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Oscar and Leon ran into the Crimean campus and looked around. An enormous banner hung from two poles, the words: "Crimean Royal Knights Campus" in silver, embroidered letters. Oscar and Leon ran into the campus and looked around. There was a large building, and Oscar guessed that this building would be the one that sheltered them for the following day. He motioned over to it.

"Hey Leon, let's go find a room." Leon nodded as the two boys ambled into the building. After looking around for a bit, they decided to take a room nestled in the heart of the building, close to the washroom. They chose this room because both boys understood the universal rule: When you got to go, you got to go.

Oscar put his hand on the doorknob and pushed, entering the room.

The room was large, with two beds on either sides of it, a large drawer standing in between the beds. On top of the drawer there were a few candles and matchsticks. There was a desk in the corner of the room. The moonlight shone through a window located on the wall facing the door. The floorboards creaked gently as they entered the room, examining their new living quarters for the day.

"Well, I reckon' we should just drop down our bags, hm? We'll actually get ourselves comfy if we get in." Leon inquired.

"Yeah, I guess." Oscar then pulled his knapsack over his shoulder and onto the bed.

Leon also put a large bag beside his bed and began walking towards the door. "Y'know, Oscar, we should go exploring! All this twiddlin' of our thumbs is getting' to my head."

Oscar nodded. "Leon, I'm coming with you, but I think we should go get a bite to eat and head straight back. After all, it's pretty dark outside already, and we wouldn't want to get lost in the dark."

Leon placed a hand on his hip and chuckled. "Well then, that works too. You remind me a heck of a lot of a friend of mine, who applied to the Winged Guard…" Leon trailed off, probably thinking about this friend of his.

The two boys headed out of the building and into the cool, fresh night, a few small gusts of wind blowing at their clothing. They made their way into the large building and entered the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was packed with other applicants, all chatting and running about. Oscar spotted a familiar mass of fiery red hair bobbling around. Kieran grabbed his fork and pointed it towards Oscar and Leon as soon as they entered the room.

"You two! I DEMAND that you tell me all your cheating ways in besting me with that javelin!" Kieran approached the two boys, glaring. Oscar cowered a bit, feeling awkward as all the other applicants stopped what they were doing to watch. Leon just smirked and casually flicked Kieran in the forehead.

"Well, Kieran, I reckon' you be talkin' about that time where you knocked yourself silly with the javelin? The great, INVINCIBLE, Kieran? Hm?" Leon grinned at Oscar with enjoyment, as the young man felt like he had just put Kieran in his place.

Kieran's face became as red as his hair. Very embarrassed, Kieran shot back: "NO! I am talking about how YOU managed to telepathically smack me with it!" Leon was about to retort, but Oscar jumped in between the two.

"Hey, calm down, you guys... Look, Kieran, it wasn't our doing... We wouldn't really gain anything from you hitting yourself- uh, you getting hit by that javelin, anyways... J-Just be more careful, alright?" Oscar stammered, trying to calm Kieran down.

Kieran fumed at them, crossing his arms defiantly. "You deceitful, lying, squinty-eyed coward and you obnoxious, countryside, smart-alec! HOW DARE YOU! WE WILL SEE WHO GETS IN! WE WILL SEE!" Kieran then trudged out of the room, almost tripping but catching himself right before the fall.

The whole cafeteria erupted in applause, and Oscar and Leon sat down quietly, grabbing a sandwich each, and chomped on their food.

Oscar woke up to the sounds of a trumpet blaring in the distance. He rolled around and stared at the ceiling in a daze, not remembering where he was for a few seconds. He muttered to himself.

"Boyd… Rolf… Dad…?"

Then he remembered that he was at camp and not in his house anymore. Groaning, he sat up and found that Leon was still curled up in a ball, asleep. Oscar gently shook him to wake him up and told him that he could hear a trumpet, so something important was probably happening. Leon nodded and got up.

At that moment, someone knocked on their door. Oscar opened it and came face to face with Mathias, who had circles under his eyes, probably tired from staying up all night and marking the entrance exams. Mathias cleared his throat and said: "Good day, applicants. We have an important meeting in around twenty minutes, so get yourselves together and meet up at the training field." Oscar nodded. He was both excited and nervous because he KNEW that Mathias would be disclosing the results from the applications regarding who would become a trainee knight.

