Damon stood in the dimly lit parlor facing the fire, as Stefan entered the boarding house. He felt lost and hurt after Elena's omission of kissing Damon. He walked slowly but still with pride towards his brother, happy to see that his run in with Klaus didn't turn into bloodshed, however Stefan wouldn't admit this to Damon.

Instead, he began taking long strides towards the fire, "You still Alive?"

"I assume that means Klaus didn't get his coffins," Stefan stated, more so than questioned.

"Oh, Don't look so happy. I was only able to get one out in time," Damon admitted as he closed in on his brother.

"The locked one," he smirked, knowing that was the most important anyway.

"That be a good choice," agreed Stefan, his face unamused as he let Damon continue.

"Yeah," Damon began, "You know, if you're banking on Bonnie's mom to open it you're screwed, she doesn't have any powers."

"Ahhhhh," Stefan let out with a low draw, "Doesn't surprise me, it's been that kinda night."

Stefan half smiled at Damon as he turned his back on him, his brain instantly shooting back to his thoughts about Elena. Elena kissing Damon. His brother's lips against his girlfriends, Damon's hands pulling her close, when it should have been his hands holding her.

"Is Elena Ok," Damon asked, hoping she came out without a scratch.

Stefan's body was at a stand still, his back to Damon, his fists clenching involuntarily. How dare he even mention her to him! He must have a lot of fucking balls right now, Stefan thought. Stefan shrugged to himself, deciding his next move. He knew what he wanted to do, and instead of resisting the urge he gave in to it. Stefan turned quickly towards Damon, throwing his fist up towards his cheek, his knuckles making sharp contact with Damon's face as he hears the crunch of bone on bone connection. Damon's hand shot up to brace his cheek, panting slightly from the power behind Stefan's punch and his shock of surprise.

"I take it you and Elena had a heart to heart," Damon conceded, striating himself up to face his angry little brother.

"And I take it you don't want to talk about it; noted."

Damon nodded in agreement towards Stefan, his brother's face never flinching, and the rage still ever present.

To steer the conversation into a different direction Damon, pulled an object from behind his back pocket. Stefan shifted his gaze to Damon's hands as he brandished a long, silver, dagger; Stefan recognized it instantly.

"Then, let's talk about this," Damon began, thrusting the dagger further into Stefan's view.

"What did you do," Stefan questioned, knowing full well what Damon had done.

Damon stood staring at Stefan for several moments, twirling the dagger in his hands, shifting his weight back and forth.

"Damn it Damon! What did you do," Stefan growled angrily, pushing his chest close to his brothers,' piercing his green eyes into Damon's cobalt blue stare.

"Well, let's just say that Klaus is going to have a very unhappy brother on his hands very soon. Kind of like the unhappy sibling I am dealing with currently," Damon commented, semi pleased with his actions but unsettled by the shear look of hatred in Stefan's eyes.

"If you would have given me this news earlier today, I might have commended you on undaggering Elijah, however at this time I can't stand to be in the same room with you," Stefan huffed turning on his heels, exiting the room.

Damon could hear the harsh footsteps of Stefan stopping upstairs towards his room.

"What are we five," Damon whispered to himself, but understood why Stefan was so pissed. He's not exactly pissed Damon thought, more hurt if anything.

He placed the dagger on the fireplace's mantel, running his hands through his raven hair. "Damn it," he uttered, turning towards the staircase. Damon took to the stairs, holding the wooden banister as if he needed support. As soon as he reached the door into Stefan's room he paused, inhaling and then exhaling deeply. His hand turned the nob, and pushed his way into the quiet bedroom.

"Stef, I think we should talk about this," Damon commented, crossing his arms snuggly over his chest, boring his eyes into the back of Stefan's head.

"Honestly Damon, I don't think that's the best idea for either of us right now," admitted Stefan, turning briefly in his chair to make contact with his brother.

"What did she say," Damon asked, he knew she told him about the kiss, that was obvious.

