This next chapter has a little bit of "Bringing out the dead" mixed with my own story line. Also, I changed a few of the scenes from the show up a bit; hope you enjoy! As always, thank you all so much for the positive feedback! Please note: I don't own any of the characters, sadly. :,(

Bonnie drove her Prius as fast as she could to Caroline's house, her phone continuously vibrating with texts from her scared vampire friend. She pulled in front of the house, slamming her car door shut and sprinting to the front door. Without knocking Bonnie opened the door, not needing an invitation.

"Caroline! Care?"

"I'm in here."

Bonnie heard Caroline's voice coming from the living room she sounded so far away. She moved into the room, seeing Tyler sitting on the couch, his arm securely wrapped around Caroline's shaking frame. Even though Caroline had been enraged on her Birthday at Tyler for biting her, she seemed to need all the support she could get. Tears fell from her eyes in puddles, her chest heaving. Bonnie looked at them both in confusion.

"I thought Tyler was hurt?"

"I was," Tyler began, "but it wasn't so bad. I don't know how it even happened. I was walking through my backyard and someone jumped me; beat the shit out of me pretty bad. I called Care and she came to get me."

"She sounded so distraught, she thought you were dying, I thought you were dead."

"She get's a little emotion," Tyler commented kissing Caroline's forehead, "but this isn't for me; this is something else entirely."

Tyler stood from the couch looking deep into Bonnie's eyes. She was still so confused, as her focus moved to her weeping friend.

"I'll let her tell you, I'm going to be in the kitchen getting some coffee."

He left the room as Bonnie sat down on the couch, her arms extending to Caroline pulling her towards her chest, soothing her like a small child.

"What's going on Care, why all this?"

"It's my Dad," Caroline began, almost unable to speak, "after I brought Tyler back to the house, I thought everything was going to be alright, he was already improving on the car ride home."

"Ok, then what happened?"

"My mom called me, and said she was on the way home with my Dad; I asked her why and she said she would tell me when they got there. Earlier in the day I went to the hospital to sign my Dad out and take him home but he wasn't there. So, when my mom came home with my Dad they sat me in my bedroom and told me that he had died."

Caroline's tears cascaded onto her chest and onto Bonnie's sweater.

"But wait he came home? Or was he dead? I don't understand."

"My mom found him, with a knife wedged into his gut and before she could react he started gasping for air; he came back to life Bonnie. Dr. Fell gave my dad vampire blood to heal him faster and he had vampire blood in his system when he was knifed by some unknown psychopath!"

"So your dad is a vampire now?"

"No," Caroline could hardly control her emotions now, having to pause before continuing.

"He sat on my bed and told me he wasn't going to feed, that he wanted to die. He said that this was life and this is what happens when you're human. I didn't want him to die Bonnie!"

"I know Care, I know," she ran her hand against Caroline's back as she trembled and wept.

"He told me I was everything him and my mom hoped I would become. That he was proud of me. Then I hugged him and asked him how he felt, and he said he was tired. So, he lay down on my bed and I lay next to him. Until….until he just….he just stopped moving…."

Caroline's voice trailed off into oblivion, her sorrow and grief finally consuming her. Bonnie hugged her close; she really did need all the support she could get.

"Care honey, Matt's here," Liz Forbes announced walking timidly into the room trailed by Matt.

"Hey Care," Matt began huddling on the couch with Caroline and Bonnie, "Hey Bonnie."

"Matt," Caroline balled, extending her arms to him for a much needed embrace.

Bonnie motioned to stand from the couch, "I'll let you two talk."

Matt nodded as Bonnie moved to grab her purse and pull out her cellphone. She needed to let Elena know what was going on; she should be here. She stepped into the hallway calling Elena's cellphone.

"Come on pick up Elena."

No answer. Bonnie moved then to try Damon's cell. She hung on the line as it rang and rang, no answer there either. She bit her lower lip, flattening herself against the wall. She shot a quick text to Stefan, giving him the heads up about a possible attacker. She didn't know who would try to kill Bill Forbes, but it didn't sit well with her. It had been the second death in the past few days, both unsolved crimes. She would say murders but Mr. Forbes didn't exactly die from the stab wounds. Bonnie let herself sink to floor, her head falling into her hands; when would this all stop?