Washing up as quickly as he can, Oscar ran a comb a few times through his hair and pulled on his shirt, then pulled on his boots and took off with Leon, to the training fields.

The duo walked up to the crowd, looking up at Mathias, who was smiling slightly and skimming over a few papers. Behind him were around 30 packages, all with a label on them.

Once everyone was there, Mathias began to speak.

"Alright, applicants! I am hoping that you all had a good night's sleep. I am pleased to announce that the results for the applications are in." He glanced around the crowd, smirking gently as people began whispering amongst themselves. Oscar fiddled with the hem of his sleeve, nervous beyond belief.

"First, I want to congratulate all of you for your participation, and you all did an excellent job. Do not let your spirits down if you did not get in, there will always be next year. Now… I will begin. There are 28 trainees in total. If your name is called, you have been accepted. You are to step up here and I will give you your package of items you will need."

Oscar felt his blood pulsing rapidly, and he felt like his chest was going to explode.

"These names are in no particular order, just pure luck. Alright, trainee number one… Miss Amelia! Congratulations!" The crowd erupted in cheering, and a few people were patting a young girl on the back. She giggled nervously and shook hands with the Mathias, grabbing her package and returning to her position, an enormous smile plastered on her face.

"Next up, we have… Kieran! Good job!" Kieran quickly shook hands with Mathias and smiled, looking very pleased with himself. Mathias gave him a gently pat on the shoulder and sent him off.

A few more names passed on the list of applicants, the tension in the air rising. Oscar's name still hadn't been called, and he was starting to lose hope.

"Trainee number twenty one… Leon! Congratulations!" Leon, shocked, froze for a few moments before Oscar gently patted him on the back and shoved him towards Mathias. A minute later, he returned, clutching a package to his chest. Oscar smiled and congratulated him.

Again, more numbers passed, and Oscar still hadn't been called. He had already almost lost all hope when Mathias finally announced the last trainee.

"And our final trainee is…"

Oscar put his hands together and prayed for his name.

"…Alan! Congratulations!"

Oscar felt his heart drop. He let his hands hang down by his sides. Masking his disappointment with a forced smile, he tried to shrug it off and clapped, congratulating the last trainee. Leon grabbed him by the shoulder and gave him a sympathetic look.

"Oscar… hey, I'm sorry. I would've reckoned that you would get in instead of that Kieran guy… I'm real sorry..." Oscar sighed and grunted gently.

Unbeknownst to Oscar, Mathias was looking directly at him and smirking. He cleared his throat. "Actually, I lied. There are 29 trainees, except this last one that I did not mention actually received the highest score in the application exam. This person will be granted permission to the trainees, will receive some money for their family and will be given special permission to spend one day with full-fledged knights and learn from them."

Oscar looked up, wanting to learn who this lucky fellow would be.

"This exceptionally talented youth is none other than…"

Oscar hoped to hear his name, but knew that was probably not going to happen and lowered his head to the ground.

"… Oscar!"

Well, good for Oscar... he must have done a good- wait... Oscar thought to himself, not realizing that it was HE who had been granted this special permission. Shocked, Oscar jerked his head upwards and stared at Mathias, who was grinning. Leon shoved him forwards and whispered a "Congratulations!"

Oscar nervously wiped his sweaty palms on his pants and accepted Mathias' handshake, sheepishly scratching the back of his head with his free hand as he listened to the cheers and clapping of the other applicants. Mathias leaned down close to his ears and whispered: "Good job, Oscar. I scared you there, didn't I?" Oscar groaned and nodded, while Mathias just laughed. Oscar gripped the package and sauntered off, smiling gently.

The pats on the backs and the jumping for joy stopped abruptly when Mathias clapped his hands together.

"Congratulations! You all did an amazing job, and truthfully, this year's competition was remarkably strong. Even if you did not get it accepted, I congratulate you nonetheless and I encourage you to try again next year. Now, if you were not accepted, you may head back to the campus to retrieve your things, then leave. We hope to see you again next year, though! Good job once again!"

