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The Lonely Beast
Chapter 30: What The Future Holds

[India, Two Years Later]

dozens of people gathered at a village within the Jungles of India...

they were apparently celebrating a Wedding...
the wedding of Garfield Logan and Rachel Roth (formerly Teen Titans "Beast Boy" and "Raven")

many villagers took their seats and waited at the outside reception as the Bride and Groom prepared themselves.

[Bride's Room]


Bumblebee smiled sheepishly as she tightened the back of Raven's dress.


Bumblebee resumed tightened the straps...to which Raven gritted her teeth.

"must these stupid wedding dressed be so TIGHT!"

"well, the fact that you had a baby three years ago may have "something" to do with the fact that the dress doesn't quite fit."

Raven scowled.
she then spotted someone at the doorway...who smiled at her.


Arella smiled as she walked into the room.
Bumblebee then stopped, letting Raven speak to Arella.

"wa-what are you doing here?"

"can't a mother bear witness to her own daughter's wedding?"

Raven blushed a bit.

"i...thought you were too busy.
being the leader of Azarath and all-"

"Nonesense...i'm NEVER too busy for a special day like this."

Arella then sighed sharply.

"i just wish MY "special day" was as enjoyable as yours...but, it wasn't."

Raven sighed sharply.
she then smiled as she approached her mother.

"the past is dead, mom...along with Trigon."

Arella nodded.

"yes...you are right.
so, let us look to the future with happy hearts."

Arella and Raven then hugged each other.
once the two women parted, Arella spoke again.

"so...where is my grandson?"

Raven shrugged.

"around..." said Raven

"ever since my little Azari first learned to walk it's been a Challenge for me and Garfield to keep up with him."

Arella smiled.

"so, he likes to wander off."

Raven sighed, then chuckled softly.

"like you wouldn't BELIEVE...
he keeps trying to leave the village, and go off into the jungle."

"and, that's bad?"

"YES!, it is!
the jungle is full of Tigers, Panthers, Giant Pythons and Bears!"

for an odd reason, Arella didn't seem concerned.

"If Azari was able to kill a Demon Lord...
then, I highly doubt that Wild Animals will hurt him, none."

Raven exhaled.

"i know...but, i still worry.
i mean, ever since i almost lost him, i-"

Raven paused, feeling tears well up upon remembering Azari becoming "The Portal"

she then cried softly.

"i...i thought i lost him, i thought my baby was dead.
i NEVER want to feel that way again...so, yes: i worry about him."

Arella smiled warmly.
she then placed her hands on her shoulders.

"it is natural for mothers to worry about their children...believe me, I Know.
but, you cannot "child-proof" the world...there will Always be dangers out there."

Raven looked down and sighed.

"maybe...but, that doesn't mean i can't TRY and protect him."

"there is nothing wrong with that..."

Arella then made a frown at her daughter.

"just Don't overdo it, okay?"

Raven smiled weakly.
she then exhaled as she looked at herself.

"well...what do you think?"

Arella looked at Raven's wedding dress, then smiled.

"you look lovely, Rachel."

Bumblebee smiled, then faked a cough.

"uhhh...Miss Roth."

Arella looked at Bumblebee.

"i do hate to interrupt.
but, i REALLY need to finish up, here."

Arella nodded.

"of course...carry on, i'll just wait outside."

Arella gave Raven a quick kiss on her cheek.
as she left, she suddenly stopped at the doorway and looked back at Raven.


Raven looked at her mother.

"i am Very proud of you...remember that."

Raven nodded, her eyes a little moist.

"thanks, mom."

Arella smiled, then left.

[Meanwhile, at the Groom's Room]

Beast Boy looked in a mirror as he tightened his bowtie.

"that's certainly a nice "penguin suit", BB." said Speedy

Beast Boy looked at the ginger haired Archer...then, grinned.


Beast Boy looked back at the mirror.
he exhaled sharply, feeling a little nervous.

"you getting the ol' "wedding jitters?" said Speedy

"is it that obvious?"

"oh, yeah...your eye is twitching."

Beast Boy looked and saw that his left eyelid was indeed "twitching"
the green skinned changling groaned as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Speedy eyed him.

"is something wrong?"

Beast Boy sighed sharply.