Elena lie content in Damon's arms, her head resting against his chest. The two had fallen asleep after their long bout of lovemaking. They had heard Alaric come home and settle on the couch before they both dozed off. She hoped Ric hadn't suspected anything; this was defiantly something that needed to be talked about not walked in on. As she lifted her head she noticed the lamp on her bedside table had gone out. Elena cocked her head puzzled, maybe Damon had shut it off. She shrugged, trying to wiggle herself carefully from Damon's arms; she needed to use the bathroom desperately. She stood up from her bed grabbing the white robe that was settled by the bay window.

"Where are you going missy?"

"I have to go to the bathroom. You should be sleeping, nosey."

Elena giggled as Damon teased her. She moved quickly to the bathroom, wanting badly to climb back into bed with her wonderful vampire. Everything about this night had been perfect; it truly was amazing, Elena thought. Her hand shot up to the light switch in the bathroom, but no light came on. She flicked the switch up and down a few times, huffing from the lack of light.

"What's wrong 'Lena?"

"I guess the power is out."

"When did that happen?"

"While we slept I guess. I have some candles in the bedside drawer if you want to light them."

Without hesitation Damon did as Elena requested, bringing them into the bathroom to light each one.

"Hey! I'm peeing here!"

Damon smirked, "Now is not the time to get shy on me Miss Gilbert, not after what we just did."

Elena giggled, shaking her head, "I guess that's true."

The candles illuminated the whole room as Elena went to the sink to wash her hands. Damon shut the bathroom door, and glided swiftly to the shower turning it on.

"What are you doing?"

"You mean what are we doing?"

"Ok, what are we doing," Elena stared at him with a quizzical look.

"We are going to take a nice, long, hot, romantic shower."

"Ooooooo, I like."

Damon chuckled; she really was full of surprises. He moved to pull of her white bathrobe tossing it to the floor. He stood back for a moment admiring her body.

"You're so beautiful Elena."

Elena blushed, pushing a few stray hairs behind her ear, a smile taking over her whole face.

"Come here baby," Damon beckoned, taking Elena into his arms.

He tugged her into the shower with him, pulling the curtain closed. His hands cupped her face, as his lips devoured her kiss. Elena's hands rested firmly on Damon's chest, her eyes closed tightly enjoying every sensation he was sending throughout her body. One of his hands released her face, moving down her water-slicked frame. His hand cupped her sex, causing Elena to gasp. Damon smirked, rubbing his thumb over her already swollen clit.


Elena breathed Damon's name as if he was the air in her lungs exhaling just to inhale him once more. Damon continued his ministrations, now slipping two fingers inside her tight hole. Elena's body thrashed against his, her arms tightening around his neck. He pumped in and out of her at a dangerously slow pace, causing her to whimper.

"Damon please."

"Please what Elena," Damon whispered coyly, running his tongue along her bottom lip.

"Please go faster, I want you faster."

She grinded her already dripping sex against his slow moving fingers. Damon loved this side of Elena; he learned something new about her everyday. He pushed her against the shower wall, not very hard but with some force as he began ramming his fingers deep inside of her core.

"So that's how you like it," Damon spoke through clenched teeth.

"Yes, Damon. Oh God YES!"

Elena become paralyzed by pleasure, her whole body shuddering. Her moans quickly turned into screams as Damon pounded his fingers into her womb. She sounded like a porno movie, Elena thought. This would normally embarrass her, and if she had been with anyone else it would have. However, she knew Damon enjoyed it and she couldn't lie that it turned her on too. As Elena reached her climax she let out one last earth shattering cry of ecstasy, as Damon moaned ferociously into her lips, pulling them in for a passionate kiss.

In a matter of seconds they heard a loud thud out in the hallway. Damon pulled away from Elena's kiss, his eyes becoming large and sharp. Her body shook against his, her face turning from pleasurable to concerned in seconds. Elena could hardly hear what was going on, thanks to the shower and her human ears. She could tell however that Damon began to hone in on the sounds outside of the bathroom and bedroom walls. Whatever had just happened, he had zoned out for the whole entire bulk of it, having completely given in to pleasing Elena. Damon wanted to share the moment with her, without any distractions; now he felt strangely odd about their surroundings. He turned off the shower, pressing his finger to Elena's lips signaling her to be quite.

"Stay here," he whispered, stepping out of the shower.


"Elena, stay in this bathroom, do you understand? Put your robe on and lock the door."

His blue eyes shown with fierce sternness, as he walked out of the bathroom to thrown on his jeans and dress shirt. Elena did as she was told, stepping out of the shower, grabbing her robe and locking the door securely. She pressed herself against the door, sliding down to the floor, pressing her ear firmly against the wood.

