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The Lonely Beast
Chapter 01: Outcast

it was nightfall at Titans Tower...and, most EVERYONE had gone to sleep.

well...all but ONE: Beast Boy sleep didn't come EASY for him, anymore.

not after the incident several weeks ago...
when those chemicals infected his body, granting him a "new form"

thanks to those chemicals, Beast Boy transformed into a Savage, Brutish "Werebeast" when under extreme stress...or, when ENRAGED.

a villain by the name of Adonis was ALSO infected by those same chemicals...
contact with Beast Boy mixed with the chemicals Temporarily granted HIM a similair form.

when Adonis broke into the tower to attack him...Raven got caught in the middle.
despite defeating Adonis and protecting Raven...Beast Boy WASN'T a hero.

or, at least...he wasn't treated like one.

it wasn't until LATER, that the other titans discovered Adonis's involvement.
and, until THEN...Beast Boy (or, his Werebeast form) was blamed for Raven's injuries.

He was attacked, restrained and threatened with JAIL.
and, even AFTER things got cleared up...things NEVER went back to normal.

the memory of the Werebeast was STILL burned fresh in everyone's minds.
Beast Boy could feel it...fell the FEAR in his "friends", their "mistrust"

like they expected him to LASH OUT at them.

Beast Boy actually caught Robin working on ways to "beat him"
should he ever transform again and lose control.

TRUELY, Beast Boy felt "alone."

currently, he was sitting on the couch...watching TV.

late at night was the only time he DID so, now.
he tended to AVOID the others during the day (or, THEY avoided him...didn't matter)

Beast Boy tried to occupy himself, flipping thru random channels.
but, it granted him NO peace...not when his mind was racing like wild stallions.

aggravated, Beast Boy THREW the remote.
he gripped his head and sighed sharply.

he didn't know WHY...but, he had been having STRANGE dreams.
Nightmares actually...or, to be more precise: Old Memories.

things he hadn't thought about in YEARS...

Beast Boy remembered...his LIFE.

he remembered that African Safari he went on as a child...and, the disease he got while there.

he remembered how his parents got the SAME disease.
and, how his father labored DAY and NIGHT to find a cure.

and, with a heavy heart...he remembered how his father was only able to make ONE.

One Cure...which they gave to HIM with little debate.

so, he lived (and, gained his shapeshifting powers)...and, THEY DIED.

Beast Boy ALSO remembered what happened after that.
how he got adopted by his uncle, Nicholas Galtry...

but, he was a HORRIBLE man...hardly "human" as all!
he beat and abused Beast Boy to the point that it nearly drove him MAD.

Luckily, the DOOM PATROL rescued him from that...but, the pain still remained.

and, even in the "patrol"...Beast Boy DIDN'T have an easy time.
nothing he ever did was Good Enough for his Strict, Adoptive Father: Mento.


He thought he may of FINALLY found his place HERE, with the Teen Titans.
that it was HERE in Titans Tower...that he found a place where he belonged.

and, for awhile...he DID believe that.
but, lately it seemed that this was Another Lie.

Robin (his "so-called" leader) treated him like a criminal, a Monster.
like at ANY MOMENT...he would snap and have to be taken down.

Starfire was the only one who showed REAL Kindness...
but, she was fiercly loyal to Robin above anything else.

and, if HE decided he was a threat...
then, "Star" would be after him, Starbolt's Blazing.

Cyborg was the only one he considered a TRUE FRIEND...
but, even HE doubted the "antidote" he gave him would work.

why else help Robin construct weapons to TAKE HIM DOWN?

all that was left was RAVEN...
Raven was the only one he didn't FEAR "The Beast"

but, Raven herself absolutely HATED him.

she never laughed at his jokes (or, smiled At ALL)
she insulted his at every chance she got, and tended to physically ABUSE him sometimes.

just like...like-"

Beast Boy groaned angrily.
ALREADY he could feel "The Beast" clawing at him, wanting to get free.

he did his best to restrain himself.
KNOWING that if he changed NOW, his "friends" would be after him.

Beast Boy finally opened his eyes and sighed.

'Friends...' like HE had those, anymore.
no, he didn't...he didn't belong here with the Teen Titans.

he wasn't a hero, anymore...he was a MONSTER.
the Titans TAKE DOWN Monsters, lock them in cages.

and, Beast Boy...WASN'T going to be locked in a cage!

Beast Boy finally sighed sharply.

"no choice, anymore..." said Beast Boy, as he stood up

"I have to LEAVE."

Beast Boy sighed sharply.
he turned off the TV, then walked out of the living room/command center.

