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His dark brown eyes scanned the wooden cupboard for sugar. He ran his strong fingers through his pitch-black hair as he grunted in frustration.

"Father! We ran out of sugar for the snicker doodles!" A man in his forties arrived in a crisp black business suit and snapped his fingers.

"Oh butter biscuits! I'll just have to tell your mom to get some more!" he mused out loud. The teen rolled his eyes and started to mutter something incoherent.

"What was that Avon?" asked the man. Avon gritted his teeth.

"I said since you're the one with ghost powers, why don't you leave my mom alone?" he growled. His father chuckled and patted him on the back.

"My dear boy, your mother loved me after she met me in the hospital after that dreadful car crash! Ah... Emily Hope... My, she is a wonderful mother!" Avon glared at him as walked away.

"Vlad, you might have married my mother, but you will never take the place of my dad!" He screamed angrily as he slammed the door.

"He will learn to appreciate me..." snarled Vlad through clenched teeth as he walked back to his study.

(At Fenton Works)

"Danny... Are you sure your okay?" clucked Maddie as she massaged his back. He rolled his baby blue eyes in annoyance.

"I'm fine! But still..." he blushed as he said, "But why was I married to Sam in the coma thing?" A snicker was heard from the old couch as Jazz closed her sleek new laptop computer.

"Danny, have you considered maybe it's your innermost desire coming out through thought, and since it was basically 7 months of REM sleep, it was most likely combining all your ideas together!" Danny and Maddie gaped at her.

"Uh... English please?" requested Danny as he stretched and reached for his white t-shirt.

"You and Sam think about dating each other all the time- and that got into the really long dream! Simple as that!" Danny's face turned several shades of red as he dropped his t-shirt.

"Uh... Eh- why would you say that?" he stammered.

"Say what?" asked a female voice coming from the Fenton Works doorway.

"Oh, hi Sam!" said Maddie as she picked up a ghost catcher. Her violet eyes grew wide as she saw a shirtless Danny. Sam soon turned crimson as she asked,

"So…what were you talking about?" Danny rubbed his neck nervously as he placed on his t-shirt.

"Uh…you wouldn't want to know?"

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