Damon could here deep panting breaths coming from the hallway, it sounded like…Ric? The panting became low moans, as he heard Alaric call for help. Damon sprinted from the bedroom into the hallway, and what he saw made his stomach ache and his eyes grew wide with disgust.


Alaric lie shaking in a puddle of his own blood, his hands firmly gripped the knife in his gut. Damon noticed a second blade in his thigh, as he dropped down to his knees examining his friend. There had been a blood trail snaking down the hall; the smell was almost unbearable. However, Damon fought it off; this was his friend God Damnit! He wasn't going to let his blood lust come between him and saving Alaric's life. Damon touched each knife, both buried pretty deep inside Ric's body. He grabbed his hand noticing that Ric still had his eternity ring on. But what if this wasn't supernatural? Damon looked into his friend's eyes, seeing the pain and confusion.

"Who did this to you?"

"Damon why are you here? Where is Elena?"

"Never mind that, Elena is fine. Who did this?"

Alaric gazed around the room, his vision slowly becoming blurred. He had no idea who attacked him in the kitchen but they were quiet and quick. He grabbed Damon's arm, as the blood began to pool from his mouth. Alaric coughed out the remaining blood, trying his hardest to answer Damon.

"I have no idea. I don't…I don't know. I was in the kitchen…and then," he panted, "and then I was fucking attacked. Oh God, this pain is excruciating. FUCK!"

Alaric's face scrunched up in pain, his head rolling back with force against the wall. Damon cupped his friends face in his hands, a look of the most serious concern taking over his entire face.

"Stay with me Damn it!" Damon shouted in distress, "You're not going to fucking die on me!"

Alaric's eyes began to roll; his throat caked with dry blood, as he struggled to continue.

"I pulled myself…up the steps, took all my strength. I tried to call from Elena, but…I couldn't get anything out."

Damon instantly felt ashamed, he should have heard Ric calling out for help; he should have heard the attack. Instead he was wrapped up in Elena, enjoying himself and getting lost in her body.

"FUCK," Damon cursed, "Ric, I…I should have heard you. I should have been listening. I'm…I'm so….I'm so sorry."

Alaric's eyelids fluttered slightly, trying to pry his eyes open. A light smile played across his face.

"You know…that's the first time… I've ever heard you… apologize."

Damon shook his head; only Ric and himself could find humor in something like that at a time like this. Ric, held onto Damon's forearm, his lips tightly pursed together.

"It's not your…fault Damon. It's alright."

Damon could feel the hot sting of tears in his eyes, but he pushed them away, needing to be strong for Alaric. Damon's head whipped to the side as he heard the slow opening of a door. His face dropped as he made eyes with her chocolate stare, her tiny frame slowly moving out into the hallway from her bedroom. Damon stood, walking towards Elena; she didn't need to see this.

"Elena get back in your room!"

"Alaric! DAMON! What's wrong with RIC!"

Elena ran forward only to be caught by Damon's strong embrace, she struggled against his grasp, thrashing her body roughly.


Elena's tears began to cascade down her flushed cheeks, her damp hair whipping around in her frenzied state. She screamed repeatedly at the sight of Ric's blood trailing on the wood floors. She noticed the bloody handprints against the walls, as her eyes fixed on his still body, covered in his own crimson current. She pushed at Damon's body, begging him to let her go. To let her get closer to Alaric.

"Damon please," she pleaded through her tears, "I can't lose anymore family."

Damon's eyes softened, as he looked deep into her eyes. He kissed her tenderly before placing her on her feet. She ran instantly to Alaric, searching his hand for the eternity ring. Damon moved quickly to grab a few towels from the bathroom. He went to where Ric lay practically lifeless. Elena grabbed at the towels, trying to clean off Ric's face and hands.

"It's ok Ric," she reassured, "It's going to be ok."

Damon frowned, watching Elena wipe at the blood that was dried in place. Her tears fell onto Ric's body, her robe and the floor. It pained him to see his friend this way and to see the woman he loved distraught and weeping. Elena had lost her mother, her father, her birth parents, her aunt; he understood how she couldn't bare to lose Ric; her stand in father figure. Elena began to perk up for a moment her eyes darting from Ric's ring to the knife in his gut. Alaric seemed to catch on as he grabbed Elena's wrist.

"Kill me…Do it Elena."

"What the hell!" Damon shouted.

"He's right Damon. He has to die a supernatural death in order to come back."