Beast Boy soon walked into his room.
the place was a MESS (as one would expect from someone with animal powers)

for some reason, none of his possessions mattered to him anymore.
he just wanted get away, FAR AWAY...he didn't care what the others did with his things.

he immediatly grabbed a piece of paper and pencil.
he went to work on writing a note, choosing his words CAREFULLY.

once done he laid it down on his bed.
then, laid his Titans Communicator on it.

Beast Boy inhaled deeply, then sighed sharply.


Beast Boy shifted into a green hawk, the flew out of his window.
he flew further and further away from Titans Tower...and, into the city.

[Titans Tower, The Next Morning]

the Teen Titans were all at the the Command Center, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Robin and Cyborg were busy playing their videogames Starfire was brushing her LONG HAIR (this could take hours)
and, Raven was just reading a book silently, while drinking her tea.

Beast Boy wasn't around (which was nothing NEW.)

Raven sighed sharply, unable to focus on her book.
her mind was too busy wandering...on Beast Boy.

he just hadn't been is "usual" self.

all he did was stay in his room all day.
and, on the rare times she DID see him...he behaved "differently"

he didn't crack his stupid jokes (or, say ANYTHING ELSE that was stupid)
he didn't even TRY to make her laugh or smile like he usual does..

it was STRANGE...but, Beast Boy was beginning to act like HER!

Raven didn't understand WHY this bothered her (afterall, she couldn't STAND his idiocy)
but, it DID...and, as shocking as it was to her: she was beginning to MISS IT, miss HIM.

and, what REALLY bothered her...wa sthe fact that only SHE was concerned.
the others paid no mind to this, like it was NOTHING...that is was completly normal.

But, Raven knew better...she knew this WASN'T normal.

Raven finally shut her book hard, making everyone stare at her.
Raven growled in her throat, she then stood up and silently walked off.

"Friend Raven!"

Raven stopped and looked at Starfire.

"Where are you going?"

Raven's expression had it's usual, "unfeeling" look.

"to check on Beast Boy...I haven't seen him for DAYS."

"be careful Raven..." began Robin

Raven eyed Robin.

"you KNOW how he gets these days."

Raven scowled at Robin.

"I remember."

Raven turned and left, leaving the room.

Raven walked down the corridors, her cape draped over her body.
she soon approached Beast Boy's door, which was shut tight.

Raven exhaled sharply.
she then knocked on the door.

"beast boy?"

there was silence.

"Beast Boy, it's ME...Raven."

there was still silence.
so, Raven continued speaking.

"look, Beast Boy...you've been locked in your room TOO LONG.
and, I know I must sound like a hyocrite for saying this, but: you can't STAY in there, forever!"

there was still silence.
Raven exhaled sharply.

"look...I know you feel bad over the Adonis thing.
but, YOU weren't the one that hurt me...HE DID.

so, don't act like you did something wrong...you DIDN'T.
I know this sound CRAZY, but...I miss you, I miss your jokes, I mis-"

suddenly, Beast Boy's door opened.
Raven expected to see him standing before him...but, he wasn't.

in fact, his room was EMPTY.


Raven walked into the room.
she ignored the obvious mess (and, the "smell") feeling CONCERN sweep over her.

she eventually spotted something on his bed.
something that shocked her, and left her confused...

Beast Boy's Communicator...and, a piece of paper with writing on it.

curious, Raven reached for the paper and read it.

Raven's expression then turned PALE.


[Titans Command Center]

Robin and Cyborg continued playing their videogames, grinning.

"I'M GONNA BEAT YOU!" exclaimed Cyborg


"OH, YES I A-"


Suddenly, the TV monitor went black.


Everyone looked to see Raven standing by.
a STERN look on her hace, and holding an unplugged cord.

"Yo, Rae!...what the big deal!" said Cyborg

"this IS."

Raven tossed Beast Boy's Communicator on the table.

"and, THIS."

Raven showed the others Beast Boy's letter.

"Beast Boy ran away last night...he's QUIT the Titans."

"WHAT!"' exclaimed Robin

Raven glared at them sternly.

"Beast Boy's GONE." repeated Raven

Starfire flew over and took the discarded communicator.

"Friend Beast Boy has left us?, WHY!"

"Read this letter...it EXPLAINS why."

Robin took the letter from Raven.
he narrowed his eyes has he read it.

"He left because of US." said Raven

Raven then glared at Robin.

"or, should I say...because of YOU."

"ME!" said Robin, looking at Raven

"what did "I" do!"

Raven approached Robin, maintaining her ICY glare.