"a little..." began Beast Boy

"i guess i wish that my parents were still alive...or, even the Doom Patrol.
it's kinda lonely having a wedding...when you have no family to share it with."

Speedy looked at Beast Boy...he then smiled.

"well...i heard that Raven's Mom is here.
and, before long She'll be your "family."

Beast Boy looked back at Speedy...then, grinned.

"yeah...i guess you right."

"and, there's also you Kid...HE'S family, too."

"darn right he is."


Beast Boy and Speedy looked over at the doorway they both saw a purple haired, olive skinned child looking at them.

Beast Boy then smiled at Azari.

"hey, kiddo."

Azari walked into the room and looked up at his father.

"i'm bored, daddy."

"you don't say..."

"i do." replied Azari with innocence

"how come everyone is outside?
what's going on?, is there a birthday party?"

Beast Boy gulped hard.

"weeeell...is IS a Party.
but, not exactly a "Birthday Pary", persay."

Azari tilted his head, unsure of what his Father meant.
Beast Boy finally exhaled, then knelt down to Azari's level.

"look...i can't really explain it.
this i sort of a "big boy" thing, okay?"

Azari nodded.

"okay...but, i'm still bored."

Beast Boy exhaled softly.

"right...of course you are."


"yeah, Azari?"

"There's a New Girl in the village...you mind if i play with her?"

"sure-sure, do whatever you want."

Azari smiled wide.


Azari hugged his Father, then ran out of the room.
Beast Boy smiled as he stood back up and watched his son leave.

"so, when exactly are you going to tell the kid about what's Reeeeally going on, today?" said Speedy, finally

Beast Boy eyed the Archer.

"when i think he's old enough to understand."

Speedy stared at Beast Boy.







Azari strolled out of the hut with a smile on his face.
he soon see's someone he "recognized" he ran up to her.


Azari ran over to a Teenaged Girl.
a girl with orange skin, long dark red hair and eyes with two shades of green.

"i talked to me daddy, he says i can play."

the girl smiled.

"that's good.
and, call me "Starfire."

"Okay, Miss Starryfire!" said Azari with a smile

Starfire sighed.
she then looked over at a tree.

"Mar'i...come here a minute."

Azari looked and saw a young girl peek from the tree.
she quickly ducked away, obviously embarassed.

"mar'i...come here." repeated Starfire

the girl finally emerged from her hiding place.
as she steppe dinto teh open, Azari got a better look at her.

she looked to be about Two-Years Old.
like her mother, she had bright green eyes (but, they were "normal" looking.)

her skin was also yellow, rather than orange.
and, her short hair was jet black, instead of dark red.

she was wearing a dark blue shirt/dress.

Starfire looked back at Azari.

"Azari...this is the girl i told you about.
she's my little Nightstar: Mar'i."

Starfire looked back at her daughter.

"Mar'i...say hello."

Mar'i blushed, then waved.


Azari smiled, then approached the girl.

"hello...would you like to play?"



Azari looked up at the tree that Mar'i was hiding behind earlier.

"can you climb trees?"


Mar'i then levitates upwards and hovers in the air.

"i fly up trees."

Azari smiled.

"so can i...but, climbing is "funner."

Mar'i lowered down and landed on the ground.


"sure!" said Azari, as he approached Mar'i

"have you ever tried it?" asked Azari


"then, how do you know it isn't fun until you've tried it?"

Mar'i thinks a bit...then, speaks again.

"i guess not."


Azari approached the tree, Mar'i followed him.

"now, just grab these smaller limbs...it's easier that way."

Azari gripped the small limbs and began to climb up.
Mar'i gulped, she then did as Azari did and climbed up after him.

after awhile...Mar'i smiled.

"hey!, your right...this IS fun!"

Azari stopped for a moment and looked down at her.

"see?, i toooold ya."

Stafire smiled warmly at this.
happy that her daughter and her dear friend's son were becoming Good Friends.

the Tamaranian then heard music playing at a distance.
she immediatly knew that the wedding was starting.

"oh, my...Come children, it is time for us to go."


Azari and Mar'i landed down onto the ground.
they both followed Starfire as she headed for the reception.

