Title: Don't Bet on Love

Pairings: Germany/Italy, Prussia/Hungary, Italy/Spain, Spain/Romano

The tale of two brothers, unlucky in life and in love...especially Prussia, until he meets a beautiful young waitress and her room mate Italy, who just so happens to like the blond German type, but which brother will be the first to get laid?

"I hate you..."


"I mean it bruder, you are hated, I hate you."

Prussia sighed, throwing himself over the back of the sofa, gazing down sadly at his dismal little brother, lying face down in the soft cushions, a gloomy rain cloud showering over his head, "Why do you hate me now?"

"...the same reason as yesterday."


Germany sighed, "Italy is officially with that douche bag I saw him with the other day."

Prussia titled his head to the side curiously, "How do you know that?"

Germany slowly rolled over onto his back, misery misted eyes gazing up at the ceiling, "I went over to his last night to apologise und try und fix things with him."


"The first thing I saw was Italy kissing his new boyfriend." Germany mumbled softly, bringing his hands up to cradle his head, rubbing at his eyes.

Prussia bit his lip, cringing slightly, "Aww West..." he pulled himself up onto the back of the sofa, leaning down to ruffle his brother's hair, "That sure does suck for you...still, not exactly my fault-" the Prussian gasped as a hand was suddenly around his neck.

"Don't even think for a second that you're innocent in all of this!" the German hissed, hand tightening dangerously around his brother's throat, "Bruder this is, und always will be, entirely your fault...und from now on you will have to live with the knowledge that you have completely destroyed mein one chance of true happiness!" he growled, shoving the offending Prussian away, shifting back onto his stomach again, burrowing into the cushions once more.

Prussia slowly stood back up, gasping slightly as he was able to breathe. "West..." the German didn't move, hands clutching the back of his neck as he remained motionless and unresponsive. The Prussian glared at him slightly, gritting his teeth, "Little bruder, sit up now and listen to me!" Germany didn't move. Prussia sighed, leaning down he grabbed the back of Germany's collar, yanking him up to face him.

"What?" Germany hissed, tugging the Prussian's hands off his shirt.

"Listen to me West." Prussia said, jumping over the back of the sofa onto his brother's knee, the German letting out a pained gasp, "You gotta stop blaming everyone for everything going wrong in your life! I know this is my fault okay?" he said, holding up a hand before his brother could protest, "I started it, but now you've got to finish it! And so have I, we have to go and get Italy and Hungary back!"

Germany stared at him, slowly shaking his head, "Bruder, how can we possibly-"

"Because if you care about Italy you'll do it! West you have to stop letting people control your life, you let Italy dump you because of me, you let him go out with this douche bag because of Hungary, and now you're not going after him! Why? Bruder if you want Italy go and get him! Throw all your cards on the table and let him know you're totally awesome and want him back! Now come on." Prussia said, jumping up from the sofa he yanked the blond to his feet, "Let's go and get our women!"

Germany looked at him as if he was insane, "Bruder, this isn't going to work...und stop referring to Italy as a chick!"

Prussia grinned, "I bet he's the chick when you sleep together."

Germany blushed heavily, "Bruder, I swear to God-"

"Haha! I so know it's true, let's go!"


"Would you like a coffee Spain?"

"Sì that would be nice, gracias."


"I'm okay."

Hungary nodded, disappearing into the kitchen she shortly returned with a mug of coffee for the Spaniard sat beside her room mate on the sofa, "There you are sweetie."

"Gracias." Spain smiled, taking a sip.

Hungary smiled, settling herself down on the arm of the sofa, sighing softly, "It's a shame you two couldn't make things work...are you sure you just want to stay friends?"

Italy nodded, smiling sadly, "Sì...I think it's better that way."

"Aww but you two would be so adorable together!"

Spain laughed slightly awkwardly, "While that may be..." he glanced at the Italian, smiling sadly, "He's still a little hung up over his ex so...I wouldn't want to pressure him into a relationship he's not ready for."

Hungary smiled sadly, reaching over to gently ruffle Italy's hair, "Poor thing...you'll feel better soon, then maybe you and Spain could go on another date? Try again..."

Italy shrugged slightly, absentmindedly chewing his thumbnail, "Maybe..."

Spain rubbed the back of his neck, "Sì...maybe."

Hungary leant down to kiss the top of Italy's head, looking up curiously when there was knock at their apartment door. Two quick knocks followed by three slow ones...what she recognised as Prussia's knock, "Oh God..."

"...is that Prussia?"

"Yes...God sake..." she sighed, getting to her feet, "I'll go get rid of him." Hungary strode over to the front door, pulling it wide open, ready to yell abuse at the Prussian on her doorstep, faltering slightly when she saw he wasn't alone, stood beside a very apprehensive looking Germany, "...what are you two doing here?" she asked softly, eyebrows furrowing together in confusion.

