Game: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. In the first chapter, we learn about Rolf's mom and the horrible thing she did to the three young boys. This is the story of Oscar, Boyd and Rolf before they joined the Greil Mercenaries. It is before the events of Path of Radiance, obviously. I know, I suck at writing descriptions. Thanks so much for reading, it's my first time writing fan fiction, I apologize if it sucked. I tried hard, though, and if you enjoyed it then please comment and thanks once again!

Disclaimer: I do not own Fire Emblem or any of its characters (I wish!). They are property of Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

Rolf twisted and turned in his cradle, unable to fall back asleep. The infant shoved his fingers into his mouth and began sucking. His mother, Monica, groaned and grabbed the fingers away from the mouth and told him to go back to sleep, even though she knew a baby like him wouldn't understand what she was saying.

Tears were threatening to spill from the child's eyelids but Monica didn't care at all. In fact, she never even wanted the baby. It just meant more money going to waste to feed another mouth, while she could be using all the money for herself, buying some outfits for her wardrobe or even some jewellery.

As the woman became lost in thought, the baby began bawling, not liking the lack of attention. Monica, fed up, shoved the crib into a corner and left the room, preparing to go get some sleep. The baby continued to cry relentlessly, until Oscar tiptoed out of his room, unable to sleep with the noise.

He frowned and walked towards the baby, who's crying had been reduced to soft sniffling at the sight of his brother. It was evident that baby Rolf trusted his older sibling much more than the vile woman he called a mother. Oscar lowered himself onto a nearby chair and scooted close to the cradle, gently trailing his fingers over the baby's stomach, causing him to giggle. Oscar caressed its cheek and decided that downstairs, alone, was not a good place to let a baby sleep. The green-haired teen carefully picked Rolf up in his arms. He trudged through the hall as quietly as he could and placed the small child in a bundle of his blankets. Fortunately, Rolf was already asleep and Oscar just lay down on the cold, wooden floor and tried to get some rest.

The next morning, he was awakened by furious stomping and an angry voice. The door to his room swung open and slammed against the wall, leaving a small dent. Monica, enraged, towered above Oscar's formerly sleeping body.

"What in the name of Ashera do you think you are doing, boy? I told you to never take that cursed brat out of its cradle! It needs to be taught a lesson!" Monica hissed with venom in her voice, her fists tightening by her sides, "you stupid, stupid idiot! I can't believe this! Why did I agree to marry that worthless father of yours? His children are the most… ARGH! Oh my Goddess, just-"

Oscar, was enraged by her words. "Mom, don't you even care about us? Rolf was scared to be all alone, and he's a baby so he needs attention! Also, stop calling him 'it', Rolf, has a name too-"Oscar was interrupted by a fist directed into his skull, causing the blood in his head to begin pounding and migraine soon found its way into his head.

Monica pointed a quivering finger at Oscar, who was clutching his head and trying to regain his breath. "Never talk back to your mother, idiot!" Oscar forced the tears back up into his eye sockets and managed to pull himself beside Rolf, who was wailing because of all the loud yelling.

"You… you are not to tell your father about this, or else…" Monica slammed her fist into her palm, glaring menacingly at Oscar.

Awakened from his slumber, Boyd creeped out of his room and was just about to enter Oscar's room when Monica stormed out and shoved him aside, causing him to fall on his behind. She simply scoffed and marched to her knitting needles, which loyally waited for her presence.

Oscar groaned and rubbed his head before stroking the baby's head and whispering gently to Rolf to calm him down. He then sat up to tend to Boyd, who was still sitting on his bottom, in a sort of daze. He rubbed his eyes and as his vision started to focus, he stared in horror at Oscar, whose forehead and right eye was slowly turning a pale blue colour and swelling.

Boyd pulled on his older brother's sleeve and muttered:"Hey Oscar, what happened to your face? Does it hurt?"

Oscar laughed gently and squeezed the five-year-old's arm, masking his pain behind a forced smile. "Don't worry, little brother. I'm fine. …Mom just got a bit mad, that's all."

Boyd's mouth screwed up into a grimace as he folded his arms. "Mom's not supposed to hit her kids! What gives her the right to do that? I can't believe this! I just wish dad knew… We should go tell him, Oscar! He needs to know!" Oscar nervously looked around, relieved to see that their mother was out of the vicinity. The green-haired teenager sighed and rubbed his sore forehead, wishing the same thing.

"Me too, Boyd, me too…" The fourteen-year old stared blankly at the wall until the sound of a squeaking door hinge tore him away from his thoughts. He whipped his head around and saw his beloved father, Linus, smiling brightly. He was carrying a worn-out lance with one hand and another hand resting on the doorknob to the house. Monica's usual frown was instantly replaced by a fake smile as she ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek.

"Oh, sweetie, are you feeling all right? After a week away from home, you should probably take a rest now." Oscar scrunched up his eyebrows, disapproving of the fake and sickening sweet voice Monica used with his father.