Alaric barely nodded, as he once again winced in pain. He was losing a lot of blood and Elena knew if she didn't act in the next few minutes they would lose him forever.

"I'm the doppelganger…I'm a supernatural being," Elena began pulling the knife from Alaric's gut.

Damon grabbed her hand his eyes pleading, "Elena, so am I. Let me do it."

He couldn't bear for her have to stab Ric, it didn't seem right. Even though Damon knew Alaric would come back, it pained him to see Elena have to be the one to give the fatal blow.

"Damon," Elena began, "I can do this."

She assured him, wanting him to understand that she could handle it. She looked into Ric's closing eyes as she plunged the knife deep into his chest. Alaric let out a cry of agony, as the blood flew from his mouth. His body slumped further into the wall, his movements ceasing. It was done, now all they had to do was wait.

Elena began to shake unconsciously, her hands trembling as a new wave of tears struck her. Why did this have to happen? When was it going to stop?

"He didn't deserve this, Damon. He didn't deserve this."

Her lips quivered, her face scrunched up with emotional distress, her tears unmanageable. Damon grabbed her arm, pulling her wilting frame into his lap.

"Hey," he whispered, "hey, I know. I know. It's ok, trust me Elena it will be fine."

Damon kissed the top of her head gently, his arms wrapped tightly around her, his body rocking her back and forth. He tried to sooth her tears, kissing her occasionally.

"We should have heard him, we should have been there. I should have asked you to check the circuit breaker for the electricity. We would have been downstairs with Ric and this wouldn't have happened. I should have said something."

Damon stopped the soothing sway of their bodies, his hand pulling Elena's face up to make eye contact with him.

"No. Elena, this is not your fault. Do you hear me? You didn't do anything wrong. I should have heard Ric, ok? Me. Not you. You will not blame yourself for this."

Elena nodded, nuzzling her face into Damon's shoulder, his hold on her as tight as could be. He cradled her fragile frame in his arms, standing up from the floor. He began walking down the hallway towards the staircase, noticing the blood trail that Alaric had made trying to get himself to safety and possible help. The site of it all made Damon cringe, and his guilt began to over power is conscious. He wouldn't let Elena take any burden of this blame, but as for himself, he took it all.

"Where are we going…but Ric," Elena breathed half falling asleep now.

"We're going to sit on the couch. It might be a little while for him to come back, so, I want you to rest. And not think about it."

Damon kissed her cheek briskly, as he took the stairs two at a time, leading them over to the leather sofa. Alaric had been sleeping in that spot; there was still a warm blanket and his pillow. Damon laid Elena down were Ric had slept, covering her nearly naked frame with the blanket, and pushed a few stray hairs from her angelic face. He loomed over her, watching her slowly drift off to sleep.

"You don't deserve this, Elena."

He knew it was true. She didn't deserve this pain in her life, the loss of so many people she loved dearly, this supernatural suffering. Worst of all Damon knew he didn't deserve her at all, no matter what she said to him. He knew she should have a human man, love her and care for her. She would have a beautiful family, a normal life, maybe even leave Mystic Falls for good; leaving the pain and agony. He placed his large hand on her blanket covered stomach, he knew she would never carry his child; the thought of depriving her of children killed everything inside him. They would never marry, she would grow old, and she would always be on her guard against the danger surrounding him. Damon placed a loving kiss against Elena's forehead before he stood from the couch.

He finally pulled his cellphone from his pocket, noticing that Stefan had texted him and he had two missed calls from Bonnie. He checked Stefan's text first before calling Bonnie back.

Bonnie texted, Bill Forbes died, he had been stabbed to death and then came back as a vamp. He decided to die. In summation we have a killer on the loose. Where the hell are you?

Damon shook his head; he couldn't believe Caroline's dad had died. He knew that the man hated the vampires but shit; Blondie didn't deserve to lose her father like that. The remainder of Stefan's text was already known, thanks to the attacker's assault on Ric. Damon decided to shoot him a quick text back, just so he could stay in the loop. Although he was pissed off at his little brother, Stefan still deserved to know what the hell was going on.

I know about this supposed Psycho killer; attacked Ric, at Elena's. I'm taking care of it. He will live. She is fine.

Damon checked the clock on his blackberry, realizing it was just after 2am. He proceeded to call Bonnie, hoping she was still awake.

"Damon? Where the hell are you? I tried calling a few hours ago!"

"I'm at Elena's…Alaric, got attacked tonight. He has no idea who did it, but he will live."