Stefan shook his head, a sarcastic smile lighting his lips, "Why couldn't you just protect her Damon? Why did you have to become best fucking friends with her, spend so much time with her? You made her develop these feelings for you, when all she needed was to forget about us altogether! But instead she kisses you!"

Stefan raged, standing up swiftly from his chair, his arms knocking books from the desk, littering the floor. His eyes sprung with hate for his sibling, wanting to hit him again, repeatedly. Damon stood staring at Stefan, knowing there was more he wanted to say, so he kept quiet.

"I wanted her to move on from me, but I never thought it would be to you! She is far to good to have all this dark, depressing death in her life, and that includes us."

"I can't give up on her, Stefan, I won't. I can't forget how I feel about her," Damon confided, throwing his hands up into the air.

"It's our fault she's in this mess Damon! You have to forget those feelings and let her be! She has to be able to experience a normal life, before she was pulled into this. She needs a human boyfriend, one that has blood pumping through his veins."

"Don't you get it? This has nothing to do with us! She would have been in this mess regardless, because of who she is, because she is the descendent of a Petrova! We are protecting her Stefan, it's because of us she is still breathing."

Within seconds Stefan had his hands clutching the material of his brother's shirt, his teeth clenched, his eyes filled with absolute frustration and anger.

"YOU DON'T DESERVE HER DAMON! She is far to amazing for you to ruin, and I will not allow you to do this to her."

"Do what?" Damon growled back at his brother, equally angry, "Love her?"

"That's exactly what this is about, isn't it Stefan? You can't handle the fact that I love her with everything I am and that maybe just maybe she loves me back."

Damon seethed, daggering his eyes into Stefan's, the brothers squaring off against one another, bodies moving with heated frustration. Stefan wanted to tear his brother apart, limb from limb, why should he have Elena? He knew Elena loved him, like a friend, but was it possible for her to feel how Damon felt for her? Was she In Love with his brother? Stefan was unable to shake the idea, which only served to make him more pissed off at the situation. He seized his brother at the throat, gripping him with all the force he could muster in his body.

"Keep your lips off her Damon, let her live her life. Be her friend but nothing more. Do not make this hell her life, because she has no future with you and I'll be damned if I ever see you turn her into a monster; a vampire."

"I would never turn her," Damon choked out against his brother's tight grasp, "Unless she asked me to."

"Promise me you won't! Swear to me!"

"I swear."

"Tell me you will not let her get caught up in you. Tell me you will stop loving her."


"Say it, Damn it! SAY IT!"


Damon grabbed at his brother's arm prying his fingers from his throat. He whipped Stefan's body across the room with his vampire speed and strength. Stefan's body crashed against the old wooden bookshelf, breaking ever board on his way down to the floor.

"You're right I don't deserve her but I can't help how I feel about her. I will never stop loving her Stefan, and for that I can promise you."

In a flash Damon disappeared from the room and down the stairs. Stefan could hear the front door to the old boarding house slam shut. He better not have broken that door off its hinges Stefan thought, pulling himself off the bedroom floor. His head was spinning from the fight and their angry exchange. He wanted Damon to leave Elena be, but he knew deep down that that was never going to happen. He attracted to Elena like a moth to a flame, and Stefan knew exactly why. He knew he had had his chance to steal Elena back, to be in her life again, to love her again. However, he felt he couldn't, not after the way he spoke to her and what he had done after leaving Mystic Falls with Klaus. He knew that Elena was far to good for either of them and that she deserved better. But what if his brother could make her happy? And what if she loved him in return? As much as Stefan wanted to deny it, that's what made his heart ache most.

Damon POV

I walked up the familiar steps to the Gilbert front door, pushing my hands in and out of my leather jacket pockets. Why am I so nervous? What was the worse that could happen? I needed to see her; I wanted to talk about her feelings. Running over my jaw with gentle fingertips, still feeling the after shock of Stefan's fist meeting my face. Hearing Stefan's voice ricocheting in my ears; screw him. Elena had told Stefan that we kissed, that she kissed me! She took ownership over something I initiated!