[Later On]

Beast Boy stood at the alter, sweating nervously as the music played.
he soon saw Raven walk down thed aisle...and, smiled at her stunning beauty.

despite the veal that concealed her face the chnagling could still see her piecing Amethyst Eyes (just like always.)

Raven looked right at Beast Boy and smiled as she approached she soon reached the alter, turned and faced Beast Boy...the man she Loved.

"you look beautiful." whispered Beast Boy

Raven blushed.

"and, you look handsome."

Unknown to BOTH of them...Starfire sat at the back row, hidden from view.
she shed a crystal tear as the bore witness to the marrage of her "dearest friends"

Azari sat at the front row...with Mar'i right next to him.

"your mommy looks PRETTY." said Mar'i

Azari smiled at his New Friend.


the Village Leader soon spoke.

"Friends...we are gathered here today to celebrate the union between these two souls." began the man

"a union...that has loooong been awaited."

Raven smiled at those words.

"yes...it has been." whispered Raven

the man looked at each of them.

"now...give your rings, and speak your vows."

Beast Boy was first to go.
he reached into his pocket and took out a golden ring.

he touched Raven's hand and slid it gently onto her finger.

"i know we haven't always been the very "best" of friends, rae..." began Beast Boy

"but, i am willing to share my life with you...thru Better OR Worse."

Raven smiled, Beast Boy then whispered softly.

"and, while many will call you a "devil"...
to ME, you'll always be my "guardian angel"...my Angel, who saved my life."

Raven shed a tear (which she wiped away)
she then made a golden right levitate in the air, encased in shadow.

using her powers, she commanded the ring to slide easily onto Beast Boy's finger.

"I know we're had a rough start..." began Raven

"Azar knows i NEVER would of seen this day coming when we first met.
but, i love you with all my heart...and, i want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Raven then made her eyes flash white, she then spoke to Beast Boy telepathicly.

(("and, no matter what anybody thinks or says...
you are NOT a Monster...or, an Animal: you are my hero, Gar."))

Beast Boy smiled at Raven.
the man then spoke, again.

"do you, Garfield Logan...take this woman to be your Wife?"

"forever and ever." replied Beast Boy

teh man looked to Raven.

"and, do you, Rachel Roth.
take this man to be your Husband?"

"until the day I die." said Raven

the man smiled.

"then, i pronounce you Husband and Wife...you my kiss, now."

Beast Boy raised up Raven's veal and smiled.
Raven blushed at him, also smiling.

"i've waited a long time for this day..."

"so have i."

"i love you, rae."

"i love you, too...gar."

the two finally leaned over...and, kissed "The Kiss."
everyone clapped loudly, then cheered as they parted.

Beast Boy and Raven then took a moment to look at each other.
stunned that they were now Husband and Wife, rather than just Friends and Teammates.

without missing a beat, they kissed again.
which earned even more applause from the audience.

Starfire cried softly, smiling warmly.

"congratulation, my friends...i am so happy for you."

Raven held up her bouquet of flowers.
she smiled, then closed her eyes and tossed it away.

Ironicly, the flowers fell into Bumblebee's hands.

"whoa." said Bumblebee, surprised

Speedy then made a "flirty" expression at her...which made her blush.
Beast Boy then linked his arm with Raven's and smiled.

"come on, Rae...let's go enjoy the Party."

Raven smiled at Beast Boy.


both Beast Boy and Raven ran down the Aisle (to which Starfire HID)
it wasn't long before the villagers gathered around and began "celebrating"

they all began to play music, and Beast Boy and Raven danced to it.
Starfire smiled as she watched her friends dance from afar.

she then spotted her Daughter, Mar'i...dancing with Azari.

"you ever dance before?" asked Azari

Mar'i shook her head.


"me neither."

Azari and Mar'i continued to dance to the Upbeat tune.
though, it wasn't technichly "dancing" per-say...

but, they were only children so, they didn't really care.

Starfire exhaled sharply.
she turned away and looked on at the village (and, the Dense Jungle surrounding it.)

this place was quite beautiful.
it almost reminded her of the wilderness of her own homeplanet.

but, in pained the Tamaranian to know that her dear friends (who were like family to her) had No Choice but to stay here.

General Illings was REALLY serious about either destroying and locking them up.
and, even Starfire feared what he might do if he ever discovered the existance of "Azari."

