Yuki slowly got up from bed as the sun set. It had been three years since she left Cross Academy, and two years since Sara had been taken down. She was now eighteen years old, and her and Kaname were expecting their first child. Yuki looked around for Kaname, knowing he wouldn't be there. She kept one hand on her swollen stomach as she went in search of her mate. His scent was fresh, and quite close. Her long hair flowed around her as she padded down the hallway, towards his study. She pushed the door open slowly to find her onii-sama at his desk, doing paperwork.

Kaname stopped as he sensed Yuki's presence. He rose and set his pen down "Yuki.." he murmured, moving around the desk to her side, one hand moving to rest on her belly. "How do you feel?" he finished, cupping her cheek in his other hand. His dark eyes watched her lovingly.

"I feel fine onii-sama" she smiled "Uh! I mean we feel fine!" she giggled. "You don't have to worry Kaname, I'm ok!" She smiled as she felt their unborn child move against his hand. Yuki knew the cause of his worry was because her due date was a few weeks away. According to Hanabusa, who as a genius knew these things, she could go into labor any time. She felt herself blush under her lover's tender gaze. Those sad eyes of his had become more joyful since her pregnancy began, but it pained her to see any trace of sorrow in them.

Kaname smiled to himself. Yuki rarely called him by his name alone. It was always accompanied by the proper honorific. As a result, the rare moments when she opened up and called him by his name alone was a treasure to him. Almost as much as she was. Kaname stopped to kiss her tenderly before lowering himself onto one knee, eye level with their child-to-be. "Hello Little One" he murmured, his hand trailing down from Yuki's cheek to rest on her stomach as well.

Yuki smiled as she lowered one hand to rest on his head, and slowly stroke her fingers through his hair. "Its falling asleep" she whispered with a smile. During her pregnancy she had quickly learned that her sleeping schedule was disrupted; as the baby moved during the day while she attempted to sleep. She'd grown accustomed to the lack of sleep, but it was Kaname she worried about more. Every day she tossed and turned in bed, while he slept beside her. She woke him a few times by accident and even though he was never cross with her, she still felt awful about it. Her poor onii-sama got less sleep than she did, so every moment counted.

Back in the real world, Kaname rested his forehead against her abdomen, relishing the moment between them. "Soon you'll be in our arms" he said to the child "And we'll truly know what to name you then" Ever since she was three months along, Yuki had decided she didn't want to know the gender. Though Kaname had been curious as to the gender of their child, he respected his mates wishes. Besides, if he could wait ten years for her to know him, he could wait nine months to meet their baby.

The tender moment was broken as Hanabusa frantically knocked on the open door twice to announce his presence. "L-Lord Kaname." He was panting heavily, as if he'd just ran from somewhere. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Ruka and Akatsuki need you! Er, I mean they are struggling with an intruder at the front door" The Aristocrat bowed quickly, his right hand over his left shoulder, as was customary towards the Pureblood couple.

Kaname's gaze had turned to Aido and he rose from his knees "Tell whoever it is that they must return another time" he replied calmly, wrapping one arm around Yuki's shoulders to hold her close.

Aido flinched "I'm afraid, Lord Kaname, its not that easy. This woman... She's a Pureblood"

Yuki felt Kaname's hand tighten around her as Aido continued "She is demanding to see you under any condition. She refuses to leave until she has seen you. And as a Pureblood, none of us have power to order her to leave" Against his chest, Yuki felt Kaname's muscles clench before he sighed wearily.

"Very well. Go down and tell her I will be down to greet her in a moment." Kaname replied, his voice weary and calm as ever. Aido bowed again and left. Once Kaname judged him to be out of range, he turned to Yuki "Stay here.." he requested gently.

"But Kaname!," her voice came out with a slight whine, which she hadn't intended, but oh well. "I want to meet another Pureblood too!"

"No." He answered firmly. "You must stay here. Do it for me.. This Pureblood could wish horrible things on me, and if she sees you, the easiest way to hurt me is to harm you and our child."

As much as Yuki hated to admit it, he was right. Just like he always was. He had told her that other vampires, even Purebloods, watched for one little weakness they could exploit. And her condition was more than a little weakness. But even so, she wasn't ready to give up. "At least let me wait on top of the stairs!" she pleaded.

Kaname looked down at her, about to deny that request as well. But as he looked into her eyes, he found he couldn't. "Very well.. but stay out of her line of sight" He stopped to kiss her forehead before gently lacing his fingers with hers to guide her out.

He paused just short of the stairs, releasing Yuki's small hand. He could already smell the other Pureblood. Her scent was vaguely familiar, but he couldn't place it. He turned to look at Yuki "No matter what, stay here. Your safety means more than anything to me right now" He bent to kiss her again, his warm lips barely tasted hers before he pulled away.

"I promise" Yuki answered softly. Her heart felt pained to see the old sadness in his eyes. It was so long and ancient. Sorrow from another time and place. Things that had happened thousands of years before she'd been born. Then he was gone, down the stairs towards the mysterious woman below. Yuki peeked around the wall, curious as to the female Pureblood.

Kaname descended the stairs, aware of Yuki watching safely behind him. At the base of the stairs Akatsuki, Ruka and Aido stood in a semi-circle around a beautiful woman. She bore the same unnatural beauty as any vampire he had met. Thick black hair hung loosely to her waist, making her slender body and pale skin look even paler. She looked up at him and he saw her blue eyes, not bright and vivid like Aido's, the blue of the sky. Upon review, he noted the beautiful dark pink of her lips.

Her clothes were hardly befitting of her rank, at least not anymore. The gown she wore was old in more ways than one. The burgundy dress, trimmed in black lace, was an elegant Victorian style, that now days would be considered Lolita. In its glory the wine colored gown must have been something that women in the proper time envied with a passion. Now however it was little more than rags. The skirt had been shortened to her ankles and what remained of it was pocked with holes and shreds.

The young Pureblood turned her eyes towards Kaname and her lovely features hardened instantly. "Kaname Kuran." she stated blandly as he stopped behind his guards.

"Yes?" he asked. For once he could not place who she was. There were few enough Purebloods left that it should have been easy. But he just couldn't. Of course he may not have met her before. But she sure knew him.

The female's blue eyes began to glow crimson as she restrained herself from attacking him on the spot. "You...," she growled. "You killed my father!"