He was older now, and knew what was behind that happy-go-lucky façade of hers. He knew that deep down, all Monica cared about was money and that nothing else mattered. He felt horrible that he wasn't telling his dad, who was still head over heels for her and hadn't even realized what she was doing. Oscar was scared. Every day when Linus wasn't in the house, Monica would threaten him, physically abuse him and treat him like a slave.

Linus hugged Monica for a few moments before turning his attention to Oscar and Boyd, who were both sitting in front of the wall, staring into nothingness. His smile faded a bit and he gently pushed away from Monica, to see his children.

"Oscar, Boyd, I'm home! How was your week-"Linus laid eyes on the blue… thing on his oldest son's face. "Oh my sweet Ashera, what happened to your face, Oscar?" Linus' smile immediately disappeared and a look of horror spread across his face.

Oscar nervously chuckled and wiped a few beads of sweat off his bruised forehead, racking his brain for some sort of excuse. "Um, well I was playing tag with Boyd. Yeah, that's right and, well-"

Oscar was interrupted by Boyd who pointed an accusing finger at Monica. "That's a lie, Oscar! Mom pun-" Oscar covered his mouth with his hands and glanced uneasily at Monica, who had the if-you-tell-him-I-swear-I'll-kill-you look, so he decided to continue his lie. "Yeah, and well I wasn't looking at where I was going and ran into a tree! Yeah, ha… ha, and uh, mom wanted to punish me. That's right; punish me, so I'm not allowed to go to the forest for the rest of the week… She didn`t want me to get hurt anymore."

Linus raised a questioning eyebrow at everyone and sighed deeply. "Alright, then, but be more careful next time, Oscar. You always have some sort of injury when I come back from work. Go get some ice from the storage chamber." Oscar smiled through his pain and nodded. "Yes, thanks Dad!" He then ran off to the storage chamber and grabbed a block of ice, lifting it to his forehead and let out a content groan. The cold ice felt amazing against his feverish skin.

Boyd, still angry at Monica, huffed and ran into Oscar's room to watch baby Rolf sleep. He hated her more than anyone else in the world and just wished he could tell it all to his father…

It was night time, and the following morning his father would be leaving for another mission, not to be seen again for two or three days. Oscar huddled up in a ball on his bed, wrapping his thin blankets around his shivering frame. He tried to ignore the cries that were coming from Rolf's cradle, which he knows has been left alone once again.

Not able to withstand it any longer, he sneaked out of his room and carried the child over to his room, and created a small bed out of his blanket and a pillow, the child slept peacefully and happily gurgled, sucking on his stubbly little fingers. Oscar smiled gently, knowing that in his heart he would go through whatever kind of pain to see his youngest brother happy.

The next morning, preparing for Monica to storm in and once again abuse him, Oscar nervously fiddled with his bed sheets for a few minutes, surprised that Monica still hadn't woken up yet. He lifted himself up off his bed and peeked into her room, finding her packing a bunch of her things and valuables into a large suitcase. Another man waited at the doorstep, smirking evilly.

Oscar dared to speak up. "Mom… w-what are y-you doing?" He inquired, nervous. She slammed the suitcase down and glared at him. "What does it look like, idiot? I'm packing up and leaving. Boyd and Rolf can come if they want, we'll be going in and moving in with a richer man anyways. But I want you to come with me. You need to be our cleaner, cooker and the lot. Alright, so, get your things packed up and get Boyd over here."

Boyd had already woken up and was carrying a sleeping Rolf in his arms. He creeped in to see what was going on.

"Alright, then. Boyd, you can come with me if you want. We're leaving that no good father of yours to this pleasant rich man," she said, motioning to a fat senator. Boyd folded his arms and glared at her. "How could you do that to Dad? He worked so hard for you and you're just going to abandon him? What kind of person are you?"

Monica clawed him across the face, leaving a red mark on his cheek. Boyd fell to the ground, clutching a whimpering Rolf in his arms.

Oscar stared at her in shock. Monica had beaten him before, but never Boyd. Furiously, he stormed up to her. "Who do you think you are, you crazy lady? Hurting Boyd like that! I will not come with you and there is nothing you can do about it." Monica, enraged, punched him again in the same spot as the previous day, the pain doubling from being hit on a bruise. She gave him a swift kick in the stomach, just for good measures.

Monica scowled at him and sauntered off with her new man, turning her head to say a few last words. "Fine then, you stupid idiots. Why in the name of the Goddess would you want to stay with that useless idiot of a father for? You had chances of eating three meals a day, wearing nice clothes and you threw it all out the window."

Oscar turned his head and bellowed, making sure she could hear what he was about to say.

"I'd rather stay with father because he loves us, and all you love is money. I… I hate you!"

With that, Monica had already left, and was out of sight. Boyd was a bit dazed and was crying, rolling around on the floor. Boyd's voice lowered to a raspy whisper. "Oscar," he cried, "please don't leave me alone…"

Oscar crawled over to him and clutched his temple, feeling very, very light-headed. He weakly raised a protective arm and patted Boyd's head. "It's alright, Boyd. I'm right here… I won't leave you alone, I promise…" And with that, Oscar's shoulders slumped down and his head lolled forward unconsciously, his back leaning against the wall, leaving a panicking Boyd trying to rouse his brother up and a crying Rolf, confused about everything that was happening.

