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Annabeth POV:

"Soon after our mother left, we met Clairess, daughter of Ares," I said. "She's perfectly now, but back then she was..." I trailed off, unsure how to describe her nicely.

"Bossy, pushy, mean, self centered, and thought that the answer to everything was violance," Bella suppiled for me.

"Yep," I said, popping the "p". "That just about sums her up. For some reason that we still don't know, she seemed to have it in for us. Like she was getting revenge on us for doing something to her in the past, when in the present, we barely even knew her."

Bella POV:

Just as Annabeth was in the middle of telling them about Clairess, my cell phone rang. I know that half-bloods aren't supposed to have cell phones because it broadcasts our voices to every monster in the area, but I only used it for texting, or when I really needed to call Edward.

"Hello?" I said into the reciver.

"Bella? It's Clairess. Are Annabeth and Percy there yet?"

"Hey, Clairess. Yeah, Percy and Annabeth are here. We were actually just talking about you. Do you mind if I I-M you? There are some people here that I think you should meet." I looked to Annabeth, who was nodding her head in agreement.

"Yeah, I can wait a minuet or two for you to I-M me," Clairess said into the phone.

"'Kay, talk to you in a minuet," I said before hanging up.

Annabeth POV:

"Hey, Annabeth," Bella said. "Do you have a drachma? I'll pay you back when we get home."

"Maybe," I said, digging around in my backpack.

"Here," Percy said, taking one out of his jeans pocket.

"Thanks," my twin replied. "Do you mind if we do this by the river? We kind of need a rainbow to do this." Nobody objected, so we went outside to a creak a few yards away from the house.

"So what is I-Ming?" Emmett asked. "Is it like instant messeging?"

"Sorta," my boyfriend answered.

"I-M stands for Iris Messeging. You know, the rainbow messenger goddess?" Bella said. Everyone nodded.

I filled in the rest of the information. "She usually delivers messeges for the gods, but if you ask nicely, have a drachma," Bella held up the gold coin with Zeus and the Empire State building on it, "and there's a rainbow, then she'll deliver for half-bloods, and some mortals."

"Wait," my sister said. "We need a rainbow."

I slapped myself in the face. "Oh, yeah. Well, I'm forgetful today. Bella, do you think that you could call Clairess back? Tell her that she needs to send the messege." Bella nodded, before dialing the number on her phone. She paused, waiting for the daughter of Ares to answer the phone.

"Clairess?" Bella asked. "Yeah, it's me. Do you think that you could send the messege? We're a little short on rainbows here in Forks." She paused again, lisnting to the older girl's response. "Okay. Thanks, Clairess." She hung up the phone. "She'll send the messege. Now, don't be alarmed when you see a shimmering screen floating in the air. It's part of the messege."

While we waited, Bella, Percy and I shared stories about what had been happening. We told her about our adventures since she left camp, and she told us about life in Forks. I felt like she was hiding something from me, though. We also told the Cullen's about our adventures, starting from the lighting bolt theif, to the battle with Kronos. We also told them about our friends, and about Luke. Percy and Edward both visibly tensed when we talked about Luke. When we got the part when about how Luke died, Bella broke down into tears. "I still can't believe that he did all that," my sister whispered, while her fiance comforted her. "When we were little, he was so nice to us. He actually acted like he cared about us."

I patted Bella's shoulder. "I know, sweetie, I know." I reached into my backpack (which also functued as my purse when I didn't need anything fancy) and grabbed a pack of tissues.

"Annabeth, what are these?" Bella asked, holding a package out to me. I must have gave it to my sister on accident when I handed her the pack of tissues.

I opened the small package, and found some pictures of camp. "Oh, these are my camp pictures form over the years," I said.

"Really?" Alice asked. "Can we see them?" She was bouncing up and down again, like she was both excited, and high on sugar.

"In a little bit," I told her. "First, I think that Clairess is coming through."

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