"Are you waiting for him to wake up? Is Elena ok? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, we're waiting, Elena is physically alright but I'm not so sure emotionally right now. And I'm doing the best I can."

"Well Caroline's dad passed away tonight."

"Yeah, I got Stefan's text about it. I feel bad for Blondie; how's she taking it?"

"Hard. But she will be alright, eventually."

"I guess, we have some sort of mad murderer on the loose now. Just one more thing we fucking need."

"Tell me about it. Do you have suspicions?"

"I do. I think it's either Alaric's little doctor friend, or Tyler. I don't know if Klaus is involved but I wouldn't put it past him."

"Tyler was here tonight, but he didn't look as banged up as Caroline made it sound when she called. He seemed a bit odd to me."

"I don't trust him."

"Neither do I. He's gone now though, and Sherriff Forbes is dealing with Mr. Forbes's body. Caroline is in her bed sleeping, finally. Do you want me to come over to Elena's?"

"That's alright Bonnie. You should just get some rest."

"Like I could ever sleep after all this madness tonight. I'll be lucky if I sleep for days. I'm going to go back to the boarding house and check on my mom in a couple minutes. Maybe she found out something new to try on that coffin."

"Good luck."

"Thanks. Keep Elena safe Damon."

The call ended, before Damon could respond. Bonnie knew he would protect Elena; she didn't even have to say a word. He tucked his cellphone into his back pocket as he heard the distinctly familiar sounds of Ric gasping for air. He was back. Damon took to the staircase and was at Ric's side in seconds.

"Welcome back," Damon smiled, relieved to see his friend alive.

"How long was I out?"

"Not to long. You lost a lot of blood."

"I feel so lightheaded; shit!"

Alaric struggled to stand, as Damon's hand shot out to grab his. Damon helped pull him to his feet carefully.



Alaric stared at Damon still a little puzzled, before looking at the long knives that had once been pierced inside his body.

"Aren't those the knives from your trunk?"

Damon bent down to grasp the blood covered blades, examining each one carefully. Indeed, these were the knives he had once had in his trunk. No one knew about those except for Alaric and Elena.

"Who the hell jacked this from my trunk!"

"I have no idea. But I have something else I wanted to tell you."

"Go ahead."

"Yesterday morning, Sherriff Forbes came by the house. Elena had already gone to school and I was getting ready to leave for the day. She came to me with the stake that our unknown murderer used to kill the medical examiner. She said they had ran it for prints but only one set was found."

Alaric looked sternly into Damon's face noticing the way the blue of his eyes seemed to intensify.

"Whose prints?" Damon questioned waiting patiently for a few seconds, "whose are they Ric?"

Alaric took a long breath before answering, "Elena's."

Damon took a step back as he heard the front door open, right as he was about to respond to Alaric's statement. He flew down the stairs faster than a bullet, settling at Elena's side on the couch. Ric stood at the top of the stairs as he looked into the fiery green eyes that shot up at him.

"Glad to see you're alive Ric," Stefan stated, nodding in acknowledgement.

"Yeah, thanks."

"And what do we have here," Stefan began walking into the living room, "you two look awfully cozy."

"Not a good time to start Stefan," Damon threatened piercing his own magnetic stare into Stefan's.

"Oh I'm sorry, I was just commenting on how cozy you two love birds look; wasn't trying to start."

"Stefan, stop," Elena muttered, her hand unconsciously reaching for Damon's.

"No Elena YOU STOP! I'm sick of being the last to fucking know everything around here! And I'll be damned if I let my brother swoop you up from right under my nose!"

The veins in Stefan's neck began to bulge, his eyes shooting daggers into the couple on the leather sofa. Damon stood, inching slowly towards his brother.

"I'm not yours anymore Stefan! No one has to steal me away from you! You gave up on me, ON US!"

Elena began to weep, as Damon closed the distance between him and Stefan.

"You need to leave."

Stefan completely ignored Damon's command and continued to speak through his body at Elena as if he wasn't there.

"Is that what this is Elena? Revenge? You get pissed so you run to my brother! Did you ever care about me!"

"I loved you Stefan! I did, with everything I had and you ruined it. YOU LEFT ME!"

"I was trying to PROTECT YOU ELENA!"

"No," Elena shook her head, "In the beginning maybe but not now, now you made your choice. You made your choice the night you took me to die on Wicker Bridge."

"So," Stefan began breezing past the comment altogether, "What exactly do you guys have going on here? Between you and Damon?"

