I know I said I would update on tuseday but I have a illness called… WRITERS BLOCK! But I finally came up with something during English class today (I know I pay so much attention in school).

Kendra's Pov

Come on doc spit it out! Is Archie ok! "he he's fine" I let out a big sigh. "And not only is he alive another day but we were able the estamate when he will die!" the doctor said. WHAT! "Wait he is defanetly going to die!"I screamed. "young lady how much do you accually know about muscular dystrophy (Is that how you spell it?)" he replied. "not much I guess" I said. "well no one who has it lives to be an adult" he said. Tears came up in my eyes. "don't worry we think he has a good 1 or 2 years left witch is very good" the doctor said. Then he walked away. Cat hugged me. "It's alright Ken at least you can have your date" she said. I nodded and walked in. "Hey Arch" I said. "Hey Kendra" he replied.

Jade's Pov

"Jade we need to talk" Beck said. "Look we already talked about it" I snapped. "I need to talk to you some more. It scares me! You know how your always afrad of losing me to someone" he said. I nodded. "I feel like I'm going to loose you!" he said. "Look I'm really sorry I make you feel that way but I don't know if I can stop" I confessed. "it's ok I am going to help you through this" he said. Then he kissed me. "Go get me coffee" I demanded.

15 mineuts later

I was wating for Beck I looked at my scissors. I saw Beck he was holding my coffee hugging Patrice! I walked over there. I cleared my throught. "hey babe" he said handing me my coffee. "don't hey babe me!" I snapped. "what was that about" I continued. "Patrice was crying because of Archie and I was conferting her" Beck explained. "Well why cant her boyfriend comfert her!" I screamed. "Because Evan dumped me!" cried Patrice. "really" I asked in disbelif. "yeah his mom fell in love with a guy who lives in florida so he is MOVING" she cried. "Jade we seresly have to work on your jelousy issues" Beck said. What! "you know all of this jelousy, it's all HER falt" I pointed to Kendra as she was coming out of Archie's room. I ran to the bathroom. I threw up.

Beck's Pov

"look Patrice I'm really sorry but I have to find Jade" I said and ran after her. Some how I knew where she was. I walked into the bathroom. "Jade" I said as I rubbed her back. "GO AWAY" she said. I shook my head. "No I will not you need me right now" I said. I held her hair back as some more barf came out. She wipped her mouth. "Can we get out of here and talk" I asked. She nodded. She rinced her mouth. We sat down on a bench next to the bathroom. "Jade I'm sorry I guess I never relized you were so scared of losing me is because of what happened with Kendra and Brett" I told her. "it's fine it's not like you knew or anything" she said. I looked at her I could tell she was trying hard not to cry. She was always worryed about her reputaion. "Jade you can cry" I said. She stopped trying and the tears spilled out. "Beck! I was always scared my past would come back to haunt me! AND now everyone knows I used to be Lucy… so, so people will want her instead of me! They also know I'm balmic so Everyone will be watching what I eat and coming to the bathroom with me to make sure I' m not going to throw up!" she cried. I hugged her tightly. "Oh babe all your old friends will be gone in a few days so all that will be cleared up. Anyone who wants Lucy instead of Jade is a dick! And people will only do that because they care about you! just like I do" I kissed her. "Thanks YOU WILL NEVER MENTION THIS TO ANYONE EVER!" She yelled. I nodded. We kissed again. When we parted I said "don't worry I will help you through this one step at a time".

It's over! So sad! I really liked writing this story. I thought of another 13/victorious crossover so that should be up in a little bit but Tech week for my school musical is this week so I will be pretty busy. Please review!