldn't speak; he was being choked by the gas, and then fell himself, dead.

"AGE!" Hayley screamed in real life, and Age shot awake, breathing heavy and sweating uncontrollably. "Age what's wrong? You were calling my name, and screaming in your sleep." Age just looked at her and continued to try and catch his breath. "You had a nightmare didn't you?" She asked him. Age just got up and walked to the opening to their tempera home, and then finally spoke.

"It was only a dream, nothing more. It's can't be real, it's not possible." Age told himself. Hayley walked up next to him, she was noticing his sweating didn't stop, and he was still breathing heavily.

"What did you see?" She asked quietly. Age didn't wanna tell her, but she was his mate. He took a deep breath, and then told her.

"I saw…Emperor Land, it was ruined. Green skies, yellow auroras, falling stars from above; even the ground shook and a red water the caught fire to whatever it touched came from the ground. And everyone we knew was there, and they all got killed. So many innocent penguins…" Hayley gasped at what Age told her, she didn't wanna believe it as much as him. "And you Hayley, you were killed by someone, I don't know who, but he was an Emperor like us."

"And the baby?" Hayley asked concerned for their chick.

"I don't know…" Age confessed.

"What about Syrena?" Hayley asked worried for their daughter.

"Wherever she may be, she's safe as long as she's not here." Age answered.

"What does this mean? Could it be a sign?" Hayley asked him, hoping the answer was 'no'.

"I won't let it happen Hayley, for you, and for our chick. For everyone, whatever this was, I won't let this future come true." Age announced to her. She smiled, she believed him, how could she not?

"Think chick is lucky to have a Pa like you…" Hayley said feeling her belly, and giving Age a kiss.

They fell asleep in each other's flippers that night, no scared of whatever this nightmare was. Whoever the emperor was the Age was clearly out to get him, why, Age didn't know. But even if it cost Age his life, there's no way he let it come true. Not when he's finally got everything he's ever really wanted, a home, friends, family, and a reason to keep on fighting.

So that's the official end to "Family Bonds of a Different Kind". It was longer and more grueling to write than the original "What are Friends For?" but it was totally worth it, no doubt. I have to say, I think Syrena and Zev are better singers than Age and Hayley, but that's my opinion. The dream Age had is an example of foreshadowing for the future. I do plan on doing another story to finish the series, but not for a long time, I have other stories I wanna write. There's a poll on my page to see what one you guys want next, but as always, happy writing to you and thanks a bunch for making it to the end of the story, I know it was really long!