Amused Jealousy - Part 1

Everyone was gone at the Varia, except Belphegor and Fran. He was quite busy with his peasant at the moment, looking for him throughout the house. It escaped from him just a few minutes ago, he was heading for the living room to see if he was there. He pulled out his silver knives and walked inside, instantly throwing them when he caught sight of Fran standing in front of the TV.

He held the phone in his hand as he turned around to face Bel after the knives struck him. "Bel-Senpai. That hurt!" He said in his flat voice that always seems to irk Belphegor.

Bel laughed, "Who are you talking too?" He asked, curiosity brimming behind his blond bangs. Fran took out the knives with his free hand and dropped them on the floor.

Nothing Master, it's just Bel. He stabbed me again," Fran said.

Bel furrowed his brows and frowned at the word 'Master' that Fran just used. He growled suddenly. For awhile he's been feeling strange around Fran and it's been annoying him since. He didn't understand why. So hearing Fran call someone else 'Master' got him pissed off. He dug out another blade and tossed it at Fran's phone, barely skimming his cheek. Fran gasped as it smashed against the wall. The knife clinging to it. Fran looked to the phone and to Bel.

"Bel-Senpai! I was speaking with Mukuro," Fran whined. He backed up when Bel came stomping towards huim, grabbing his arm and pulling Fran out of the living room and down the hall to the staircase. Fran followed, he was confused when Bel threw him into his bedroom.

Fran stumbled over several piles of clothes that were lying absently on the floor. "Shouldn't a prince be tidy and immaculate? What a failed prince you are," Fran said, amused by Bel's growl.

He pushed Fran down on the clothes, "Stop pissing me off, Fran."

Fran wasn't weirded out by Bel's advances. He knew Bel had something for him, it was too obvious to ignore. Since Bel didn't know how to confront his feelings, Fran let him throw his knives and insult him.

Bel watched Fran's emotionless face, finding no reaction. He leaned down and kissed Fran, feeling the other jerk underneath him. He successfully pinned him down, keeping Fran from moving too much. Fran was freaking out inside, he didn't realize Bel's lips were smooth and when he felt Bel's tongue, he whined in protest. When Bel grinded against him, he groaned and parted his lips, letting Bel intrude his mouth.

Bel tasted the sweetness as his lathered along his teeth and tongue. Fran gave in, he knew he wouldn't be able to win against Bel, even if he wanted too. Another grind made Fran yelp, he moaned and arched his back when Bel pulled away. Bel grinned as he got up from the floor, grabbing Fran's hand and pulling him to his feet.

"Don't piss me off," Bel said as he left the room.

Fran raised his brow as the door slammed shut. He couldn't believe he just did that and didn't bother finishing. He couldn't help but want to piss off Bel again and he knew exactly how.



a/n: Hey. This is part. 1 of three chapters. :) I love Belphegor and Fran. Wished they did more in the manga and anime for them.

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