Title: Don't Bet on Love

Pairings: Germany/Italy, Prussia/Hungary, Italy/Spain, Spain/Romano

The tale of two brothers, unlucky in life and in love...especially Prussia, until he meets a beautiful young waitress and her room mate Italy, who just so happens to like the blond German type, but which brother will be the first to get laid?

"What time is it?"

"...almost eleven."

"Hmm...we best get going soon."

"You're kidding, right West?"

"I have work in the morning."

"So? Skip a day."

Germany sighed, draining the last few drops of beer from his mug, "Nein, I can't...hey...aren't you supposed to be on that engineering night course right now?"

Prussia shrugged, ordering another beer, "I dropped out."

Germany rolled his eyes, "Of course you did...you can't stick to anything can you?"

"Hey the awesome me doesn't need that stupid class! I'm way too busy."

Germany snorted slightly, "Doing what exactly?"

"Picking up chicks." Prussia said with a smirk, swivelling around on his bar stool to get a good look at any eye candy in the vicinity, "Hmm...hey West, you reckon that blonde girls giving me the eye?"

Germany glanced over his shoulder at the girl in question, who was clearly in the arms of a rather large man, "Nein bruder, I believe she's with her boyfriend..."

"I reckon I could steal her from him."

Germany sighed, "Be mein guest bruder, but when he kicks your arsch don't expect me to help you out." he muttered, grabbing his brother's wrist to check the time on his watch, "Right, I'm off."

"Aww come on bruder, have one more drink." Prussia pushed his mug into the German's hand, ordering another for himself.

Germany shook his head but took a sip anyway, "I really need to get back bruder, besides this place is dead." he glanced around the crowded bar, it clearly wasn't dead, but that wasn't what the German meant.

Prussia took a glug of beer, throwing an arm around the German's shoulder he pulled him over to face the other side of the bar, "I dunno you know, I reckon that guys gay..." he nodded to a tall, young man he'd spotted dancing with a group of pretty girls, hips swinging flamboyantly on the dance floor, "You should go and ask him."

Germany sighed irritably, "Bruder I don't care how many times you suggest it, I am not going up to random men in a bar und asking them if they're gay just because you think they look a bit camp!"

"Well if you'd just go to a gay bar once it a while you wouldn't have to ask!"

"Bruder I've told you I am not going to a gay bar!" Germany growled, going slightly red.

"Why not? I said I'd come with you."

Germany glared at him, about to answer when a voice sounded from behind him, "Excuse me?"

The German spun around on the bar stool to see the pretty girl stood behind him, smiling sweetly, she was being watched by a group of her friends, "Ja? Can I help you?"

"Yeah hi, this isn't for me but my friend over there..." she pointed to a shy, brown haired girl sat at a table, who blushed when the German looked over at her, "...thinks you're really cute, and was wondering if you wanted to join us at our table."

Germany blushed slightly, coughing awkwardly, "Urm...that's a very nice offer, it is, but I'm afraid your friend may be mistaken."

The girl looked at him curiously, "Oh? Why's that?"

Prussia laughed slightly, "Tell her that her gaydar must be broken!" he grinned, throwing an arm around the German's shoulders, "My little bruder likes cock."

"Prussia!" Germany hissed, going a deeper shade of red.

"Oh I see." the girl smiled, "That's okay, you could join us anyway if you like."

"Nein, thank you...I was just about to leave actually." Germany said, noting the way Prussia was discreetly jabbing him in the side, the German sighed, "However I'm sure mein bruder would love to join you lovely ladies..."

"Right!" Prussia grinned, jumping up, "May the awesome me join you?"

The girl looked at him slightly awkwardly, "Urm no, sorry, we were only really interested in your brother..." she muttered before hurriedly making her way back over to her friends. Germany watched as she announced his sexuality to them, resulting in all the girls to erupt into a fit of giggles and 'awws', the German blushed, turning back round to his brother.

"...seriously what's up with girls?" he muttered, taking a long sip of beer.

Prussia glared at him, pouting slightly, "At least they pay attention to you West! God it's so unfair...I mean how would you like it if a load of gay guys were constantly coming up and flirting with me?"

Germany smirked slightly, "To be perfectly honest with you bruder...I would find that quite hilarious." he said, downing the rest of the beer, "Right, I really am off this time, are you coming?"

Prussia shook his head, "Nahh, might hit another bar or something after this...there's gotta be a girl out there somewhere who wants me!"

Germany rolled his eyes, jumping down from the bar stool, "You're a sad little man bruder, right see you later at home." he saluted the Prussian before leaving the bar, blushing slightly as he passed the gang of giggling girls, waving back to them slightly when they waved goodbye to him.

Prussia pouted, finishing his own beer by himself. He really didn't understand why his brother was so popular with the ladies...he was gay for God sake! Were girls just automatically attracted to gay guys? Well...Germany was defiantly good looking, that could have something to do with it, but wasn't the Prussian as well? Why was he never able to attracted girls on nights out? Every night no matter how many bars they went to, no matter how long they stayed there...only his brother got approached by any girls.

