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"What do you mean it's falling out of orbit?" Two figures walked quickly through the echoing hallways, one being a very angry woman.

"The last reading we got was as if something hit it, and hit it hard, but there was nothing on the scope. Nothing should have been near the ship and there were no ground launches from anywhere that could have reached it." The woman's companion, an older man said trying to keep up.

"Where's it coming down?" The woman swiped her ID badge at double doors, slamming one side open.

The pair walked into the massive control room of the International Space Agency's Russian Command Center. People hurried around the room or typed at their control stations, tension on their faces and palpable in the air.

"Somewhere between Hawaii and the New Philippines. Best guest is near the tri-border of UEO, Macronesia, and Chaodai territories." The man looked at his tablet computer with a frown at the new trajectories being fed to it.

"And I thought we would have an easy recovery. Somebody get me Director Cain on the vid-link. NOW!" The woman was hardly imposing in her thin five-foot five inch frame, but her voice could have scared Genghis Khan.

"Mars, no yelling at me, this is not my fault." A man, silver-haired and glasses perched on his nose, sat with the NASA logo behind him.

The woman, her tanned face red with anger, took a deep breath.

"P-Orion is hitting the drink in five minutes, and not in a friendly neighborhood. Best estimates are 700 miles from the tri-border in the Pacific, could be closer." Mars was looking slightly on the calmer side.

"NOAA has a ship that can be in the area within a day, there is already a jump ready for you out to the ship. But if it splashes down, you're looking at some of the deepest water out there unless it hits an atoll. And we've got a storm coming in." NASA Director Benjamin Cain stated, being handed a file from someone just off screen.

"What ships do we have to pull the ship up with then?" The woman identified as Mars watched the trajectory projections on a screen next to her.

"P-Orion is landing in UEO water, the only ship in the area outfitted to make that kind of recovery is the SeaQuest." Cain drew out the last word almost as if he did not want to say it.

"NO! No no no. Anything but the SeaQuest. I don't care if we have to pull Alvin out of the Smithsonian and take six hours to drag up each piece, I don't want that ship there." Back to being red faced.

"Mars, this one is not your call. The UEO has agreed to loan the SeaQuest as long as you make sure to talk to your people about not causing any trouble."

"Ya, well, Bourne has a pretty large financial stake in this little operation, he won't get in the way." A hint of an Australian came through with the anger.

"We have splashdown. Five hundred miles from the tri-border." A technician yelled out across the control room.

"Get on the plane, play nice, and bring our ship back. Just think though, if it survived, you may be one step ahead in testing now and can possibly start manned missions soon."

"Heh." Mars cut the link with a snarl.

"Guess it's time to pack eh doctor." The man that had entered the control room with her said.

There was no response as the woman stared into space, biting her thumbnail in thought.

"Doctor LeConte." The man snapped his fingers in front of her.

"Ya ya." Doctor Mars LeConte waved off the man, then stormed out to grab her bags for the Pacific Ocean.

"Great, scientific babysitting." Captain Oliver Hudson mumbled as he disconnected the vidlink between the Wardroom and UEO Headquarters, and turning to head to the Bridge.

On the bridge of the SeaQuest the crew was quietly going about their business. With no emergencies to attend and the Macronesian/UEO border quiet for a change, there was no need for hurried work.

"Captain on the Bridge." Commander Jonathan Ford announced, catching Hudson coming through the Bridge doors out of the corner of his eye, saluting.

"As you were. Helm adjust course." Hudson typed in the coordinates at his Captain's post, sending them to Helm.

"Adjusting course, aye sir." The helmsman on duty replied, setting to work.

"Sir?" Ford asked.

"Looks like NASA dropped one of their useless expensive toys into the Pacific and we are to go help them fish it out of a deep water canyon while making sure everyone plays nice. This ship of theirs crashed right near the tri-border." Hudson explained loud enough for his crew to hear.

"NASA, long time since we dealt with them." Ford inhaled, crossing his arms across his chest, watching the new course of the SeaQuest as it headed north.

"They are requesting a communications officer to be on board the surface ship to help coordinate efforts, I'm sending Lt. O'Neill. Piccolo and Henderson too."

"May I suggest Ensign Wolenczak too, he does have a scientific background, act as a liaison." The XO cautiously suggested.

"Piccolo, Henderson, O'Neill, Wolenczak, you will be getting some sunlight soon. Go back your bags." Hudson watched as the named crew left their stations while their relief took over. "Babysitting." Hudson mumbled one more time before leaving the Bridge back in the capable hands of his XO.