"You've been developing weapons and strategies to use AGAINST him." said Raven

"and, DON'T try to deny it...I'm a Telepath, remember?"

everyone was silent as Raven and Robin stared at each other...
Robin finally sighed sharply, his expression just as stern at Raven's

"Beast Boy's powers were out-of-control..." began Robin

"I had to take neccesary precausions, should the WORST ever happen."

Raven eyed her "leader", obviously NOT impressed by his excuse.

"PLEASE...don't give me that crap." said Raven

"we all know the REAL reason is because your AFRAID of him."

"Raven, I-"

"Have you forgotten that it was ADONIS who attacked me, NOT BEAST BOY!"

Raven began poking at Robin's chest.

"Did you FORGET that it was BEAST BOY who protected me!
and, the ONLY REASON he attacked the rest of you...was because you attacked HIM first!"

Robin stared at raven sternly.

"I KNOW that, Raven...but, the "Man-Beast" is DANGEROUS.
TOO DANGEROUS to ignore, I have to take precausions in case it ever turns on us."

Raven widened her eyes in shock.

"IT?"...so, he's not a PERSON anymore!"

Starfire approached Raven.

"Friend Raven, PLEASE...Robin knows what he's-"

Raven jerked her shoulder away from the Tamaranian.

"So, TELL ME Robin...do you have a "protocol" for ME!"

Robin was taken back.


"Beast Boy's "power" is NO DIFFERENT from MINE.
when "I" lose control..."I" become a Monster."

a dark aura soon appeared on Raven's body.
her Emotions were reacting...and, some objects were vibrating.

"have you developed weapons to use against ME, "Friend!"
am "I" becoming as much of a Threat as the Man-Beast!"

"Raven, I-"


Raven's body flashed with shadows.
random objects then exploded, shocking the others.

Raven finally calmed down and stared right at Robin.

"have YOU?"

Robin gulped hard.

"no...I haven't."

Raven's glare intensified.

why only HIM and not ME?"

"your in better control, HE ISN'T."

"and, instead of HELPING like the monks of Azarath did for me YOU just want to lock him up in a cell for the rest of his life, is that it!"


Raven snatched Beast Boy's letter from him and threw it in his face.

"WAKE UP, ROBIN!" snapped Raven

"our Friend just ran away from us...because HE thinks we don't care about him, anymore!
and, if YOU (or, ANY OF YOU) Do CARE...you'll prove that he's WRONG by getting him back."

Raven then looked at the others...expecting SOMEONE to say something.

but, ALL were silent.

"i can't believe this..."


Cyborg approached Raven.

"I don't like teh idea of locking BB up any more than you do...
but, maybe BB leaving is BETTER than Robin's plan."

Raven eyed the Machine Man.


"Maybe all he needs is some time ALONE.
when he gets his head back together...he'll come back."

"NOT ACCORDING TO HIS LETTER, CYBORG!" shouted Raven, her powers reacting again

"From what I READ, he doesn't think we want him around.
assuming he DOES control the Man-Beast (which I doubt), he WON'T be coming back to US."

"then, that'll be HIS choice." said Robin

Raven glared at Robin.
she then exhaled sharply, her eyes narrowed.

"well...if YOU all won't help him: I WILL."

Raven turned and stormed off.

"Raven, STOP!"

Raven ignored Robin and continued walking.
Robin ran over to Raven and grabbed her shoulder.

"Raven, Don-"


Raven suddnely turned and punched Robin HARD in the jaw.
Starfire gasped, then flew over to Robin...who spat out a tooth.

Raven then walked over and stood over Robin.
she glared at him...then, tossed HER Titans Communicator onto the floor before him.

"get rid of your Man-Beast protcols...or, I'M not coming back, either."

Robin looked shocked.

"r-raven, don-"

Raven pulled her hood over her face, concealing it in shadows.
her eyes glowed bright white and she summoned a Shadow Portal behind her.

"I mean it..." said Raven

Raven walked backwards and disappeared into the portal.
the shadows soon faded and completely disappeared before them.

Author Note: Ever since watching the Teen Titans Episode: "The Beast Within"
Beast Boy and his Werebeast/Man-Beast form reminded me of THE INCREDIBLE HULK from Mavel Comics.

so, I decided to write an Alternate Timeline AU story based on this concept.
a Retrospect as what MIGHT of happened following "The Beast Within"

This is OBVIOUSLY going to be a BBxRAE story.
it takes place in it's OWN canon (not DIRECTLY connected to my Teen Titans/Batman Canon)

I will ALSO write alternate versions of certain events from the Series Episodes as well (Ex: Trigon's Story Arc)
but, MOSTLY...I am being original, and give Teen Titan Fans a "Hulk Experience" with BB and Rae.