Chapter 6: Breaking in.

Kate sighed out as she hurried along the street buttoning her coat as the same time.

She received a text from Rachel with the words "IMPORTANT" as the first line and she knew that if Rachel texted those words, something was up.

She crossed the road and saw a black taxi pull up outside a posh block of flats, the door opened and she recognised her friend straight away.


Rachel turned around instantly and saw Kate rush opposite her slightly out of breathe.

"I'm here! I'm here, what's wrong? What's important?" Kate asked in a hurry, the door of the taxi slammed shut making both girls look.

Kate's eyes blinked twice as the familiar face appeared.

"Hi..." Kate whispered and John stepped back in shock but slowly smiled remembering the first time they met.

"It's Kate, right?" John said and Kate nodded back.

"You two know each other?" Rachel butted in glancing looks at John and Kate.

"We met at the supermarket, he dropped his card...wait. How do you know him?" Kate explained.

"John's my uncle"


Before Rachel could speak, a cough interrupted them all and they looked to the left to see Sherlock there with his hands in his coat pocket staring at them all.

"In your own time..." Sherlock rolled his eyes stepping backwards going towards the front doors of the building.

"Rachel! Why am I here?" Kate hissed quietly as they walked along following the man.

"I needed the company. I got dragged along on one of their cases" Rachel replied pointing to John and then Sherlock.


"Sherlock is a consulting detective and I sort him" John came in between Rachel wanting to clarify to Kate.

"What's a consulting detective?"

Rachel left John to tell Kate what a consulting detective was and she came up besides Sherlock who was staring at the buzzers on the door and then suddenly buzzing the one labelled 'Van Coon'.

She looked and saw Sherlock buzzing Van Coon's label but not getting any answer, he shook his head and both of them looked at the labels again then they noticed the label above his name. It was brand new.

"So, what are we going to do now? Sit here and wait for him to come back?" John called behind them.

"Yeah it's abit chilly" Kate cooed also.

"Just moved in" Sherlock whispered and then startled himself to see Rachel close to him.


"This label is brand new, someone new has moved in above Van Coon" Rachel said as John huffed and came up to look at the label himself.

"They could have replaced it"

"No one ever does that." Sherlock replied.

"I do!"

All three of them turned to see Kate smiling wide and nodding but soon the smile went as Sherlock glared at her.

"I replace my label on my flat if the weather is horrible and rain ruins it" She shrugged and looked at Rachel raising an eyebrow.

"Really..?" Rachel mouthed.

"Yeah" Kate stiffened a giggle but stopped as Sherlock turned his back and buzzed the above label.

They waited for a few minutes and Sherlock buzzed the button again.

"He's abit inpatient" Kate whispered to John and he nodded back; "Just a bit..." He whispered back making her half smile.


A strange woman's voice drifted through the air, John pulled Kate out of the frame of the small webcam where Sherlock was standing.

"Hi, I've just moved into the flat just below you. I don't think we have met" Sherlock changed his personality in a split second.

"No – Well I've just moved in..." She replied and Sherlock shot a look towards John and Kate standing next to each other.

"Actually – I've locked myself out" Sherlock answered back cringing a bit acting his part.

"Do you want me to buzz you in?"

"Please and can I use your balcony?"

After being buzzed in, Sherlock and Rachel entered the building first heading towards the lift.

"Sherlock!" John and Kate ran after them but the doors to the lift closed before they could enter.

Both of them stood in the lift in silence, it was an awkward silence – "So, remember what floor it was?" Rachel asked.

"Of course" Sherlock replied, looking at the side of her face – he noticed she was staring straight ahead but then turned catching his eyes, those light blue eyes looking.


She went into her coat pocket pulling out her mobile and tapping in a number quickly before placing it to her ear.

"Simon? Hello, It's Rachel – I've sorted out the bank situation and I will be back soon as possible, it's just...I've got held up. No, no it's my uncle needed something and I've got to help him out. Are you sure? Thank you Simon, bye" Rachel hung up the phone and the lift pinged to a woman wearing a pink dressing gown.