Sucking in the cool night air, I knocked against the great wooden door. I wanted to see her face, my skin tingling at the thought of touching her. Slow down buddy, you might not even get a handshake from this girl. Within seconds the door opened to reveal Elena's angelic face, chocolate doe eyes wide, and her tiny body dressed in sweat pants and a snug fitting hoodie.

Everything around me stood still, as I gazed into her eyes, "Elena, are you busy? Can I come in?"

Elena POV

I heard the loud knocking at the front door, as I took the stairs two at a time. As soon as the door swung open my breathing seemed to cease. Damon stood there on my doorstep, his face seemed confused, his eyes conveyed a hurt expression. I instantly wanted to pull him close and ask what was the matter. I wondered why he asked for my permission to come in, he usually just invited himself.

"No, just texting Bonnie and catching up on homework. Come in," stepping aside so that Damon could make his way into my house.

"Thanks," he commented lightly, almost in a whisper.

I closed the door quickly, locking it behind us as I strode over to meet Damon sitting on my leather couch. I settled close to him in the middle, inhaling the musky sent of his skin, which caused a slight lightheadedness. He flexed his fingers, setting his hands firmly on his thighs.

"Are you ok?" Damon's cobalt blue stare boar into my eyes, I already knew his answer.

He shook his head, "No, Elena, not really."

I waited for him to continue, pulling myself closer to his body unconsciously. "Stefan went Chuck Norris on my ass when he came home. I asked him if you two had a heart to heart but he just sort of sulked off. A little bit later I went to talk to him. He said you told him that we kissed, that you kissed me."

Damon paused as I inhaled deeply, realizing that I had admitted to being the one to kiss him, that it was my doing, that I was to blame.

"He told me to keep my lips to myself and that I didn't deserve you,"Damon's blue eyes seemed to fall, waiting for me to finally chime in with a comment.

"What did you say?" I questioned, curious as to how the rest the night played out.

Damon sighed, locking his eyes with mine, "I told him he was right. I don't deserve you."

The shock took over me briefly, understanding Damon's omission. He really believed that he didn't deserve me, but I didn't feel that way. I then began to wonder if he was really going to keep his lips away from mine, the thought made my stomach clench. I shouldn't be upset, but something inside me was severely disappointed.

"I can't change how I feel about you and I would never want to," Damon continued, "but I'm willing to do whatever it is you want me to. If you want me to keep my distance, I will. If you ask me to never kiss you again, although it would hurt me, I'll do it. I would do anything for you Elena."

His hand-grasped mine, rubbing his thumb against my skin; his touch sent sparks throughout my body. The room stayed silent for a moment, our stare never wavering from one another.

Finally, Damon released his hold on my hand, "I should go," he breathed preparing to stand up.

I don't know what exactly came over me in that moment, but I knew I didn't want him to leave. My hand shot up towards his bicep, holding him to the couch, my body scooting so that I was practically in his lap. His eyes went magnetic with surprise and what seemed like awe, as my hand ran over the plains of his cheek.

I opened my mouth to speak, the words falling from my lips naturally, "I don't want you to forget how you feel either, because I know I could never forget how I feel. You do deserve me Damon, you deserve to be happy; don't run away, don't leave."

Our faces now dangerously close to one another, my breathing hitching in my throat, I knew what I wanted and I knew it was finally right.

"I want you to kiss me again," I said almost in a whisper as our mouths ghosted over one another's.

Damon POV

My eyes widened at her omission, she wanted me to kiss her again! As excited as I became at her request, I was also surprised.

"Are you sure you're ready for this," I began whispering onto her lips, "because we can't go back."

Without a second thought I felt her lips on mine, a magnetic sensation shooting through my core. My hands traveled to cup her face pulling her as close as possible. Her lips sliding against mine with precision and hunger. I snaked my tongue against her lips, requesting permission to enter. Soon, my tongue was met by hers, warm and inviting, sliding together with intensity. Our kiss went for zero to eighty in seconds, her tiny frame sliding into my lap. Elena's slender fingers pushed through my hair, gripping it tightly in her fists, as our kiss deepened. I aloud my hands to fall to her waist, fingertips grazing over her sweatshirt covered rib cage. Her teeth pulled at my bottom lip, as our mouths disengaged. Our foreheads rested on one another's as she caught her breath. Her hands slid down my leather jacket, resting against my chest.