Stefan looked between his brother's ocean eyes and his lost love's chocolate stare. Damon made a move to push Stefan but Ric was quick to come down the stairs.

"Watch it Stefan!"

"Alright, you guys come on," Alaric began grabbing Damon's arm and pulling him away from Stefan.

"Ric, I can't let him do this to her!"

"This is between them, Damon. Stefan is hurt and upset and they need to talk it out. He won't hurt her; just come upstairs with me for a second while they talk."

Damon was apprehensive to follow Alaric's words of wisdom, although he knew that threatening or hurting Stefan wasn't going to solve anything. He glanced towards Elena as she nodded her head, it's ok, she mouthed, trying to reassure him. Damon shot one last death stare before walking out of the room with Alaric. As much as he hated leaving her alone in the living room with Stefan, he knew she needed to talk to him alone and face him finally.

After Damon and Alaric disappeared upstairs, Stefan closed in again on Elena, his fingertips running over the leather of the couch, his eyes piercing deep into her soul.

"So, you never answered my question? Are you two lovers, friends, fuck buddies? What is it about him that gets you all hot."

"Stefan stop, it's not like that."

"Don't you even try to lie to me, Elena! I can smell him on you," Stefan crept around the couch his lips next to her ear, "Inside you."

Elena leapt from the couch in a flash, pulling her robe securely around her shaking frame. Stefan stood his ground, he knew he could shake her up and he wanted to know everything; he had to know.

"You thought by taking a shower you could get rid of that just fucked smell? Well you can't, not with me. I smell my brother all over your body and it makes me sick. SICK ELENA!"

Stefan shouted, his eyes bulging, his veins still ripping under his skin. Elena's tears kept falling. She couldn't believe Stefan would speak to her this way; it was so disgusting. However, Stefan had no intention of slowing down or stopping his tongue from shooting the venomous sting of jealousy into her face.

"What does he do that I don't? Huh? What does he do!"

Elena felt as if she would fall over, that her silence would cause him to back off and leave her alone. However, her silence only gave Stefan more room to talk.

"Is he better fuck? Does he make you cum? Better than me? BETTER THAN ME ELENA!"


Elena screamed unable to handle anymore of Stefan's perverted questioning or his fitful screaming. If Stefan was not going to except that truth then he had better be prepared for what she would say next. In that moment Elena decided that she didn't need to explain a damn thing to Stefan, she owed him everything she already said and that was all. However, if he wanted to play dirty, she wasn't going to let him push her around.

"I know that Elena," Stefan commented, "We all know that. However, that was not the question I asked you. I asked is he better than me?"

"He's different; everything is different with him."



Elena screamed unable to handle her tears that streamed hot like liquid fire down her cheeks, or the rage she felt buried inside for everything Stefan had done to her.

"Does he make you scream!"


"So you enjoy it then!"


"You love fucking with brother!"


Elena backed away ready to take to the stairs, she clutched her robe tightly as it began to come undone.

"I'm in love with him Stefan. And I would like for you to leave."

Without another word, Elena, disappeared up the stairs and ran into her bedroom. Damon moved out of Jeremy's room, which he had been sitting in with Alaric, to go to her.

"Hey why don't you deal with Stefan, and I'll start with Elena," Alaric offered.

Damon nodded proceeding down the stairs towards his brother. Stefan had his hand on the handle of the front door prepared to leave. He glanced back at Damon; tears fell from his emerald green eyes. In that moment Damon felt for his brother, he understood every emotion that Stefan was feeling, he had been there before. He walked to the bottom of the staircase, his eyes locked on Stefan's.

"I love her, Damon."

"So do I."

Damon finally admitted his feelings for Elena to his brother. Stefan knew Damon loved Elena but he had never said it out loud until now. It made everything inside Stefan's body ache, thinking about Damon and his precious Elena together. He opened the front door suddenly; feeling the cool breeze of the early morning hit his face.

"I went about that all wrong. I'm so sorry. I don't know what had come over me, I was just so…"


"Yes, jealous. Hurt, betrayed, all of that mashed together and I wasn't thinking. I just don't want her to hate me."

"Honestly Stefan, if she doesn't hate me after everything, she won't hate you. Elena doesn't have the capacity to truly hate; she's to amazing of a person for that. And most of all she sees the good in everyone, whether it's a bunch of things or one little aspect about that person; she sees it. "

Stefan nodded, walking out onto the porch before turning one last time to face his older brother.

"Take care of her, Damon. Whatever you have to do, just keep her safe."