Although, what with the German never being interested (for obvious reasons) it wasn't really a call for any proper jealously, after all...Germany was never approached by any gay men. Prussia had suggested to the German many times that he should wear tight pants and vest tops to make him look more gay but this usually resulted in a slap around the back of the head from the German.

Prussia sighed, finished the last sip of beer before he followed his brother's lead and left, giving the giggling girls a wink as he walked out but he only received cold glares in return. He rolled his eyes, setting off down the road to try and find somewhere else to see about picking up a girl. Maybe he was looking in the wrong places; maybe a bar wasn't the best place to find a girl...hmm...where else...

Prussia stopped when his eyes caught sight of a beacon of hope. A late night cafe on the other side of the road. He checked his pockets; West had left him enough money for at least a coffee so he could stay there long enough to chat to a girl. Smiling in satisfaction the Prussian crossed over and let himself into the tiny diner, immediately making for the counter and jumping onto one of the stools.

"What can I get you?"

"Just a small coffee please." Prussia muttered, dropping some coins from his pocket onto the counter before he spun around to face the entire cafe, getting a good look around. It was one of those American style diners; with 50's rock and roll music playing and the waitresses serving customers on vintage roller-skates. He sighed slightly as he got a good look at who was sat in the diner...perhaps this wasn't the best place to come, after all who sits in a diner drinking coffee this time of night? Definitely not beautiful young women...

Prussia frowned, taking his coffee once it had been placed in front of him; this was a total waste of time. He quickly downed the coffee (pretty much scalding his mouth in the process) before getting up to leave, about to make for the door when his attention was suddenly caught by someone...someone serving a young man coffee...she was...absolutely beautiful...

"You're welcome sweetie." she said cheerily, giving the man a wink before she skated off to the next table to clear away the plates. She had beautiful, long, wavy brown hair that tumbled down over her shoulders, a pair of dazzling deep green eyes and an air of sweet optimism about her. The girl hummed cheerily to herself as she wiped down the table with a wet cloth, piling the plates together.

Prussia grinned, sidling over to her, "Well hello there."

The young woman glanced up, smiling, "Hey."

Prussia leant against the red leather seats next to the table she was cleaning, "Excuse me for asking but, didn't that hurt?"

She looked up curiously, "Did what hurt?"

"When you fell from heaven..." Prussia drawled, winking at her.

She stared at him, smiling dropping from her face, "...did you seriously just use that line on me?"

Prussia grinned, jumping onto the table she was trying to clear up, "Oh yes, so what'll it be." he leant towards her, "...your place or mine?"

The woman picked up her tray, smiling at him, "Your place...at least then you'll be at home when you're pleasuring yourself alone tonight." she said sweetly before skating off to the kitchen.

Prussia laughed slightly, "Ooh feisty..." he jumped down from the table, "Hey wait!" he jogged after her, leaning up against the counter by the kitchen door for a moment until she reappeared, she regarded him for a moment, rolling her eyes as she skated off to the next table, Prussia followed her, "Uhh so what do they call you?"

She sighed, piling the plates together on the table, "Please go away."

Prussia smirked, "That's a funny name."

She rolled her eyes, "Hmm that's because it isn't my name."

"Well what is your name?"

"I'd rather not say"

Prussia slipped into the seats at the table, "Why's that?"

The woman started wiping down the table, avoiding the young man's gaze, "Because if you know my name you'll be able to find me."

"Well in that case you better hurry and give me your name." Prussia said with a grin, watching her clean the table. She rolled her eyes, ignoring him, Prussia bit his lip, rubbing the back of his neck, "...so uhh, hey I'm Prussia." he said, holding out his hand.

"Hi Prussia..." she said, lifting up the tray, "Could you please leave?"

Prussia pouted, "Hey I'm a customer here! You know you're not being a very good employee."

The young woman glared at him, placing the tray back down she grudgingly got out her notebook and a pen, "Fine." she said through gritted teeth, "...what can I get you?"

Prussia smirked, winking at her, "Your phone number." he purred. She sighed irritably, picking the tray up again she stalked off back to the kitchen. "Oh come on that one was good!" Prussia insisted, getting up to follow her.

"All you men, you're all the same..." she muttered when she re-emerged.

Prussia stared at her, "Oh God...you're a lesbian aren't you?"

She looked confused, "What?"

"God damn it...I thought my gaydar was working!"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm not a lesbian." she muttered, started to wipe down the bar.

"Ooh now who's using crappy pick up lines?" Prussia said, jumping up onto a bar stool.

The woman looked up, staring at him, "...how is I'm not a lesbian a pick up line?"

Prussia laughed; "If you were me it would be." he smiled, watching her for a few moments, "So uhh...what time to you get off tonight?"

She sighed, "I have work to do." she muttered, making for the kitchen door again.

"Wait!" Prussia jumped down, gently taking hold of her arm, "...can I at least know your name? Please..."

