The house was empty, except for Belphegor and Fran. Bel was currently looking for Fran, pulling his blades out from his inside pockets, he headed for the living room and threw one the second he saw Fran standing in front of the TV.

Fran held the phone to his ear as he turned to face Bel after the knife struck him. "Bel-Sempai. That hurt," he said in his usual flat voice that always seems to irk Belphegor.

"Who are you talking too?" he asked.

Fran pulled the blade from his shoulder and dropped it carelessly to the floor. "Nothing, Master. It's just Bel. He stabbed me again."

Bel frowned at the word 'Master'. He always felt something odd for Fran, something more than hate and obsession. A more tingling feeling that coursed through him whenever he looked at Fran's face. Hearing him call someone else, 'Master' brought on a new feeling. He dug into his pocket and pulled out another knife, grinning, he tossed it at the phone, it barely skimmed Fran's face as it smashed to the ground several feet from them.

"Bel-Sempai, I was talking to Mukuro," Fran whined. He backed away from Bel who came rushing towards him.

Bel grabbed his arm and tugged Fran out of the room and down the hall towards the staircase. Fran followed reluctantly, confused by why Fran was taking him to his bedroom.

He stumbled over several piles of clothes and fell to the floor the second Bel shoved him into the room. "Shouldn't a prince be tidier than this? What a failed prince you make," Fran said, picking up one of the clothes and tossing it.

Bel growled and shoved Fran down. "You really know how to piss me off. Stupid frog."

Fran raised his brow, waiting for whatever Bel was about to do. He wasn't as simple minded as the prince thought he was. He knew what Bel felt for him, and sure he wanted to make fun of him because of it, but he didn't want to die either.

Bel watched Fran's face, finding no reaction, he leaned down and kissed him. Fran jerked for a second before giving in.

He didn't think Bel's lips would feel so soft and warm before. He groaned when he felt Bel grind down, parting his lips, Bel dove into his mouth and lathered his tongue along Fran's.

After a minute, Bel pulled back and grinned as Fran chased his mouth. "Don't piss me off," he said in a low voice. He got to his feet and left Fran on the floor with his pile of clothes.

Fran frowned, feeling ravaged, yet it wasn't exactly enough.

Days went by after Bel kissed Fran in his bedroom, a top of his filthy clothes. Fran felt strangely left as Bel didn't show his face to him for the next few days. Bel ignored everything, not like anyone was complaining.

Fran was almost tempted to steal his crown just so the prince could leave his room and act like the prince he was. To his dismay, he listened to Lussuria and Levi berate one another for eating cookies. He later went to buy a new phone since Bel broke the other. He wondered what the hell was wrong with Bel since he was having a normal conversation with Mukuro. He remembered specifically having conversations in front of Bel before and he didn't react like that before.

Before it got too dark out, Fran went into town to buy himself a new phone. He was glad he took the stupid frog hat off when he did, or people would ask him silly odd questions.

As he headed back to the Varia. He had a lot of time to think about Belphegor's actions. Mostly of the heated kiss they shared. He was an assassin, he didn't have flings or any real time for people.

When he first joined the Varia to replace Bel's last teammate, he learned of his worst trait, his masochism. It was embarrassing at the time, not until he figured out Bel was a sadist. So it worked out for them.

Once Fran returned to the mansion, he hooked up his phone and asked Lussuria for help when he needed it. Once his phone started working, he typed in everyone's names and numbers until Bel appeared in the hall.

He looked disheveled, annoyed and … tempting.

"Hi. Bel-Sempai," Fran waved, "look. I have a new phone." Bel rubbed his eyes, nodding slowly. He watched Bel stagger down the hall before saying, "I hope I didn't forget Mukuro-Sama's number. I'll have to call him soon."

He smiled at his phone, but from the corner of his eye, he caught Bel stop in his tracks and turning around slowly. A knife was already in his hand.

Fran found himself in one of the guest rooms, flicking the light on and sitting down on the bed. He dialed Mukuro's number, waiting for him to answer. Earlier, Bel had thrown a knife at him and disappeared into the kitchen. He figured that was it and went to find some place quiet to have his phone call.


"Ah. Hello, Mukuro-Sama," Fran greeted. "Bel-Sempai broke my last phone, so I had to get a new one."

Mukuro laughed. "Really. Why would he do that?"

Fran felt himself shrug. "Bel-Sempai kissed me afterwards."

"He.. kissed you," Mukuro asked, astonished.

He was about to describe more of what happened, only to jump when the door to the room slammed shut. He looked to see Bel-Sempai scowling at him.

"Don't tell that peasant what we've done."

"You're the one who started it."

Bel rolled his eyes and managed to pin Fran to the bed. Holding his arms over his head, he kissed Fran. A sense of accomplishment went through them both since that one night when Bel decided to kiss Fran, now it was heat pouring through them, making them want each other.

Bel pulled back, panting as he kissed along Fran's neck.

"Didn't.. Think you'd be kinky, Bel-Sempai," Fran said as Bel took out his knife and ripped the side of Fran's shirt.

"Shut up, and take off your clothes," Bel said into his ear.

Fran chuckled, pulling his shirt over his head. "Even a fake prince is gentle."

Bel growled at the comment. Even at these times, Fran can be a smartass. He leaned down and bit along his collarbone, sucking the skin until it flushed a deep red. Fran panted underneath him, bringing him back up and capturing his mouth into another kiss.

It wasn't until the door to the room slammed open. Fran gasped and in his shock, shoved Bel to the floor. His knives fell away from him and Squalo stood in the entrance, his mouth fell open at what he was seeing before him.

"Ugh.. Fran.. there's a phone call for you… in the lobby."

Fran nodded, grabbing his shirt and pulling it back over his head. He ran from the room while Bel glared at Squalo.

"You couldn't have picked the wrong time to interrupt."

Squalo glared back. "Sorry, I was searching for that idiot all over the Varia. Yelling his godforsaken name. I didn't think you two were in here, swallowing each others tongues."

Bel grabbed his knives and stood. "Whatever."

"You two are the last people I'd think would screw each other," Squalo said, crossing his arms.

"Who's on the phone for Fran?" Bel asked, ignoring Squalo's comment.

"Mukuro. Said something about being cut off."

Bel raised his brow and sighed deeply before taking out a knife. He went running down the hall.

"Get off the fucking phone, you stupid frog.





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