A small group of people headed off into the direction of the campus. The trainees stood and looked at Mathias. The new recruits waited attentively for further instructions. Once the group could no longer be seen, Mathias continued.

"As for our trainees... Firstly, I will congratulate you once more. Secondly, before we begin your training we must go and briefly do an orientation and go over some rules..."

A groan chorused through the lot of trainees, who did not find rules and orientation all that exciting.

"... and, of course, you will choose your weapons!"

Excited cheering erupted from the audience.

"Good, good, it seems that you are all enthusiastic. Now then... well, go put your packages in your drawers. In that package, there will be a training uniform or armour, which I would like for you to wear, an identification scroll, your results from your test, a map, and a pouch with a few vulneraries, which you should be carrying along with you AT ALL TIMES. So, go back to your rooms, put on your training outfit, go attach the pouch onto your belts, and meet me back here again for a few rules and choosing your weapon in an hour!"

Oscar adjusted his shoulder pad and tightened the belt strapped to his beige-coloured pants, patting his pouch to make sure that his vulneraries were all there, and followed his group out of the main base of the Crimean Royal Knights, Mathias leading the way.

They ventured through the training field and stopped in front of an enormous, oak shack. "This is the armoury. Before we enter, though, there are a few rules."

Groans could be heard.

"General rules: First, do not speak to other knights, other than myself or ones that I give permission for you too. There will be other knights at both the stable and the armoury, so be very quiet and follow along at all times, do not disturb the knights. Second, there are both real weapons and training weapons, so do NOT touch the weapons unless given permission. Finally sneaking into the armoury at night is strictly forbidden. There will be guards on watch during then."

Cheers could be heard from the group of trainees as Mathias opened the door. The door's metal hinges creaked from overuse. Inside the shack, rows of weapons lined the walls from the ceiling to the floor. And sure enough, there were a few other knights looking for weapons of their own. Collective gasps could be heard from the excited trainees.

The group advanced forwards as Mathias pointed out the metal used in each weapon, such as iron, steel, and even silver. Oscar glanced at them in amazement, the sharp tip of each weapon glistening even in the dim lighting. He involuntarily shuddered at the thought that these beautiful weapons would soon be used to spill blood along the ground... then realized something important.

If I do become a knight, that means I will very likely be killing people... whether they are innocent or not, even if they're on the opposing side, even if they are evil and I'm doing justice for my country...I'm still killing people. I will become a murderer... Oscar felt his stomach do a flip as he nervously eyed the weapons once more.

I don't know if I can do this...Oscar thought to himself, and he suddenly felt nauseous.

While the other trainees chatted amongst themselves, huge smiles plastered on their faces, Oscar lagged behind a bit, holding his stomach and suddenly becoming very interested in the worn-out leather on his shoes. Leon noticed his uneasiness and slowed down until he was beside Oscar.

"Oi, Oscar. Are you feelin' alright? Y'seem a bit... out of it." Leon asked, worried. Oscar just waved his hand slightly and said that he was fine, just had a bit of a stomach ache. Leon nodded, and unsurely caught up with the rest of the group. When the group arrived to the training weapons, Oscar was already sweating profusely and felt like puking. Mathias glanced over at him and frowned when he say the distressed look on Oscar's face.

"Alright... trainees. Please grab the weapon of your choice from the training weapons only, and then wait for further instructions over there." Mathias nodded his head towards the weapon checkout center. Oscar slowly advanced forwards towards the weapons and touched the handle of a lance, only to feel Mathias place his hand over Oscar's trembling one. Oscar looked up at him and forced a smile. "Captain... Is there something the matter?"

Mathis sighed and brushed a few of Oscar's green bangs out of his face. "I should be the one asking you that question. What happened?"

Oscar shivered and sat down on the ground, while Mathias kneeled in front of him. "Well, it's j-just this whole 'knighthood'... I mean, looking at these w-weapons made me realize something... You have to... kill p-people?"

Mathias rubbed his shoulder sympathetically, and nodded slightly. "Oscar... you see, I'm 36, and have been a knight for 18 years. I went on missions, and... Yes, I have killed people before."