She rolled her eyes, "Fine...I'm Hungary."

He smiled, "Hi Hungary, I'm Prussia."

"Goodbye Prussia." she said, disappearing into the kitchen once more.


Prussia yawned slightly, checking his watch. It was almost one in the morning and he was so tired, he was sat outside the back door of the American diner, waiting for Hungary. He'd seen most of the waitresses leave the cafe in the last hour or so but so far Hungary was nowhere to be seen...he was starting to wonder if she'd slipped out the front door when he wasn't looking.

"Oh God..." he looked up when the pretty girl suddenly emerged, rolling her eyes at him.

Prussia grinned, jumping up from where he was sat leaning against the wall, "Hey Hungary! About time!"

Hungary sighed, hitching her handbag up over her shoulder, stepping past him, "What are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you of course!" he said, following her round the cafe to the street, walking beside her down the road.

"Would you please stop following me? It's creepy."

"I'm not following you, it's just that the awesome me knows it's not appropriate to let a young lady such as yourself walk home alone at this time of night." he said, holding out his arm to her.

Hungary rolled her eyes, reaching into her handbag, searching for something, "...I'm sure I have some pepper spray in here somewhere..."

"Aww come on, I'm trying to be a nice guy here!" Prussia said, pouting slightly. They reached a crossing where a puddle lay at their feet, the Prussian grinned, removing his jacket he lay it in the muddy puddle, holding out his hand to her, "Madame." Hungary sighed, reached down she picked up the sodden jacket, thrust it into Prussia's arms before jumping into the puddle herself, carrying on walking away from him. Prussia frowned, tucking his wet jacket into his arms he followed her, "Okay I get it, you don't like nice guys."

"No, I don't like guys who do stupid old clich├ęs they picked up from movies to try and get laid." she muttered, hurrying faster down the road to get away from him.

"Okay, okay..." he walked faster to keep up, "...how about a date then?"

"You're not my type..." she muttered, turning into a quieter, secluded area of town, wandering down the road, keeping a distance from the Prussian.

"You don't know that." he insisted, closing the gap between them, yet didn't touch her as he was slightly wary of the supposed pepper spray that could be in her handbag.

"Prussia did you know that a woman can determine whether she likes a man just from their first introduction?"


"Yes...and yours was terrible." she said, suddenly turning into the driveway of a block of flats, "...I would say it was lovely to meet you Prussia but it really wasn't so goodbye."

"Wait!" Prussia raced up the drive, taking hold of her wrist, "Hungary please...I feel such a connection between us, can we please have one little date?"

Hungary rolled her eyes; pulling away from him she went to open the front door, "I told you you're not my type."

"You can't make that decision without spending some time with me, come on Hungary..." Prussia leant up against the door so she couldn't pull it open, pouting at her, "Please, let me show you how awesome I am..."

Hungary stared at him, slowly shaking her head, "You're an idiot..." she muttered, trying to tug the door open again, sighing in irritation as the Prussian refused to move, "Please, I would like to go to bed."

"One date."


"Come on..."



Hungary sighed, looking at him, eye twitching in irritation, "...fine."

"YES!" Prussia laughed, throwing his arms in the air in triumph, "Oh yes I am good!"


Prussia stopped, "...but what?"

"I don't want to go on a date with you by myself...we can go on a date, so long as my room mate can come with us."

"Uhhh...won't that be kind of an awkward third wheel kinda thing?"

Hungary shook her head, "No, double date, you have to fine someone for him."

"Oh right." Prussia grinned, although was slightly worried about trying to find a woman for someone when he didn't actually know any..."Sure, that won't be a problem I uhh...I know plenty of women."

"He doesn't like women, he's gay."

Prussia stared at her, "You're kidding right?"

Hungary glared at him, "Excuse me but do you have a problem with gays?"

"What?" Prussia looked a bit bewildered for a second before desperately shaking his head, "No! Oh God no, no I just meant that this is great!" he laughed, grinning slightly, "This couldn't be more perfect!"

"Why's that?"

"My little bruders gay!"

Hungary stared at him, "...really?" '...damnit, I thought this would have thrown him off so we wouldn't have to go on that date...'

"Yeah!" Prussia said, still grinning, "Me and Germany will pick you two up tomorrow about seven okay?"

Hungary sighed, pulling open the door at last, "Okay fine."

"Oh wait." she glanced back at the Prussian, "What's this guy's name?"


"Awesome, see you tomorrow!" Prussia beamed, waving to her as she disappeared into the apartment building. He turned around and practically skipped down the driveway, immensely proud of himself, 'Aww man, not only did I get myself a date with a hot girl but I also got West a date with a...a...uhh...hmm...ahh...maybe I should have asked to meet this Italy guy before setting him up with West...ahh well, I'm sure it'll be okay, the awesome me never steers his little bruder wrong!' Prussia nodded in satisfaction, heading off for home; he couldn't wait to tell his brother the good news...

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