Author's Note: I struggled a little with deciding on how to write this fic, however I decided (obviously), and I hope you guys will enjoy it. It combines two of my favourite things: musicals and Rizzoli & Isles. PLease be kind with reviews, I don't really want hate, just constructive criticism if you're giving any. (I have anon reviews turned off anyway!)

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"So, he's back then?" Maura smiled to Jane as they both watch FBI Agent Gabriel Dean picking up some coffees from Jane's mother, Angela at the Division One Cafe.

"No Maura, that's just a hologram...Really?" she looked to the usually intelligent Medical Examiner.

Maura just looked to Jane and shook her head, "Are you feeling irritated...?" she raised a brow softly, as she watched Agent Dean speaking with Angela a little before he began making his way over to the two at their usual table, "You do know what that means, don't you?" Maura smirked a little and nodded to Jane.

"Do I want to know?" Jane asked Maura, rhetorically.

"You really are irritable, aren't you?" Maura tried her best not to smirk as Dean neared their table, "You should take him home..." she nodded, slipping off the seat before nodding in greeting to Agent Dean, and moving out of the Division One cafe, leaving Jane and Gabriel to talk between themselves.

As Jane and Dean began talking, Maura was quick enough to text Jane to tell her:


Reading the text message, Jane rolled her eyes and flipped the phone, so it was screen down before she looked to Gabriel and smiled gently. Seeing him smiling back to her softly, Jane swallowed a little before cleared her throat, "So, what really brings you back?" she asked, not knowing if she wanted to know the answer to her question.

"I told you already." Gabriel replied and nodded.

"Oh?" she raised her brows.

"You..." he nodded and smiled gently, "I wanted to see you again. Really." he added before she did.

"But, why?" she asked him, "I was awful to you the last time..."

"I wanted to try my luck with dinner again..." Gabriel smirked a little.

"Dinner, right." Jane nodded slowly, "You came all the way from Washington, to Boston, to ask me out to dinner. Again."

"Well, since the last two times I asked you were...pre-occupied, I wanted to have a bash at my third time lucky."

"Really?" she tilted her head and smirked at Gabriel, amusedly.

"What?" he chuckled.

"I'm waiting for you to ask me."


"Wait!" Jane interrupted, she remembered Maura's text message, "On one condition."


"You join our musical as the lead."

Gabriel chuckled at even the thought of being in a musical, but when he caught Jane's glare he ceased and gave a quick nod, " now can I ask you to dinner with me?" he questioned, smirking at her again.

Jane gave a quick non-committal shrug and a nod before adding, "If you really must."

"So, you like seafood?" he smiled.

"If you're planning on showing me your breakfast right now, please don't. I had enough of 'seafood' shows from Joey Grant to last me a life time."

Chuckling again, Dean shook his head, "No, I took the liberty to reserve us a table at Maison De La Mer."

Jane nodded again, "Great." she smiled and glanced around, spying her mother nattering about something with Maura. Most likely about she and Dean being 'cozy' together at the table. She glared at her mother and shook her head at Maura before looking back to Gabriel and smiling, "I'm looking forward to it, Fiyero..." she smirked then to him.