The SeaQuest had made speed towards the crash site, although they were not the first to arrive. The wreckage had appeared to land fully within UEO territory and already a NOAA salvage ship had arrived, pulled back into duty from their route back to home port in Hawaii. Another research ship from the Scripps Oceanographic Institute was coming from the south, rigged for deep ocean floor survey equipment to map the wreckage. On the other side, hovering just across the border, a Macronesian war sub quietly patrolled not far below the surface, it's attention paid more towards Chaodai territory then any aggression towards the UEO.

On the NOAA surface ship St. Helens, the away crew from the SeaQuest had already arrived and been shown to their quarters, which were far smaller than even the enlisted quarters on the massive submarine. The crew of the surface ship had been very accommodating and friendly. What had been the biggest surprise though, was to find Nathan Bridger already on board. Tony Piccolo had found his former Captain lounging in the small mess hall with a cup of coffee and a computer, it didn't take long for the rest of the crew to join them, although Lucas entered hesitantly.

"Captain, it's so great to see you." Lonnie Henderson hugged the older man as he stood up to greet the crew.

Captain Bridger warmly returned his former Lieutenant's embrace.

"What are you doing here Captain?" Lucas asked quietly.

"Apparently I was called in on special request, something about one of the project leaders needing someone who could help with the debris pattern or something. I was at least in the same ocean, so sent Michael back home with the nanny. It's good to see you kiddo." Nathan saw a quick look of pain in Lucas' eyes when he mentioned his grandson, the ever present reminder of why Nathan was no longer on the SeaQuest.

"Hello." The group heard Tony talk under his breath, his attention turned toward the other side of the mess where the hot drinks were.

There pouring hot water for tea, a tall, long-legged woman stood with her back to the group. Milk chocolate skin was barely covered by a loose tank top and Bermuda shorts, long soft black hair was pulled back but still fell well below the shoulder blades. Grease covered her once white tennis shoes and khaki shorts. Noticing the sudden silence in the room, the woman slowly turned her head to stare at the crew staring back.

"Ummm, hello." The woman said with a very soft accent.

The crew suddenly realized they weren't blinking and uncomfortably looked away, all except Tony.

"Tony Piccolo, SeaQuest, so nice to meet you miss…?" He was almost a gentleman in extending his hand to her.

"Oh, the SeaQuest crew, very nice to meet you all. I'm Doctor Lucy Nunn." Lucy extended her hand first to Tony then the rest of the crew.

"Doctor of?" Lucas asked, almost eye to eye with the woman's five foot ten frame.

"Oh sorry, medical. No no no, not one of the science nerds. I'm a medical officer for the Orion-Mars Project. Not that I'm going up or anything, just making sure our guys are fit and not going to have their heads explode in new suits or something. I'm sorry, was I rambling? I ramble." Lucy darted her dark brown eyes down to her tea in embarrassment.

"We were told what crashed was unmanned." Captain Bridger stated at Doctor Nunn, wondering why they would need a doctor to treat, well, nothing.

"It is, sort of. You'll get the full tour later, but we've got data down there that will tell us what the entry and splashdown would do to a person." Lucy took a sip of her hot tea, backing off as she found it still too hot.

"I would think drowning would be what happens to a person." Lucas remarked, still having not left behind his teenage snark.

"Wolenczak right?" Not without a bit of attitude in her own voice.

"Yes." Lucas said, suddenly apprehensive.

"Ya, she warned me about you." Before Lucy could say anymore a crew member ducked his head into the mess hall.

"Yo, Luce, the helicopter's two minutes out." The young man then ducked out of the door way as quickly as he had come in.

"Well, you boys ready to get the whip?" Taking her mug of tea and long milky brown legs, Lucy Nunn headed for the outside upper deck.

As she left, Tim found himself the first crew member to turn and leave, falling in step with the doctor.

"Your accent Doctor, Australian?" Tim quietly asked in his normal manner.

"Got a good ear, most people ask me how London is in the winter." She laughed and smiled at him. "Left a long time ago though and I think the time in the states is weeding out the Crocodile Dundee in me. You know my cousin and I used to watch the SeaQuest come in and out of dock at Pearl. Beautiful ship, not that I'm really into that, my cousin was the one who dragged me when she was in town. I'm doing it again aren't I?" Lucy squinted back at Tim as they exited out of the ship onto deck, the thump of a helicopter not far off.

"Oh no, it's not a problem. Is that where you moved to after Australia, Hawaii?" Tim looked out at the horizon trying to spot the incoming helicopter against the glare of the sun.

"Yep. Grew up in the Outback on a cattle station, but part of my mom's family comes from Hawaii. Decided that was far better then dirt and cow shit." Lucy put a slender hand above her eyes, spotting the incoming chopper. "Tim, right?"

"Yes, ma'am, communications officer." Tim couldn't believe she remembered his name.