Stafire hung her head low as her mind wandered off to "distant memories."
she remembered all the "glorious times" she shared with Beast Boy and Raven (mostly Beast Boy.)

She remembered the time she and Raven switched bodies for awhile and, spent most of thar day learning about each other...and, becoming CLOSER as friends.

She remembered all the jokes that Beast Boy told which she always thought were "funny", despite what the others said.

she even remembered Raven's "witty" sarcasm that accompanied Beast Boy's jokes.

Starfire sighed sharply, feeling sadder.
she really missed the "old days"...days she knew could Never return

no matter how much she wished it.

(("Aren't you going to join the party?")) said a Telepathic voice

Starfire widene dher eyes upon hearing the voice in her head.
she turned and gasped at seeing RAVEN staring right at her.

"F-Friend Raven!"

"Hey, Star!"

Starfire saw Beast Boy approach.

"I didn't know you were here."

"she was here the whole time." said Raven, bluntly

Starfire stared at Raven with wide eyes.

"yo-you KNEW?"

Raven nodded.

"I sensed your presense the moment you first came to our village."

Starfire was stunned (well, not TOO Stunned...she knew of Raven's "unnatural" powers)
she stuttered, unable to speak or form any words (English or Tamaranian, otherwise.)

"I had always hoped that YOU would come..." began Raven

Starfire looked at Raven.


Raven nodded.

"yes...it seemed fitting for you to be here.
seeing as how "I" was there to see Your Wedding."

Now Starfire was REALLY shocked.

"you...you were at my "Holy Union?"

Raven nodded.

"it was just me...as my "Soul Self."
i was hidden in shadows, so you never saw me...no one, did."

Starfire's emerald two-toned eyes stared wide as saucers.


"you were like a "sister" to me, Starfire.
i couldn't miss your wedding...even if you were marrying "him." said Raven, her tone dark

Starfire looked away, feeling a little ashamed.
she gulped hard, then spoke again.

"friend raven...i am sorry for what Husband Robin has done."

"i do not blame YOU, Starfire."

"i know...but, Robin IS sorry."

Raven scoffed at this.

"does it really matter?...people STILL Hate and Fear us."

Starfire sighed sharply.

"i know...X'Hal, i know." began Starfire, distraught

"i wish i could change all that, have things go back to what it used to be.
((Deep Sigh)) but...i cannot, i cannot change the past, nor change what people think."

"welcome to the Real World." said Beast Boy, half Joking and Half Serious

Raven then looked over at Azari...who was playing with a "strange girl"
a girl with Jet Black Hair, Yellowish skin and bright green eyes.

"your daughter?" said Raven, finally

Starfire looked, then nodded.

"yes...she is named "Mar'i."

Raven just continued to stare.

"hmm, no doubt named after "Mary Grayson"...Robin's Birth Mother."

Starfire nodded.


Raven watched as both Azari and Mar'i laughed as they played.
she finally exhaled, then turned and faced Starfire.

"I am happy to see you again, Starfire...
but, i don't think it'll be WISE to keep coming here."

Starfire widened her eyes.


"General Illings will NEVER stop hunting Garfield...
and, if he ever knew of Azari...he would hunt him, TOO.

he also isn't stupid...if you keep "disappearing"
then, he'll start asking questions...questions that will lead to him discovering us."

Starfire looked down sadly, then exhaled.


Raven sighed sadly.

"i'm sorry, i wish there was another way."

Starfire nodded.
she then looked back at Raven.

"perhaps Someday, when the hatred and fear fades...
then, we can all be together like we used to be."

Starfire looked back at her Daughter and Azari.

"then, maybe our children will be free to play together...in peace."

"things can NEVER be a sthey used to be, Starfire..." began Raven

Raven then smiled weakly.

"but...it doesn't hurt to Hope."

Starfire smiled.
she then leaned over and hugged Raven.

though, surprisingly...it wasn't the "bone-crushing" hugs that she was famous for.
it was a Warm, Emotional Hug...the Embrace of a friend who was hurting.

Raven returned the hug, feelings tears well up in her eyes.

"i'll miss you, friend."

"so will i."

Starfire parted from Raven.
she then looked to Beast Boy...and, hugged HIM as well.