"Elena," I whispered, not quite sure what exactly I was planning on saying.

"Shhhhh," she breathed, pressing her index finger lightly against my parted lips.

"Stay with me tonight," she said in a questioning tone, looking deep into my eyes.

I nodded, as she stood from the couch, extending her hand for me to take it. I stood, intertwining my fingers with hers, as I followed her up the staircase to her bedroom. We'd been in Elena's room over a dozen times, but never under these conditions, never her inviting me to stay. I heard the lock click on the door as she glided over to her dresser. She pulled out a white lace cami, setting it on top the wooden dresser, as she brushed through her hair a few times. I kicked off my boots by the door, before sliding off my leather jacket and setting it on the window's ledge closest to her bed. I looked up, suddenly met with Elena's bareback as she slid the camisole over her olive toned skin.

Her lips curved into a smile as she noticed me staring, "What?"

I shook my head, if I could blush I would have been, "You're beautiful," I admitted softly.

She bowed her head, smile still gracing her face, her eyelashes blanketing against her cheeks.

Her doe eyes met mine, "Thank you," she stated, gripping my hand again, leading me to her waiting bed.

"Don't thank me for admitting the obvious, you are beautiful, Elena," I began facing her as we lay sideways on the bed.

Her hand once again caressed my cheek tenderly as she lifted her frame towards mine, soft lips meeting my mouth. I accepted her kiss, giving into the sensation she was stirring inside me. She made me feel whole, she gave life to my non-beating heart, she made me human; she was my humanity. Her hands traveled down to my bicep pulling me towards her body, as she flattened her back against the mattress. I rolled myself onto her fragile frame, propping myself up on my elbows. My fingers pushed the stray hairs from her forehead, as I kissed her tenderly where my fingertips had been. She rested her hands on my hips, touching my skin where my blue dress shirt began to slide up. As I gazed down at precious Elena Gilbert, I realized that I had never loved anyone more than I loved this one girl. I would always protect her, keep her safe from danger; she would be mine, she is mine. A year ago this would have all been to spite my brother, to entrap his love. Now, this had nothing to do with Stefan and everything to do with Elena and myself. This was about us now, and all the ways I was going to keep her smiling and secure.

"What are you thinking about," she asked me, cocking her head to the side.

A tiny smile hit my lips as I lowered them to meet hers, "You. Just you."

Our mouths melded together as I devoured her kiss. Her fingertips ran across the material against my back, her slender legs traveling between my own legs, pressing upon my thighs and then,

"Slow down," I whispered as I felt her against my growing erection.

"Sorry," she replied biting her lower lip, her hands gripping my shoulder blades.

"Don't apologize," I reassured her with a smile, "let's just enjoy this tonight, save the wandering limbs for another night, Yeah?"

She giggled below me, "Sure," she agreed, locking eyes with me.

My right hand slid to the side of her face, my thumb rubbing against her check, as my lips pulled at hers once again. We stayed intertwined and lip locked for a while, enjoying the simplicity of the moment and the passion that could finally be shared.

After awhile, I felt her cheek rub against mine, softly and slowly, "Will you hold me," she whispered against my ear.

My eyes looked to her abruptly, as if she even had to ask, she knew I would.

"Of course," I replied, pulling down her covers with vampire speed.

I settled back against the mattress in the center, pulling Elena to my chest and the covers over us. Her head lye just under my chin, her fingers sliding into my shirt wear it was unbuttoned.

"I just want to feel your skin," she sighed, closing her eyes, her breathing slowed.

The arm that held her close, rubbed her back soothingly, while my other arm traveled to her lower back, my hand resting on top her exposed skin. Within a few minutes her breathing slowed to a sleeping rhythm, her chest heaving slightly against me. Her heartbeat slowed as well; I listened to the sound of it thumping ever so delicately. I kissed the top of her head, before closing my own eyes and nodding off to sleep.