Chapter 1 The Visit

Sierra waited outside Emily's house it had been a almost two years since she had seen her, Her Dad had planned for her to see Emily again, But she was actually in 'Stonehill'. Her hair had grown from the last time she saw Emily and her friends but she was still wearing the same sparkling gem. Something had happened with the gem she didn't know, it happened right after Emily and her friends were keeping those odd horses, They were hiding something from her she knew it. She slowly knocked on the door, In a few seconds Emily answered, she looked shocked as did Ozzie, the ferret looked just the same as when she had last seen him.

"Sierra"? Emily gasped.

"That's me". Sierra said unsure if this was a happy surprise or a disappointing surprise for Emily.

"What are you doing here"?

"Didn't your mom tell you"?

"My mom has been out of town for a week I'v been running the pet palace, she would have told me if you were coming"!

Sierra was quite surprised, She had heard her dad talk to Ms. Fletcher on the phone saying it was fine if she came over.

"Well when will your mom be back". Emily looked down at the floor worried. "In about…..another week".

"Oh, well I can help out at the pet palace, while I stay and-".

"Why not". Emily replied. Ozzie scampered around the floor looking at Sierras Gem. It sparkled in the fading sun. It also seemed to change color a lot lately and…..shape, Sierra didn't know what was going on but whatever it was Emily had something to do with it, and she was going to find out!