Oscar felt consciousness flood into his mind as he painfully opened his eyes to find a sleeping Rolf and Boyd on the ground. He slowly sat up, a wet wad of paper falling off of his forehead. Touching the bruise on his forehead, which had quickly worsened, he groaned and stood up, ignoring the searing pain in his stomach and chest. He wasn't sure how long he was unconscious for, but Oscar had a hunch that the three boys haven't had food in at least two days.

Oscar leaned down over his younger brothers and picked them up, lifting them one at a time onto his bed and pulled the covers over their shivering bodies. He smiled gently and decided to make some food for them, whispering a small thanks for Boyd who had dragged an unconscious Oscar to his bed and placed the wet paper on his head.

He grabbed the last morsels of meat from the cupboard and laid them on the counter and started to boil the water. Oscar rummaged through the storage and managed to find some herbs and vegetables, chopping them up and dropping then into the boiling water. A few minutes later, he turned the fire on low heat and went to check up on his younger siblings.

The two boys were already awake. Boyd groaned and rolled around on the bed, claiming that he was dying of hunger. "Oscar," he groaned and rubbed his stomach," I'm hungry…"

Oscar smiled and rubbed the younger boy's cheek, saying in a reassuring tone: "Don't worry, Boyd, the soup will be ready in a few moments." Boyd just nodded and let his head fall back onto the pillows.

Oscar returned to the kitchen and turned off the fire, pouring the delicious stew into three small bowls. He picked up the bowls and placed them on the small desk beside his bed. Boyd, quickly attracted to the delicious smelling concoction, grabbed one of the bowls and slurped it up in ten seconds. He let out a content sigh and tugged on Oscar's sleeve. "Oscar, can I have some more?" Boyd stared at him with enormous eyes and Oscar sighed, pouring some of his own soup into Boyd's bowl. Boyd greedily slurped it up once again and let his head fall back on the pillow. "Thanks, big brother…" Boyd mumbled, almost incomprehensibly.

Oscar tipped the bowl of soup carefully and Rolf willingly accepted after not having food for quite a bit of time. Oscar then drank up his own soup and sat down on the bed, beside Boyd.

"Boyd, how long was I unconscious for?" Oscar asked nervously, not wanting anything longer than 2 days.

"Um, I think around like 4 days or something." Boyd replied, scratching his head. Oscar slapped himself across the face and turned his head towards Boyd and Rolf.

"I'm so sorry to do that to you two… I'm a horrible older brother, aren't I?" Oscar sighed and placed his elbows on his knees, leaning his head onto his hands. Boyd quickly got up and hugged Oscar, wrapping his arms around his waist. "No, don't say that, Oscar, you dummy! You are the best big brother ever!" Oscar smiled at him and returned the hug for a few moments.

A creaking sound broke them from their thoughts as the front door swung open, Linus stood at the entrance, looking rather tired and more… ill than usual. Oscar stood up quickly and racked his brain for an explanation of why his bruise was larger and darker, why he was limping when he walked, why Boyd had a thin scab running across his face, why Rolf looked as skinny as a twig and why their mother was not with them. He could not come up with any plausible explanation and relied on the truth.

"Darlings, I'm home!" Linus was excited to see his family, but never was he expecting them to be in such a miserable state. Oscar stumbled towards him and threw his arms around the man's waist, letting all the pent-up feelings of sadness and anger out, crying without stop. Boyd soon followed, angry tears in his eyes. Baby Rolf started crying, just because he was confused and scared and well, everyone else was doing the same.

Linus gently raised Oscar's chin up and examined his face, an angry expression on his face. Looking at Boyd, he was even more upset. "What happened, boys? Was Monica not taking care of you well enough? How did you get hurt so badly? These wounds might be infected, for all I know. I need to have a good chat with her and where she should let you guys play."

Oscar's crying diminished to quiet sniffling as he dropped to his knees and stared at the ground. He couldn't bring himself to tell his father about any of this. Fortunately, Boyd spoke up.

"Dad, Monica's not with us anymore. She left with this fat guy and hasn't come back. She punched Oscar and kicked him, trying to get him to come with her. And she scratched me."

Linus could feel the blood in his body freeze. That woman… how could he do that to his children? He leaned down and brought Oscar up so he was standing once again. Oscar's voice was wavery and he bit his bottom lip. "I'm sorry that Boyd got hurt, I couldn't protect him… He's usually not the one to get hit- I mean, uh…" Oscar mentally slapped himself for letting that slip out.

Linus, so angry he could hardly speak managed to mutter: "So, my boy, whenever I get home and you have all those injuries… it's that woman who inflicted them? I… Oh my Goddess…" He felt light-headed and shook his head.

"Alright, then… I'll go grab some ice, and you both go to Oscar's room and wait, alright?" Linus trudged to the storage, mumbling curses under his breath. Boyd piped up, feeling that his dad was very sad. "Thank, dad. We love you…" At these last words, the tears cooped up in their father's eyes freed themselves and he cowered in a corner, crying to his heart's content.

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