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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

It was happening. It was finally happening.

I was going to college.

For months, I have been begging and pleading with my Dad to let me go off to college on my own. He stood his ground. Even with all of the family agreeing with me. True though, they did not help me convince him and were pretty much impartial with the exception of my mother.

"Oh wait" I thought bitterly. "Maybe not all of my family agreed with me."


He alone had agreed with Dad that I was too young to go off on my own. They thought I wasn't familiar enough with the world to be able to go off on my own. Mom had tried arguing for me but it didn't help any. I think it was her help that finally made Dad accept that I was doing this with or without his approval. It started out with me asking his permission but I knew that I was old enough to make this decision. I just wanted him to tell me that he gave me his blessing.

He finally did and remorsefully helped me make plans for the move. I would leave for Dartmouth the next morning so that I could be there for the first day on Wednesday. With Dad's help, I had an apartment ready that was only a couple of miles off campus and I was registered in school already. With Mom and Aunt Alice's help, I was packed and ready to leave the next morning.

Saying goodbye was hard. I truly loved my family and would miss them terribly. They were not the reason that I was leaving. Ever since I reached full maturity, I have had a strong impulse to explore the world. See things for myself that I have read about in books and seen in movies. It just wasn't real until I could see it with my own eyes. College seemed the best way to start. And I had to do it alone. But, no matter how much I tried to deny it, the hardest thing about all of this was leaving Jake.

Jake was still like a brother/best friend to me and I never looked at him as anything more. He was not happy or sad that I felt that way. After all, he was supposed to be whatever it is that I need him to be in my life. After nearly 3 years of me being mature and these feelings never changing, it was simply a fact of life. All of those suspicions my family had about me and Jacob once I reached maturity were forgotten. And now, Jacob was free to fall in love with anyone he wanted. As was I. I don't think my family knows how to feel about that yet.

As I was driving away from my home a feeling of loneliness came over me. There was no more Alice there to tend my every need and desire. There was no more Mom and Dad to love me and shower me with affection. No more Grandpa Carlisle to teach me everything that he knew. I was alone now.

But my loneliness was overtaken by a more powerful emotion.


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