Author's Note: I struggled a little with deciding on how to write this fic, however I decided (obviously), and I hope you guys will enjoy it. It combines two of my favourite things: musicals and Rizzoli & Isles. PLease be kind with reviews, I don't really want hate, just constructive criticism if you're giving any. (I have anon reviews turned off anyway!)

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Korsak looked to Joey Grant and huffed as the forfeit was read out; "The losing team must prepare and perform a musical for the winning team, in costume and make-up. Everything must be as performed as possible, or another forfeit will be given." He couldn't believe Joey would forfeit this to the Homicide Division, was he serious? Obviously, he was.

"Hey, Rizzoli, are you onto what this wise ass is asking us to do?" Korsak asked Jane as she passed by his desk, bringing his coffee.

"Are you talking about the musical?" Jane glanced to Korsak softly.

"You knew already?" Korsak grunted, pouring the sugar into his coffee.

"I already know which musical we're doing, Korsak."

"Huh..." he grunted again and shook his head.

"What? You're not a fan of musicals, huh Korsak?" Frost chuckled a little and smirked, before he glanced to Jane, just as Maura burst into the Bullpen.

"Jane, I have the perfect idea!"

"Oh yaaaay..." Jane winced a little, looking to Maura, who seemed overly excited about this 'idea' she had, "Am I going to need a paper bag, Doc?"

"What for?" Maura tilted her head, furrowing her brows slightly.

"In case I hyperventilate..."

"That was sarcasm...?" she questioned.

"You learn fast, Doctor Isles." Jane smirked before she resided herself to hearing about the idea Maura had bounced in wanting to share, "So, what's your big idea then?"

"I conducted some research into musical theatre, there are actually a lot of productions in which there is a prodominitely male cast."

"Oh?" Jane raised her brows, looking to her, "I have a better idea, fling my the book and I'll just stop on a page, huh?"

Maura glanced to the newest edition of 'Broadway Musicals: Show by Show' before she picked it up and handed it gently over to Jane, looking over the cover as the Playbills caught her attention, "Lets hope it's something we've at least all heard of, Jane."

Jane scoffed a little and quickly flipped through the book, closing her eyes tightly before she stopped her hand in between a page. Opening her eyes, Jane flicked the book open to the page where her hand was, "Right so it's either 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' or 'Wicked' oh jeez! This 'Thoroughly Modern Millie' is not so modern...the 1920's, really?"

"It was obviously modern when it was written, Jane." Maura responded.

"Wicked, isn't that about the Wicked Witch of the West?" Frost piped up, receiving a glance of disbelief from Korsak. He looked to Korsak and shrugged, "What? I've been to the theatre, you know?"

"I didn't deny you that, kid." Korsak replied and chuckled, "Just wondering how you knew that."

"I can be black and cultured, you know." Frost smirked a little.

Jane just chuckled to herself and she looked to Maura, "I'm gonna take a guess here, the general concensus around here is for 'Wicked' so, what do you say, Doctor Isles? Fancy being a witch?" Jane chuckled a little.

"Oh, I think I'd like that. I'm going to go and research the origins now. The Wicked Witch of the West, you said Frost?" she questioned and gave a bright smile, already moving off in the direction of the door to leave the Bullpen.

"Yeah, from 'The Wizard Of Oz'" he told her.

"I don't think I've ever saw that." Maura frowned a little, "More research to do!" she quickly beamed and left the room, before she returned just seconds later after Jane had called her back in, "Yes?"

"You do realise we have to cast this so we can get our skates on with this?"

"But, we don't know the characters or their backgrounds. If we don't know this, how are we supposed to cast fairly? And, then there's the vocal ranges to consider..." she trailed off when she saw that Jane was holding up her hand to silence her.

"Why don't we just choose the parts based on the characters and us, eh?"

"You mean, use their traits?" Maura tilted her head again.

"Yes, Doctor Isles. Their traits, or...whatever."

"And, do you know the characters, Jane?"

"There's a page dedicated to them, okay, here we go..." Jane skimmed over the first paragraph, "Frexspar Thropp, the Witch's Father; he favors her sister, the crippled younger sister...obviously this guy is a jerk." Jane snorted, "Special treatment..." she rolled her eyes and watched as Maura sat down in front of her, "Melena Thropp, the Witch's, okay, she cheats on the dad and gives birth to girl."

"This story is very interesting, I'm glad we've chosen this." Maura smiled, already transfixed upon what Jane was saying.

"Elphaba Thropp, the Witch; born green, everyone made fun of her, she was the outcast." Jane sighed a little and then nodded a little before she continued reading, "Ga-linda Uppland, the Good; blonde, beautiful, with a flair for fashion and sometimes non-sensical..."

"Sounds just like you, Doctor Isles!" Korsak chuckled, before he was silenced with Jane's glare, "Uh, minus the non-sensical part..." he smiled wearily, glancing to Jane.

"I think you should play her, Maura." Jane nodded and smirked to the Medical Examiner.

"Oh, and who would you play?" Maura looked to Jane.

"Give her the green one...!" Crowe howled a little, "She stands out like a sore thumb! what would be different, Rizzoli?" he winced as he received a punch from Rizzoli, but she did contemplate it.

"I think this part would suit you very well indeed, Jane."

"You think so?" Jane looked to Maura, "Why?"

"She seems to be strong, like you." Maura smiled, "I think it would be a match made in Heaven."

"In Heaven, Maura...? Really?" Jane looked to Maura, with a seemingly unimpressed expression across her face before she chuckled, "Not in Oz?"