Prussia grinned, striding into the apartment, "We've come to sort this situation out like the men we are!"

Hungary blinked slowly, "Oh joy." she muttered sarcastically, poking him in the centre of his chest she slowly pushed him backwards out the door, "...look I hate to burst your bubble but we've got company so if you don't mind-" she went to shut the door when Germany's hand shot out to prevent it from closing.

"Wait!" Germany cried, gazing into the apartment at the Italian sat staring at him from the sofa "...Italy..." he breathed softly.

Italy bit his lip, wrapping his arms around himself, "...it's okay Hungary, you can let him in." he muttered softly.

Hungary looked sceptical yet stepped aside to let the brother's into the apartment, softly shutting the door. Germany slowly stepped into the living room smiling awkwardly at the Italian, "Urm...hallo."

Prussia grinned, giving Italy a salute, "Hey little man."

Italy nodded at them, still curled up on the sofa, "...hi."

"Italy, is this your ex boyfriend?" Spain asked curiously from beside the Italian.

"Ja" Germany growled, giving the Spaniard a death glare, "You're the new boyfriend right?"

Spain shook his head, "Well actually-"

"Told you he was a douche bag." Prussia interrupted.

"Hey!" Hungary shot irritably at the Prussia, "Spain is a lovely man!"

"...what do you want Germany?" Italy asked softly, nibbling on his thumb again, gazing down at his feet.

Germany swallowed heavily, running his fingers through the hair at the back of his neck, "Italy, please take me back."

Italy let his eyes close momentarily, sighing deeply, "Germany-"

"Please listen Italy..." he went to the end of the sofa where he dithered unsurely, wanting to take the Italian's hand, "I-I...I'm no good at this type of thing but...I'm sorry, okay?"


"I mean it!" Germany insisted, reaching for the young man he touched his shoulder instead, "Italy, I am so unbelievably sorry for what I did, not only to you but to Hungary as well..." he cast a brief look at the woman before back to Italy, hand sliding down his arm to take hold of his hand, "But please believe me when I say that mein actions had no reflection on mein feelings towards you."

Italy glanced down at the hand cradling his own, biting his lip slightly, "...why did you make the bet in the first place?" he asked quietly.

Germany looked away awkwardly, "I...I don't know Italy, mein bruder suggested it but I promise you I didn't want to!"

"I can vouch for him Italy." Prussia interjected, "He really wasn't comfortable with it."

Italy shook his head, gazing up at the blond, "...then why did you?"

Germany bit his lip, clutching at his hair stressfully with his other hand, "...I don't know, I was just...I just so happy und giddy that day I-I wasn't thinking straight." he stammered desperately, gently squeezing his hand, "...because you made me that way Italy."

Prussia snorted slightly, "Way to go on the sweet talk West."

Germany spun around to yell at the Prussian, "Shut up bruder! This is all your fault!"

"It's both your faults!" Hungary snapped, her angry glare on the two brother's "You made the stupid bet Prussia, which I could have expected, but you Germany-"

"I know I know!" Germany cried, gripping the back of his head, sick of hearing it now, "I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry to both of you! I shouldn't have agreed to it but I just wanted to show up mein bruder! I can't explain what was going through mein mind okay but I'm sorry!"

Prussia sighed irritably, leaning up against the door, "...why are you making such a big deal out of this Italy? It's not like sex was all West was after."

"...he took a picture of us while I was asleep...it was like he was showing me off to you." Italy mumbled softly, slipping his hand out of the German's.

"Italy, ja okay..." Germany said softly, feeling instantly lost at the lack of contact, "I was showing off the fact that I'd got laid before he had, but Italy please...if I had only cared about sex surely I would have left you straight afterwards ja?"

"I...I guess."

"But I didn't! I wanted to stay with you Italy I wanted...I wanted to be yours, I still do..." he reached for the Italian's hand, dithering slightly before letting his arm drop back to his side, "...but it doesn't matter now does it? You've moved on..." he said softly, glancing at the brunette beside Italy, "I just wanted you to know I was sorry, und I hope you can forgive me." he muttered, swallowing a lump in his throat. "Well...that's all I wanted to say so...see you."

"...Spain's not my boyfriend." Italy said softly, stopping the German in his tracks as he made for the front door.

Germany slowly spun around, "What?"

Italy looked to Spain, "He's not my boyfriend."

"It's true, we're just friends." Spain said, smiling slightly.

Germany eyebrows knitted together in confusion, "But...I saw you two kiss yesterday..."

"Sì, but it was just a friend kiss."

"So...you're not dating then?" Germany asked slowly, looking slightly more hopeful.

Prussia grinned, "So you can get back with West yeah?"

Hungary sighed, face palming, "Prussia you're such an idiot."

Italy shrugged slightly, biting his bottom lip, "I don't...I don't know."

