This is my very first Doctor Who fanfic, and only the second fanfic I've ever written. It's written as a way to keep my mind preoccupied off real life, so I plan on it getting very crazy. I know this chapter doesn't feature much of the Doctor, but I promise it'll get more fun from the Doctor as we go.

I don't own anything but my own OCs and ideas.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

Sunstar Requiem

{death is an illusion}

Chapter one – and the world will be reborn in a glory of fire

France 2046

At 6:07 am that morning, Rixel woke up with a nightmare. Nightmares were quiet common with her 6 year old overactive imagination, but this one was different. She'd imagined her parents dieing. Not just her parents, though, everyone. Everyone in the lab, in the city, in the whole country. The whole world. And it all started with her parents.

The little girl sat up in her bed. She didn't call out to her parents. That wouldn't be very smart. Sure, she was in the residential section of the lab and the security cameras had been disabled years ago, but she didn't want to take any chances. Shivering from fear, she hugged herself. That dream had been so real. Her mother was working on a project called C-13. Ever since they discovered it three months ago it's been the biggest buzz about the lab. And in her dream, Rixel's mother was able to combine C-13 into an older project of B-47, creating a sort of anti-matter. Of course, anti-matter wasn't real, but this was a dream. The newly labeled C-14 then imploded slightly, which gave off the spark of the Sunstar Virus. Megan Kirii was the first victim.

In her dream, Rixel watched as her mother unknowing passed the virus around to her husband, Richard. Then to Doctor Chris Datell. Who passed it onto the janitor, Michael Spelsbar. Who then spread it to the guard, Francois Peterson, at the front desk. Who brought it home to his family. By this time, Megan was starting to have a headache, but nothing more.

Rixel swung her feet off the bed and crept over towards the door. She didn't hear anyone out in the hall. Not that she should. It was 6 in the morning, but the scientists here never stayed on a 24 hour schedule. With no sunlight to help guide them in the time of day, they usually worked for almost 30 hours before sleeping for 16. It was strange, but it was the habit almost everyone had fallen into. Except little Rixel. No matter how strange life in a lab for a 6 year old was, her parents were very strict on bedtimes for her. She didn't mind too much.

The metal floor was cold under her feet as she walked towards her parents bathroom. The lights came on automatically as she entered. Rixel jumped up on her stool and looked at herself in the mirror. Her red curls were tangled in a sleepy mess around her face. Her blue eyes were puffy and red. Had she been crying in her sleep? Odd. She wiped her cheeks and turned on the faucet.

The thing was, she'd never been upstairs before. Never above the lab. Sure, the scientists all knew about her, but not the guards. No, Rixel's birth had been kept a very strict secret. If anyone ever found out, her parents would lose their life's work. And all the scientists loved her and treated her as if she was their own. She was sheltered and kept, in a way, like a prisoner down here. She didn't mind, that wasn't the point. The point was, if she'd never been outside the lab, how did she know the janitor and guards name in her dream?

Shaking her head, Rixel hopped down and stuck her head out the door. Still no one in the hall. She wished her parents would come down to check on her. Never in her short life did she want her mom so badly.

She hobbled over towards her parents bedroom. After knocking lightly, she entered to find the room empty. She wasn't surprised, really. They were still upstairs in the lab, of that she was sure. Rixel shuddered as the thought of her mother working on C-13 came to mind. Of course she was working on C-13. It was the largest breakthrough they'd had in ages. At least as far back as Rixel could remember.

The little red-headed curled up on her parents bed and flipped on the tv. Though they didn't get any actual channels, there was a database of hundreds of thousands of movies and televisions shows. Rixel loved tv. It was her best friend. While she couldn't actually go outside and play, she could still imagine. And did she ever imagine. She could be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz trapped in the Matrix while fighting off Ursula to gain control of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. That pretty much how her days went.

She flipped through the library of movies and settled on Indiana Jones. Indy could keep her safe from stupid nightmares.

Just as she was about to fall back asleep while young Indy cut his chin with a whip at the foot of her bed, she heard a loud bang.

Rixel sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes. Instinctively, she looked towards the door. No one came in. She waited for a moment, then laid back down. Just as she did so, there was another loud bang. This one was followed by another one shortly after.

She glanced up at the ceiling. They were several floors below ground in a lab built with the highest technology. Even if someone jumped up and down on the floor above her, she shouldn't be able to hear it. Rixel tilted her head and stared at the ceiling, daring it to make another noise. It answered her with another loud bang. Nothing moved. The ceiling didn't vibrate, it just made the noise.

Rixel jumped off the bed and walked past Indy who was climbing on top of the train. She headed towards the door and opened it, glancing into the hallway. No one was there. Strange. Usually someone was sleeping or something around now. Why didn't they come out to investigate the noise that shouldn't be?

She tip-toed down the cold hallway towards the main stairwell. For being only six, she was small. She could maneuver about halfway up the stairs before the cameras could see her. Doctor Datell swore that she could actually walk all about the upstairs lab since the cameras there were only focused on the actual work and not the room around it, but she never ever took that chance. She loved her parents too much to ruin everything for them.

Sliding up against the wall, Rixel stepped up on the highest stair she dared to go on. From here, she could still see the residential hallway, but she could also see into the lab. Just a little tiny bit, but enough to see at least 5 work stations.

To her surprise, she saw no one.

She licked her lips. Calling out was a very, very bad idea. Instead, she listened.

There was nothing for several minutes. No talking, no shuffling of papers, not even any more bangs. Rixel blinked. It was all very confusing. Where were her parents and the other scientists? They should be here. Just as she was about to give up and go back downstairs, she heard someone walking.

"Oh, we got here too late."

Rixel froze. She didn't recognize that voice. It was all... foreign. A British accent, like Mary Poppins. Sure, they were in France, but all the scientists were American. Well, except Doctor Janet Lopez, but she had a very Spanish accent. Nothing like this. Besides, this was a man's voice. It had to be a guard. Her who body quivered. Guards weren't allowed down in the lab! She had to get back down to her room before she was spotted.

"Oh, blimey Doctor. It looks like a war zone in here!"

Another voice. Female this time. This one had a different accent, too. Very Mary Poppins- ish, but not so formal. In fact, she almost was talking in slang. Rixel liked slang. It was what all the old 2000-ish movies used, or so her dad explained.

She'd heard enough. These two obviously weren't people she knew which meant she needed to run and hide. If they found her, everyone she knew would be in very big trouble. Rixel grabbed the hand rail and slowly started to sneak back downstairs. Her whole body was shaking. She tried to move as carefully and as fast as she could. Never a good combination. As her foot hit the step below her, she slipped and landed on her butt. A small cry of surprise escaped her lips.

"Shh. Did you heard that?"

Rixel's heart sped up as she heard the man talk. This was not good. Not at all! Where were her parents? Why weren't they there to make the guards, who weren't even suppose to be there, go away!

"Hello? Anyone in here?" The female voice wavered down the stairs. Rixel heard footsteps, but she couldn't tell where they were going. Slowly pulling herself back up, she dared to look back up the stairs.

At the top of the steps stood a very tall man she'd never seen before in her life. He had short brown hair and wore a leather jacket. Civilian type clothes Rixel had never seen on a real human being before. He smiled widely at her. Her heart raced and she knew she should run away, but she was frozen. Not even her eyes would dare to blink.

The crazy man at the top of the stairs grinned madly at her. "Why, hello there."