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Colin is looking sad because his legs are all tied up together, and his wings are tied together so he can't fly away. We see a short warthog with a blue-green robe messing with one of the nooses. His name is Bian Zao and he's the hangman.

"Ok, are you about a 16, 16 1/2, or what?" He asks Colin.

He then grabs the noose and starts muttering to himself as he's putting it around Colin's neck, then he tightens it.

"It's a little tight." Colin said as he groaned a little.

"Well, that's supposed to be the idea." Bian Zao says. "Would you care for a blindfold or something?" He asks. Colin shakes his head. "No… How about half a one?" He asks raising his eye patch, to which Colin shook his head again. "A drink?" He asks then he holds up a bottle to Colin.

We hear an organ playing as we see a robed pig with a staff coming down the aisle with the sheriff behind him. He was Abbot and he was presiding over the wedding. As he's comes down, his sword hits the camera.

"Sorry." He says as Colin sighs.

"Good morrow, Abbot," says a sheep.

"Good morrow." He answers.

"Welcome, Abbot." says a female goose.

"Good morrow." He answers.

"Hello, Abbot." says another goose.

"Good morrow." He answers

"Hey, Abbot!" says a wolf that sounded like Lou Costello.

"I hate that guy." The Abbot growls under his breath. As the Abbot and the sheriff reach the altar, the 'Wedding March' plays as Taotie comes out with Lorelei. Everyone is in awe on how beautiful Lorelei is.

"Present swords!" says a gorilla as some crocs get their swords out as Taotie walks down with Lorelei.

Colin looks sadly as the one he loves is about to marry another. When they get near the altar, Taotie takes out a remote and pushes a button. We hear a chirp as the gate closes. Soothsayer is right behind them. Taotie gives Lorelei to the sheriff when she sees Colin and gasps.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Just in case you change your mind, my dear," the sheriff says grabbing Lorelei's wing.

"I will conduct the opening prayer in the new Latin," Abbot says as he pats his book. He opens it and then says, "Oh, ord-lay, iveus-gay our-yay essings-blay. Amen-ay."

"Amen-ay." Everyone including the sheriff repeats it.

"We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Junjie, the Sheriff of-" Abbot begins.

He then cuts himself off as he tries to keep himself from laughing. He isn't the only one however as the crowd begins to snicker.

"Junjie? Your name's Junjie?" asks the Abbot.

The crowd then begins to laugh. Even Taotie was having a hard time trying to keep himself from laughing. This seemed to effectively prolong the wedding as Junjie is getting annoyed.

"Shut up, shut up! Continue with the service!" He snapped as Taotie snorted.

"Okay... Junjie," the Abbot said.

The crowd then laughs uproariously as Junjie gets angered then he grabs Lorelei's wing again after he let go of it.

After the laughing stops, the Abbot continues, "Do you...Sheriff of the Valley of Peace, take maid Lorelei of Bagelle to be your lawful wedded wife, to love and to hold in sickness and in health till death to you part?"

"Yes! I do! Get on with it!" Junjie snapped wanting to get it over with.

"And do you, Lorelei, vow to do all the stuff I just said to him?" The Abbot asks her.

"Say I do, or Colin dies." Junjie tells her as Bian Zao begins to tug at the rope holding Colin by the neck.

Lorelei stutters as she wonders what to do. "I...I..."

When this is happening, Po managed to get over to a spot where he would have a clear shot at the noose. He then shoots an arrow and it cuts the rope holding Colin. Luckily, Lorelei sees the rope has been cut.

"I do...NOT!" She said as everyone gasps.

While everyone was shocked about what was going on, Colin took the time to free himself from his restraints. Junjie then turns around and sees Colin's friends making their way toward Po.

Who's the panda? Who's the panda?" Po asks as he extends his arms getting high fives from Peng and Dende.

"Go!" Nathan tells the panda.

"Arrest them! Seize them! Stop them!" Junjie yells.

"Hurt them! Hurt them!" Taotie screams desperately.

"Look! The Cool Ones are coming!" yells a sheep as the crowd screams and runs for cover.

Taotie's guards then get out their swords as the rest of the Cool Ones show up and start to fight them. However, it was apparent that the guards haven't even bothered to train since the last encounter and were soundly being defeated. Colin then takes off his noose and gives it to Bian Zao.

"I believe this belongs to you, dude," He says.

"Well, you know what they say: no noose is good noose." Bian Zao says as he walked away from the fight.

As the Cool Ones still fight off Taotie's guards, Po joins Colin and they shake wing and paw.

"Nice shooting, Po." Colin tells his friend.

"Well, to tell you the truth, I was aiming for the hangman." Po said as Dende, Peng, and Nathan joined them.

Colin glared at Po for making it seem like he wasn't trying to help him. He was just about to say something when they noticed gorillas headed towards them.

"Uh-oh, fellas. We got company," Po said.

"On the count of jump." Colin says as his friends duck. "Wait for it."

"Charge!" The gorillas say as they head for them.

"Jump." Colin says then they all grab the gallows making the gorillas crash and burn.

After they get off, they turn around and laugh because the gorillas are balancing on their swords. They jump and do a group high five, but Dende just dives and hits the ground. Nathan then helps him up. The Cool Ones continue the battle as Junjie then puts his sword away.

"I shall have you, married or no." He says

Junjie then trips Lorelei and covers her in a red rug. He then carries her through a door. No one notices this as Colin and his friends fight off the gorillas. Then a wolf, one of the Cool Ones, punches a croc's lights out. He then strikes a pose, punching a gorilla behind him.

A girl pig named Mi-Lei is fighting a gorilla off by using its ears to steer it around randomly. As the fight is coming to a close, Po then pats Colin's shoulder as he says, "the sheriff. He got your girl, man."

Colin then sees it too as Lorelei is screaming as Junjie takes her to one of the higher rooms in the tower.

"He's takin' her to the tower. He's gonna deflower her in the tower. Ooh." Po said with disgust.

Colin knew he had to save her. Without bothering to see how the fight was going, he bolted into the tower after them.

Hah, some wedding that turned out to be

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