"Italy." Germany dove onto his knees at the Italian's feet, taking a firm grasp of his hand's, softly tracing his thumbs across the back of Italy's hands, "Please, I am on mein knees begging for your forgiveness, I'm so sorry I hurt you, I'm just an idioten for not thinking about mein actions...you just make me so crazy Italy that mein head wasn't in the right place." he brought the Italian's hands up to his lips, kissing the back of them softly before rubbing them against his cheek, "Italy I'll do anything if I can have you back, please...I-I love you."

Italy stared at the German at his feet, chest swelling with warmth, "You...you really mean that?"

Germany nodded, smiling softly, gently tugging on Italy's hands, pulling him into his lap, "Ja, I really do..." he muttered, brushing back the Italian's hair from his eyes.

Italy's lips stretched into a grin, "...Germany, I love you too!" the Italian threw himself into the German's arms, crushing their lips together in a passionate kiss. The sudden force caused Germany to topple over backwards onto the carpet, the Italian sprawled out on top of him as his threaded into the blond's hair, mumbling softly in approval as they kissed.

"Aww!" Hungary cooed, clapping her hands together, "How adorable!"

Prussia stared at her, "Not a minute ago you were having a go at him for the bet!"

"But they're in love!" Hungary said giddily, bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.

Prussia sighed, shaking his head, "Chicks...who understands them?"

Italy eventually climbed up off the floor, pulling the blond up with him, "Yay, I'm so happy!" he sang, throwing himself into Germany's arms again.

Germany smirked slightly, kissing the top of Italy's head, "Ja, me too...thank you Italy, for this second chance."

"Ve..." Italy hummed happily, nuzzling into the German's chest, "...and maybe Hungary can give Prussia a second chance?" he suggested, looking to his room mate.

Hungary rolled her eyes, waiting for the Prussian's obnoxious pick up line or annoying joke...but there wasn't one, the silver haired man just shrugged, leaning back against the front door, "...I don't expect her to." he muttered softly.

Hungary looked at him in slight shock, "...wait, what?"

Prussia shrugged again, scuffing his feet across the carpet, "I started this stupid bet, it was my idea in the first place...Hungary's a smart chick, and she'd have to be an idiot to forgive someone like me...but I'm sorry Hungary."

Hungary stared at him, at a slight loss for words, her usually cocky, in your face Prussian being reduced to this unsure, humble sweet man...it was rather adorable. She smirked slightly, shaking her head as she wandered over to him, "Prussia, you are an idiot." Prussia looked up, fiery red eyes questioning and despondent, Hungary gently cupped his chin, tilting his head towards hers, "...but you're my idiot." she said, smirking slightly before she leant up, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

"Awww..." Italy giggled slightly, squeezing Germany's hands, "I love it when things work out!"

Prussia just gaped at the young woman when she pulled away, slumping into the front door, "...awesome."

Germany shook his head, glancing over at the Spaniard still sat, rather awkwardly, on the sofa, "Hey Spain." the German let go of Italy's hands so he could hold one out to the brunette, "Sorry about all of this."

Spain laughed slightly; jumping to his feet he shook the German's hand, "No worries! Really, you two go so well together...Italy was never really my type anyway."

Hungary looked over curiously, holding the Prussian at arms length as he tried to cuddle her, "Really?"

Spain nodded, shrugging slightly, "Sì, he's a very sweet, adorable guy but...that's not the kind of guy I go for." he said, laughing slightly, rubbing the back of his head, "I always go for jerks, which is probably the reason my relationships never work-"

"Okay, WHAT THE HELL!" all five heads suddenly shot round to stare at the door as it suddenly burst open, knocking Prussia out the way who thankfully caught hold of Hungary before he fell. A short, dark haired, angry Italian boy, who looked suspiciously like Italy, burst into their apartment, causing up a storm. "First of all you never call me to let me know how you're doing, but then I go knocking on the door of the apartment downstairs only to be told you've moved up here!" the young man thundered, dark eyes fixed on Italy, "How is it that I'm always the last to know things Veneziano? What would have happened if there had been an emergency huh? What if I needed to find you? I wouldn't be able to because you never call and you never tell me ANYTHING! And-" the words were caught in his throat at the sight of this blond man holding onto Italy's hands, "And who the fuck is this bastard?" he demanded, poking Germany in the chest.

Italy laughed slightly, "Romano this is my boyfriend Germany! Germany, this is my big brother Romano."

Germany just stared at him, eyelid twitching slightly, "Italy...this is your bruder?"

"Bruder? What the hell is a bruder? Where the hell are you from you freak!" Romano yelled, taking an instant dislike to the blond, "Boyfriend? Veneziano what have I told you? Why must you always go for assholes huh? Hungary for God sake you're supposed to be taking care of him!" he snapped, glaring at the girl, spinning around to yell at his brother some more when he caught sight of a tall brunette, beaming with big green glinting eyes at him, Romano's own eyes narrowed, "And what the hell are YOU staring at?"