"You're Mr Van Coon, and this is your wife?" The woman asked again, looking between the two.

Out of the blue, Rachel grabbed Sherlock's hand and smiled at the woman.

"Yes – Ed here was supposed to pick up the keys but he thought I did" Rachel replied and they stepped of the lift together.

Sherlock peered down at their hands entwined together, a strange feeling passed through him but he shook it off and gazed at the woman playing along with Rachel.

"Oh yes, silly me"

The woman grinned at them both and led them to her flat, opening the door and letting them inside.

"So, how long have you two been married?"

"A year"

"4 months"

Both Sherlock and Rachel said in unison and looked at each other.

"A year and 4 months..." Rachel smiled trying to reassure her. She walked past them and opened her balcony door.

Sherlock was first out accessing the height and where the balcony was down below.

"Um...Lizzie could you come here for a second?" Sherlock nodded her over, Rachel came out and the wind hit her as she set herself next to him looking downwards.

"That's a long way down..." She felt the colour drain alittle from her face as she gulped.

"That is why I suggest you stay here and I jump down and open the door..." Sherlock looked down at her and the height once more.

"I'll be fine, dear"

"Are you two okay?" The woman asked peering out of the door at them.

"We are fine" Again, they answered in unison. Sherlock breathe in and stepped up onto the ledge which made both of them gasp.

He looked back and gave the woman a smile as he turned around slowly.

"Be careful, Sher—Ed" Rachel looked at his face and with that, he jumped – both of them quickly went to the edge and saw him fall and land onto the other balcony with a stumble hitting the side of the railing.

"I think it's best that you don't do that" The woman pointed out but Rachel shook her head and stepped onto the ledge herself and saw Sherlock down below waiting.

"It's okay..."

Those last words escaped her lips and she herself turned around, closing her eyes slowly and jumped.

She jumped feeling the air gush around her then all of a sudden her fall abruptly came to a stop as she landed.

Again she opened her eyes and realized her feet weren't on the ground but she could see them, her eyes wandered upwards to two arms holding her and then continued upwards to Sherlock's face staring.

'He caught me´ she thought surprised blinking a few times to register what just happened.

They stayed like that for a few moments, both looking at each other.

"Hello! Are you two alright?"

They were interrupted by the woman calling down at them and Sherlock gently placed Rachel onto her feet.

"Yes! Thank you" Sherlock called up and did a little wave, pasting Rachel towards the sliding doors.

Rachel stood there for a moment or two replaying what just happened in her mind...Sherlock caught her and the stare afterwards... she shook her head and followed him inside the flat.

"Sherlock, Are you there?" John banged on the door waiting for him and Rachel to open it.

"This is the right door number?" Kate asked randomly, John nodded and banged again making Kate jump.

"Sorry...Sherlock, he sometimes doesn't listen."

"Right – So you are Rachel's uncle?"

"Yes...her father was my brother." John confessed and then banged on the door once again.

John put his ear to the wood of the door listening for any sounds.

"Wow, he keeps this place..."




John heard two familiar voices and sighed with relief.

"They are in there...SO LET US IN!" John banged again.

Rachel looked around the big apartment, there was little furniture scattered around...the rooms were large and clean.

"Wow, he keeps his place..."



"DON'T!" Sherlock eyed her, he looked at everything in turn observing and taking all in –the objects, the books near the side of the television, furniture but soon the bangs on the door interrupted him.


Rachel watched Sherlock ignore the bangs and whisk himself into the kitchen, she followed.

"Thank you"

As he closed the fridge, Sherlock stopped and looked back over to her, Rachel looked back and smiled.

"It was nothing..." He replied, shaking the feeling again that washed over him and trying to concentrate on the apartment.



Both of them heard John and Kate shout through the door again; Sherlock once again ignored it and made his way through the hallway into the bedroom but stopped in the doorway.

"What is it...? Sherlock...?" Rachel automatically came across and stood next to him...

Rachel then let out a small scream before covering her mouth at the sight.

Lying in the bed before them was a man with a gunshot wound to his temple.

"Is that..."

"Van Coon."

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