Oscar felt his stomach acid rising to his throat and he felt strangely light-headed. Mathias cocked his head gently to the side. "Oscar, you see, we kill others for our country. The people we kill are bad, they are trying to kill everyone else in our country and harming innocent people. We need to rid of these people or they would get to our loved ones, yes?"

Oscar paused for a moment then nodded, thinking about Boyd, Rolf and his father back home. Mathias continued to speak as Oscar thought of his family.

"Oscar, you know you are one of the most accomplished applicants I have ever met in my 10 years of training applicants. You would make a wonderful knight, so please, think about it. Remember, you are fighting for our country. You're a strong boy, Oscar. You can do this. I believe in you."

Oscar nodded again and slowly stood up, the nausea beginning to disappear as he picked up the blunt-ended lance and turned to face Mathias. "Thank you, captain... I'll try my best."

Mathias smiled gently and ruffled his hair. "No problem, my boy." Oscar, confidence and determination regained, returned in line with Leon, and the group of trainees proceeded to check out their training weapons, and take a tour of the entire base camp.

Oscar sat down on his bed and stretched out his arms, happy and tired from his first day of being a trainee. They had trekked around the entire campus, and Oscar felt as though he knew the place like the back of his hand. The whole time, they were carrying their weapon, which seemed kind of strange. Why didn't we just visit the armoury last to save us the trouble of carrying our weapon around? Did our captain forget and mess up the order? Oscar asked Mathias this, but Mathias denied everything and simply stated that 'it increased your endurance'.

Leon had already said good night and fallen asleep, so Oscar was left alone to do whatever he wished. He leant his lance against the wall. Oscar opened his bag and placed all his belongings into the drawer, then pulled out the parchment, quill and ink that his father had given him. He quietly sat up and picked up the candle and matchsticks before placing them on the desk and sitting down, getting himself comfortable.

The candle flickered gently and illuminated the space surrounding it. Oscar lifted the quill and dipped it into the ink, then placed the tip on the piece of paper. He then began his letter to his beloved family back home.

Dear Dad,

I just wanted to let you know that I was accepted into the trainees, and apparently I also received the highest score out of this year's group, so I have the privilege of spending a whole day with real knights! I'm not sure when this will happen, though, but I'll be sure to tell you about it! Our captain, Mathias, is also very nice, although very strict. I met a few new people, too. There is this boy from the countryside, Leon, and he's really nice to me, and we have become friends. Then there is also another boy named Kieran, who seems a bit... agitated and overly enthusiastic. But he seems like a decent and strong person, too.

Now, how is everything going back home? Is everyone doing fine without me? I already miss you guys, and it feels strange waking up in a different room, without Boyd or Rolf nearby. Are you really stressed, Dad? If there is anything that goes wrong, I will be on my way back to help out. Are Boyd and Rolf doing alright? I hope they aren't giving you a hard time!

There was also something I wanted to ask you, Dad. If I become a knight, does that mean I will be a murderer? I asked Captain Mathias about this, and he told me that we are fighting to protect our loved ones and fighting for our country, but, I'm still killing people nonetheless. I'm trying to clear everything up in my mind, but I really am still unsure...Any advice, Dad?

Anyways, I miss you very much, and I hope Boyd and Rolf aren't causing too much trouble and you can handle things at home without me. Tell Boyd and Rolf that I miss them, too!



Oscar set his quill down, organized his writing materials back into their pouch and lay it neatly in the corner of the desk. He very quietly opened the door to his room and sneaked out, deposited his letter into a bin and returned. He blew out the candle and walked over to the bed and lay down on his side, staring outside at the moon that hung in the sky that was shining brightly; more brightly than usual, and thought about his family back home...

"Daddy, the moon is really bright tonight! I wonder if big brother can see it, too." Boyd inquired, pointing up at the silver orb in the midnight sky.

Linus laughed gently and ruffled the forest-green hair on his son's head, also staring up into the sky. "Boyd, Oscar will definitely be able to see it."

Boyd crawled into bed but continued staring at the moon, transfixed. Linus pulled the thin cloth over Boyd's body and continued: "Who knows, he might even be looking at it right at this moment... Wouldn't that be nice?"

Boyd simply nodded.

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