Spain stood, gazing open mouthed at this absolutely gorgeous Italian boy, holding out his hand, "H-Hola, me llamo Spain!"

Romano looked at him blankly; eyebrows furrowed together, "So? You think I want your autograph or something?"

Spain beamed, taking Romano's hand anyway, "You're funny! You're Italy's brother? That's so cool, you two really look alike! Don't they Germany?"

Germany nodded slowly, "Ja..." he leant down, pressing a soft kiss to Italy's ear, "...except you're much sexier than your brother..." he growled softly in his ear.

Italy giggled slightly, taking Germany's hand, "Romano how about you go and get to know Spain while me and Germany stay here and uhh...watch a film."

Romano glared at him, "Don't think I don't know what that means Veneziano!"

Spain laughed, "I think that's a good idea! Do you like omelettes Romano? I could make you one if you like."

"You can make me a pizza, bastard." Romano grumbled, letting himself be dragged out of the apartment by the Spaniard, the door closing behind them.

"Wow...Spain moves fast." Prussia said, laughing slightly, snaking an arm around Hungary's waist.

"Speaking of which..." Germany muttered softly, and without warning he bent down and lifted Italy up into his arms, "Let's move quickly to the bedroom."

Italy grinned, wrapping his arms up around the German's shoulders, "Okay! See you two later!" he called to Hungary and Prussia as he was carried off into his bedroom.

Hungary started giggling as she heard the sound of Italy being thrown onto his bed, "How cute! I hope they don't find my video camera this time..." she said, smirking slightly.

Prussia shook his head, "You're insane." he said, chuckling slightly, pressing a soft kiss to Hungary's neck, "Hey...monkey see monkey do?" he asked, wagging his eyebrows suggestively.

Hungary raised an eyebrow, "Hmm...no." she said simply, lacing their fingers together, "But you can take me out."

Prussia grinned, holding the door open for them, "Your chariot awaits my lady."


"Germany..." Italy purred softly, rolling onto his chest, "That was amazing..."

Germany smiled, threading his fingers into Italy's hair, "It was...God I've missed you Italy." he muttered softly, pressing their lips together, cuddling him close on the bed.

Italy kissed him deeply, pulling back after a few moments, "It's only been two days Germany!"

Germany smiled, kissing the tip of his nose, "It feels like longer..."

"Ve..." Italy kissed him again before jumping up off the bed, "I'm going to get a drink, do you want one?"

Germany nodded, sitting up, "Ja that'd be good, I'd love a coffee."

Italy nodded, disappearing out the room for a few moments Germany heard him shuffling around in the cupboards before he poked his head back into the room, "Germany we're out of coffee, but I could always go out and get some."

Germany climbed out of bed, reaching for his boxers, "Nein, don't do that, it doesn't matter."

Italy grabbed his own which were strung across the lamp, pulling them on as well as the German's shirt, buttoning it up, "I could always go and ask Spain to borrow some, but he only has instant."

"That's fine." Germany said, pulling on his jeans, holding out his hand to Italy, "I'll come with you."

Italy took his hand, grinning slightly, "You don't trust me?"

Germany smirked slightly, pulling him close, "Of course I do...I just don't want to leave your side."

"Ve..." Italy smiled, tugging on his hand, "Okay." the Italian quickly checked to make sure he looked decent enough (he wasn't wearing any pants but he didn't think that would matter) before letting him and the German out of his apartment, down the corridor to Spain's door, knocking loudly, "Spain! Fratello! Are you in there? Can we borrow some coffee?" no answer from inside the apartment, Italy tilted his head to the side curiously, "...Spain?"

"Are they in?" Germany asked, noticing how the door wasn't fully closed he gently nudged it open with his foot. The door slowly creaked until it was fully open, revealing what was inside. Germany and Italy stared in complete shock at the state of Spain's apartment, a large ball of forgotten pizza dough sat on his kitchen counter, flour and tomato sauce spilt all over the kitchen floor and flung across the walls and some had even managed to get on the ceiling. But the biggest shocker of them all were Spain and Romano themselves, both completely naked, lying fast asleep in each other's arms on Spain's living room sofa, Romano's dark hair whitened with flour and tomato sauce shaped handprints decorated Spain's back.

Italy and Germany glanced sideways at one another, blinking slowly. The German shook his head, reaching into his jeans pocket he delved into his wallet, searching through it for something, "What are you doing?" Italy asked as the German pulled a note out from his wallet.

Germany pocketed his wallet, straightening out the crumpled note, "Spain und your bruder have only known each other for an hour." he slapped the twenty euro note down on Spain's messy kitchen counter.

"Spain won."

~The End~

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