Juri looked up from her drawing on the floor as Kaname stepped into the room. "Daddy!" she giggled, running up to him, hugging him tightly. "Did you have fun where you went, Daddy? Your back in time for Christmas!" A giant evergreen tree stood in the room, lights sparkling with ornaments hanging from every branch. A few small brightly wrapped packages sat under the tree.

Akatsuki was in the corner talking with Ruka and Aido. Yuki had been sitting on the couch, talking with Takuma. "Kaname!" Yuki giggled "Did you have a good time?"

Kaname smiled and nodded "Yes. In fact, I got the two of you something" Kaname reached into the pocket of his Duster Jacket, retrieving something in his hands. Juri held out her hands, her dark eyes matching her father's garnet jewels. She looked down at the elegant vessel in her hands and gasped in delight.

"A rose!" she squealed happily, hugging her father again.

Kaname hugged her back, looking up to smile at Yuki before handing her a similar rose, only the casing was shaped like a heart. "Yes, Juri. These roses are special. They bloom once every ten years" He looked around the room before smiling at Yuki "Did I miss something?" he asked, amused and touched by the scene before him.

Yuki took the rose, smiling brightly at the shape. "Its beautiful Kaname-sama!" she giggled. "Oh! Its a Christmas Eve Party!"

Takuma stood, his old smile on his face "Its good to see you, Kaname"

Kaname nodded, smiling at Juri before turning his eyes to Takuma. "Its good to see you as well, Ichijo" he smiled as his daughter piped up.

"Uncle Takuma came for the party! So did Grandpa! He doesn't like it when I call him Grandpa alot!"

"Oh?" Kaname chuckled, listening patiently to his hyper daughter "Where is your Grandfather?"

"He's in the kitchen making cookies for Santa! He played with me all day! But he won't let me use my fangs"

"He has his reasons... Has your mommy let you feed lately?" he asked gently, stroking her long brown hair. She truly looked like her mother, at least, so he thought. She thought the other way around.

Takuma shook his head "Forgive me, I know I shouldn't be interrupting, but I don't believe I've seen her feed since I've been here"

Kaname nodded and pulled up the sleeve of his jacket. "Here, Juri, feed. Then bed, sweetheart" he said softly. "You want Santa to come don't you?" he teased softly, watching his eager child bite into his arm before nodding frantically.

The Headmaster slid into the room, a tray of sugar cookies in his hands "Hello everyone! I brought my famous sugar cookies!" He chirped, setting the tray on the table, placing three cookies on a plate, for Juri to leave Santa.

Juri quickly pulled away from her father's arm, running to the cookies "The look so good Grandfather!" she took one of the tree-shaped cookies that Kaien offered her.

"Finish that then off to bed, Juri" Kaname instructed, taking Yuki in his arms.

Juri had already downed half of the pointed cookie "But Daddy...!"

"Listen to your father, Juri" Yuki added, giving her daughter a firm look.

"Aw, alright" she finished the cookie and hugged her parents goodnight "Goodnight Mommy! Goodnight Daddy!"

Holding her rose close, Juri left the room, followed by her parents to bid her goodnight. It took a story or two from Yuki and Kaname both before she fell asleep. Yuki smiled at Juri as they closed the door on the sleeping girl.

"She's just like you were when you were her age" Kaname smiled lovingly at his mate.

Yuki giggled "So we have a young version of me?"

"Yes, so it would seem" he chuckled "Lets her her gifts under the tree so we can get to bed ourselves" Kaname held Yuki around her waist, guiding her downstairs.

"Kaname?" Yuki asked, looking up at him

"Yes, my dear?" he asked softly

"Merry Christmas!" She giggled happily.

"Merry Christmas my darling"