From A to Z - Its You and Me.

I think the title kind of explains it but if your still unsure this is a collection of one shots using the letters of the Alphabet… ya cnt guess the first letter lol. Ok ignore me a little hyper lol. Anyway there is no set POV, and it isn't set in a specific season, I will tell you the specifics at at the beginning of the chapter, although with some you'll know.

And since this has no real plot it should be ALL fluff - hopefully lol :)

That's all you need to know really.


DanH2010 :D x


A is for Alice.

Danny POV

Season 4

Was it something in the way she moved?

Was it something in the way she smiled?

Was it something in the way she put me in my place with such ease?

Who knew the what's and why's of my feelings.

Who knew when my feelings started growing, all I know is they did and I'm not the same.

Will I ever be the same again?

I watch her covertly from across the room as she talks to my family, she is so at ease here.

I watch her blatantly sometimes, staring into her eyes as we chat amicably. She has me in the palm of her hand.

I watched her with Terry too, that is not something I wish to repeat.

Everything about her fascinated him.

Her quick and easy grin, her laugh that filled him with such joy.

Her perfume that teased his sense, haunted his dreams and made him wish that things were different, that she was his.

The way her hair swished when she moved her head.

The way her eyes crinkled when her face was full of laughter .

The way she irritated him yet he still couldn't take his eyes off her, she was at her best when they argued, her passion enthralled him.

The obvious love she felt for her daughter.

The inescapable passion she felt for the animals in her care.

Her cocky grin.

Her inherent vulnerability.

Her strength of character.

Her blue eyes, so bright, so large deep and dark he wanted to fall in them. Just be lost within their depths.

Her never ending energy.

Her playfulness.

She was captivating.

She was invigorating.

She was enchanting.

Maybe one day if he found a way to tell her all this then she'd be his, until then he had to be content to simply watch her from afar…..

A/N these wont be long at all, jst little ways of me nt going crazy from lack of writing, coz I seriously am lol and apologies of its rubbish, if I dnt write for a while I get writers block and to get myself out of it I do that^^

(and i didn't mean to write that like that bt its what happened, Danny jst sat thinking about everything he likes about Alice - nt love yet :D)