"Explains the good ear. And no ma'am, call me Lucy. Really nice to meet you, especially since we'll be working together, sort of. I seem to be the only body on this rust bucket who can work proper communications!" The last part was yelled towards the bridge of the ship. "Hey Max, you didn't put poor students on board with her did you?" Lucy turned towards another crew member in cargo pants and an old looking NOAA shirt.

"God help them if they did." Max called back as the chopper landed but did not shut down.

The helicopter itself was large, an executive type, NASA's logo decorating much of the side doors. As a crew member jumped out and opened the door, the people standing on deck could see the upholstered seats and interior, it was no military jump jet for sure. Three people jumped out, two young men and one woman, all looking in their early twenties and quite haggard. As they looked around trying to get their bearings not sure where to go, Max stepped forward minding the blades above his head to give direction. As the four cleared the area, a fourth figure slid from the chopper. Unlike the three before, the woman who stepped forward held an air of knowing exactly what was going on. What was most shocking though, as she placed her military cover on her head, was the red and black dress uniform of a high ranking Macronesian officer. Grabbing her bag from the door, the woman walked forward as the chopper crewman jumped back inside and the chopper took off, heading east.

As the woman approached, her eyes remained hidden in the shadow of her cover, but a frown could be seen on her darkly tanned face. A few stray hairs from her dark hair tightly pinned above her collar blew in the tropical ocean breeze. The SeaQuest crew watched as she ignored them, walking towards the civilian crew members. Whoever she was, the insignia of high rank on her collar made them uneasy. The woman could not have been passed her mid-thirties, yet she held rank of Colonel in the Macronesian Naval Forces.

"Dear God! You let them off alive!" Max yelled to the woman, his tall thin frame leaning against the hull.

When the woman got within reach of the young man she stopped, eyeing him coldly.

"And who says I'm going to do the same for you?" Her accent was soft, barely even there, a hint of Australian undertone with American scorn.

"Ya? Whatcha think you're going to do to me huh?" Max pushed off from the wall, his frame overlooking the woman in uniform.

"Throw you over with an attitude like that." She dropped her bag, squaring off with the man.

"You mean like this?" Suddenly Max swept the Colonel off her feet jogging towards the railing.

Everyone from the SeaQuest stared in horror thinking an international incident was about to occur, but instead the woman screamed in mock terror, her cover flying off her head and onto the deck. She grabbed the railing as Max jokingly heaved her towards the water, but held on tight.

"Oh come on you two! No injuries please!" Dr. Nunn shouted towards the pair now with all feet firmly planted on the deck. The woman who had minutes ago looked completely displeased with life was laughing, her brown eyes gleaming with delight as she piggy backed on Max back to the group.

"Well hello to you too cuz." The two embraced warmly, Lucy a good five inches over her cousin.

From here the crew finally had a good look at this stranger in their midst. She wasn't merely tanned, but rather dark in complexion, although no one could guess her ethnicity. Her black hair was tide up in French braided pigtails, the ends wrapped in the large bun above her collar that had been hiding under her cover. But if the two women were blood related, their similarities were lost amongst their differences.

"I have got to make a couple calls and get the hell out of this monkey suit." The woman unbuttoned the top of her high stiff collar, rolling her neck around with the new freedom.

"Perhaps introductions first." Nathan Bridger spoke up walking down the deck. He had held back a few minutes as the others had gathered on deck when the chopper had arrived.

"Dr. B, I didn't think introductions were needed, or have you forgotten us NASA thorns in your side." She spoke back, a devilish smile on her face.

"I was talking about them." Nathan smiled back at the younger woman.

"You two know each other?" Piccolo was starting to think he was the only one who didn't know this woman amongst them.

"Everyone, this is Mars LeConte." Bridger introduced, sizing up the woman who had only been a teenager the last time he had seen her.

"Dr. Mars LeConte. I'm in charge of this shindig. Max, why don't you give them a tour before we get going. And get her off this boat." Mars LeConte pointed to Lonnie Henderson, and with that, slipped into the dark interior of the ship.

"Wow, I've never seen her kick someone off that fast, you must have done some big bad. What's your name?" The deckhand Max turned to Henderson.

"Lt. Lonnie Henderson." She squeeked out, not sure how to react to the sudden assault.

"Ha! No wonder. Honey, you best get off this ship fast or hide in your bunk the rest of the time. Good luck with them Max. Hey Cuz! Wait up!" Lucy Nunn yelled behind Dr. LeConte, leaving the rest on deck.

"You sure have yourself a reputation. Come on, I'll give you the VIP tour, all ten minutes." Max turned walking down the deck, the SeaQuest group following.

"LeConte? As in…?" Lucas looked at his former Captain.

"Yep. You just met the only child of one Professor Tobias LeConte." Bridger replied.

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