epilouge – a moment

When she saw him with her own eyes, her heart burst. Her mind was so filled and cluttered that she couldn't even remember his name, but she knew everything about him.

"Thief! Thief! You're my thief!" Rixel cried as she ran towards him. Her legs were much longer and more functional than she remembered. "Look at you! Goodbye! No, not goodbye, what's the other one?"

She leaned forward and kissed him. No, that wasn't the right one. That was the one for Lucas.

"Why am I a thief?" Her thief asked. Thief wasn't the right name. What was his name!? He was the one who drove her and took her through time and space and saved the little scared girl.

"Me!" She exclaimed, hoping it would point out the obvious. "You're going to steal me. No, you have stolen me. You are stealing me. Tenses are difficult, aren't they? Were they always this way?"

"Sorry about her." A smelly man behind her said. She didn't care about him, she only cared about her thief. The man. The Smithy? No, no, that was an alias. Is an alias. Will be an alias?

"Oh, you're angry. No, you will be angry. The little boxes will make you angry. But then you will be sad. Or you were sad. I make you sad." She shook her head.

"Idris, you should have a rest." The smelly man said.

"The little boxes?" The thief asked.

"A rest." She nodded, though Idris was not her name. It was the name of the body, but not her. "Yes. Off switch!"

The world blackened around her and she collapsed.

"Who are you?"

She opened her eyes to find herself in a small room with bars. What's the word? Cage? Sounds right. Yes, she was in a cage. Her thief stood on the other side of the bars. His voice sounded like sweet music to her ears. She'd heard his voice from so many different lips before, but not for a moment had she heard it with her own ears.

"You do not know me? Just because I'm in here like this?" She said, staring back at him. Rixel frowned. Why was it that words were so difficult for her now? She used to be so good at them.

"They said you were dangerous." He muttered.

"Not the cage, silly. In here." She touched her face, the face of the Idris. It felt warm under her fingers. "My hair is red. Was red. But now I'm tall and not what I was." She stood up and reached her hand out towards him, but he pulled away. "You know me. That name, what was it? We travel and for a moment I was a little girl and then for a moment I was the box of blue."

"The Tardis?" He asked.

"Time and relative dimension in space." She nodded. "Susan named it. Me. Will name it."

"You're crazy." He said.

She lowered her hand. "No. I have that other name. The young one. Type 40 Tardis. A museum piece in the darkness. You said ' What would I do without you, Rixel.' Wait no, wrong time. That was-"

"How do you know that name?" The thief took a step back.

"You're the... the ...man of science and medicine. Oh! My Doctor! You're the bow-tie doctor!"

"How do you know that name?!" He asked again, more forcefully.

Rixel blinked at him. "Bow-tie Doctor?"

"No." He growled and looked away. "Rixel."

"Oh yes! My name!" She clapped.

"No." He snapped his head back to her with a glare.

"Yes!" She continued with an odd sort of glee in her voice. "I am the blue box and Rixel. And we travel. Will travel. Have traveled. I save the world with science once."

He stared at her with his jaw slightly open. "You...you can't be."

"I can. I am physically here. Though only for a moment." Rixel stated.

"The Tardis?" He whispered.

She nodded. "Yes, Doctor."


"Yes. And the phoenix, but I haven't used that name in a moment. Oh, this is the moment where you get sad, isn't it?"

The Doctor fell to his knees and stared at the ground in front of him. Rixel knelt down as well on her side of the bars.

"There is no reason to be sad. I am always with you."

"I thought you died."

"No you didn't." She corrected him. "I told you the dream of Roses."


"I am always with you."

"No." He shook his head and stepped back. "You're not her."

"Whether you believe it is irrelevant. Can you let me out now?"

The Doctor glared at her for a moment, then pulled his sonic screwdriver out. It buzzed, and the lock clicked open.

"You look nothing like her."

"Of course not." Rixel shook her head. "My body was destroyed in the explosion. This is the one from House."

"But...how?" The Doctor asked.

"House made me like this." She replied. "But it only lasts a moment."


"Doctor!" Rixel leaned forward and grabbed the sides of his face. A strange sensation ran through her finger tips. His face was warm and she was reminded of all the times she spent with him as a human. She could easily picture him in Pennsylvania and prancing through the Tardis with Rose and seeing him for the first time at the Academy.

His eyes widened as he stared back at her. Fear flashed across his face and then he started to relax. "Rixel?"

She nodded.

He leaned forward and hugged her so tight she felt the breath in her lungs escape.

"Doctor, wait." Rixel said.

"I won't let you go this time." He said. "I promise."

"You do, but that's not the point." She said. "I need to tell you something before the moment is over."

"No." His voice cracked. "No, I won't let it be over."

"Doctor, it's not your fault what happened. I am fine." She said. "Please listen? Before the moment is over."

Slowly, he pushed back to look into her eyes again. His face was reddened and he looked over her frantically. His hands clasped onto her shoulders as tight as he could manage.

"Doctor." Rixel said with a smile. "I am always with you."



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