"What do you want for dinner tonight?" Karla mused as she placed a bag of deep red apples in their shopping cart, sunlight dancing in her deep brown eyes and heels clicking as she moved, bangles clashing on her thin wrists.

"You know I'll love anything you cook darling." Saul replied, giving her one of his devilish smiles that made her heart flutter. Saul's remark brought about several smitten glances from all the women within earshot and rather too many (in Saul's eyes) appreciative ones from their husbands and boyfriends. Unable to drag his eyes away from his wife, Saul shivered as her silk shirt brushed against him when Karla leaned across to reach a pack of grapes.

"Good answer," Karla murmured, ticking something off her list. She looked up, met her husband's eyes and returned his loving smile. She stopped suddenly, brushing her delicate fingers over his forearm. Saul, who knew this routine rather well, stepped closer to her, to avoid anyone seeing her closed eyes. A moment passed and Karla still hadn't opened her eyes. Saul touched her cheek, knowing that Karla would react to this. Her eyes snapped open and she blinked in the florescent lighting.

What did you see? He asked and Karla bit her lip.

Something, but it wasn't clear. She hesitated and Saul took her hand, gently pulling her along as they left fruit and veg and turned into dairy. Something's going to change, but I don't know when, could be years; could be minutes.

Karla moved to pick up a milk bottle, abruptly ending the conversation. Saul shook his head slightly and watched his wife debate over two cartons of cream that looked exactly the same. There had been no snow yet this year which meant no skiers for Karla to instruct and no skiers for Saul to take down on the ski lift. And that's why he was currently accompanying Karla to the local Thriftway; it was time for their weekly grocery shopping. After that, they were picking up some skiing supplies for Karla. Of course, Karla was more than capable of taking care of both tasks by herself, but she had insisted he come along instead of "moping around the house", as she'd playfully put it. That had naturally lead to Saul eagerly demonstrating what else they could be doing, instead, while alone in the house, and the impromptu make-out session that had wasted almost an hour, very nearly had Karla convinced. But only very nearly.

"Saul, strawberry or raspberry?" Karla asked, holding up two yogurts.

"Um, strawberry." He replied. And so here Saul was, leisurely pushing the shopping cart along while Karla flitted about, collecting the groceries they needed, playing the role of a hard working man who was, at the end of the day, just another dutiful husband under the beck and call of his wife.

Not that he really needed to act for that, Saul mused with a fond smile as he watched Karla, stunning to him even under the unflattering fluorescent lights of the store. He did work hard, and he would gladly fulfil any whim his wife could ever come up with, although she didn't always know it. He loved her more than anything, and would protect her to the death if needs be. After the episode with the Seer in London, Saul was prepared for anything. For him Karla was more than just a wife, she was half of his very soul and took up more than half of his heart. The past thirty plus years of marriage had solidified her as such a constant, fundamental part of his life he could no longer even imagine a world without her.

A pair of arms slid around him from behind and someone kissed his shoulder. He leaned back and smiled.

"I love you too." the figure mumbled into his jumper.

I hate it when you do that. Saul said, with a grin to show he was joking.

It's not my fault you think about me loudly. Karla returned, stepping around him to face her husband.

He caught her cheeks and was about to pull her in when;

"Mrs Benedict! Mrs Benedict!" a young boy of about nine charged up to Karla and began tugging on her sleeve. "Mom says to tell you thank you for my skiing lessons last year and would it be possible to have another set this year when it snows?"

"Yes Charlie, but your mom will have to book it, okay?" Karla laughed as the little boy ran off, then looked up and caught sight of Mrs Lethem staring at Saul as though he was a piece of meat.

"I swear Mrs Lethem has been looking at cheese for the past fifteen minutes." Saul said quietly, head still reeling from the kiss. Karla almost shrieked when he mentioned her name.

"It's not cheese she's after," She muttered. "Enough dairy, come on."

"I-oh." Saul said, realising.

"Yup. Though I shouldn't be surprised with the way you're dressed today." Karla almost snapped, eyeing her husband with an appreciative eye. The tight dark jumper and the jeans snug around the hips and- Karla stopped herself.

Saul had fallen silent to watch Karla's face change with her emotions. He didn't like seeing her unhappy or jealous- as she really didn't have anything to be jealous of. He was about to remind her of this when she curled her arm around his waist almost possessively- a gesture that did not go unnoticed by Saul or Mrs Lethem, yet she didn't stop staring. Karla sighed and dragged her nails across his skin.

"Easy, darling," he murmured against her temple when she drew her nails lightly against his side. "There's no call for jealousy, you know this."

"Of course I do," Karla smirked, before adding innocently, "Just making sure dear Mrs. Lethem knows as well."

Saul chuckled. "What happened to my sweet, kind, adorable Karla?"

"She'll be back as soon as she's done defending what's rightfully hers." And with that Karla darted over to where Mrs Lethem was standing and murmured something in her ear as she leaned across her.


"I don't think I'm bringing you grocery shopping with me again." Karla announced as they reached the car.

Saul sighed with relief. "Thank you. I don't think I can take much more of-"

He stopped when Karla huffed at the sight of Mrs Lethem staring again.

"Now darling-" Saul began.

"Saul," Karla interrupted, helping him to load the trunk of the car with shopping bags. "It's okay."

She kissed him them, stretching up to reach more of him, hands resting on his chest. It was filled with passion and heat and electricity. Slowly his hands moved from her cheeks to her waist to her hips. His tongue brushed against her lips and she smiled before pulling away.

"You are aware," Saul said slowly, his tone husky, "That the house will be empty for a few more hours before the school lets out..."

Karla smirked. Skiing supplies could damn well wait. "Get in the car, Saul. We're going home."

Grinning, Saul gave her a quick kiss on the lips. "Yes, Ma'am."