"i am sorry, my friend..."

"i know."

Starfire parted from him.
she looked over at Mar'i...then, sighed sharply.

the Tamaranian approacher her Child and exhaled.

"mar'i...sweetie, it is time for us to go."

Mar'i looked disappointed.


"yes...i am sorry.
but, we must go, now."

Mar'i sighed sharply.
she then looked at Azari (who also looked disappointed.)

"sorry, Azari...i have to go back home."

"can I come visit you, some time?" asked Azari, hopeful

"i dunno...i live in a Big City that's pretty far away."

Azari looked a little sad (as did Mar'i)

"but, maybe we'll see each other again...Someday."

Azari then smiled again.

"that sounds great!"

Mar'i then hugged Azari tightly.
she then parted from him and ran to her mother.

Starfire picked her up, then looked down at Azari.

"goodbye." said Starfire, a tear in her eye

Starfire hovered up into the air.
she then flew off into teh air with Mar't, soon disappearing into the horizion.

Azari stared up at the sky with wide eyes.
Beast Boy and Raven approached their son, who remained still.

"Mommy." said Azari, finally

"yes, honey?"

"i really like Mar'i."

Beast Boy smiled.

"yeah, she does seem like a Chip off her Mommy's Block."

"do you think i'll ever see her, again?" asked Azari, innocently

Raven sighed sharply.
she then bent down and picked her son up.

she held Azari close and looked at him.

"i don't know..." said Raven, softly

"all we can do is...Hope."

[Meanwhile, Somewhere Else]

a rusty door was forced open by a red skinned man.
a man with fanged teeth, long pointed ears and dark red hair.

"i can't BELIEVE this!" complained Galtry, a she kicked a randon object

"it's been Three Years since aquiring Beast Boy's Animorphic Powers and, i'm STILL no closer to running things, than i was when my Idiot Brother was still alive!"

Galtry walked over to a broken circut box.
he fiddle with some wires, making them spark.

the lights finally turned on...revealing a demolished looking room.

litter and trash was EVERYWHERE.
broken windows were boarded up (leaving only "cracks" of sunlight)
outdated electronic equipment was either destroyed, or severely broken.

and, there was a bed with exposed springs with torn up/shredded blankets and pillows.

this place was HARDLY liveable.

Galtry growled angrily.

"and, i Especially cannot believe that i am reduced to hiding out HERE!" snapped Galtry

"I used to have my own High-Tech Facility in Africa, a bonafide STRONGHOLD!
now, i'm hiding out in some SLUM, that not even a Rat would want to live in!"

Galtry sat down on teh broken bed...which broke apart a few moments later.
the red animorph's blood boiled as his anger and frustration GREW.

"curse that nephew of mine...this is HIS FAULT!"

Galtry finally shot up, growling.
he then grabbed some randon items and tossed them across the room.

"I HATE Garfield!"


"I HATE his creepy B*TCH!



Galtry lifted a heavy object and threw it HARD, breaking the wall a bit.
as the "disturbed" man breathed heavily...he suddenly heard a voice.

(("good to hear, Galtry..."))

Galtry widened his eyes.

"who said that!"

(("your Lord and Master."))

a shocked look immediatly appeared on Galtry's face.


(("Who else, but ME."))

Galtry scowled.

"Impossible...your DEAD!
I saw that brat kill you, myself."

(("only my "Flesh" was destroyed...")) began Trigon's voice

(("but, my Spirit lives."))

Galtry looked around, getting nervous.

"where are you?"

(("I am very close."))


(("fine...look in your mirror."))


(("LOOK. IN. YOUR. FREAKING. MIRROR!")) bellowed Trigon

Galtry groaned.
he finally turned and looked at a Cracked Mirror...then, gasped in shock.

he saw his refelction...but, the astral form of TRIGON was consealed over it.

Galtry's eyes then glowed bright Red.
Trigon smiled, then raised his hand up...to which Galtry raised his hand up.

"you are still my herald, Galtry..." began Trigon

"and, we have "work" to do."

[Unknown Location]

a Man walked down a long corridor, holding a "disk jacket" in his hand.
he soon approached smooth wooden doors and stopped, breathing heavily.

he clear his throat, then opened the doors and walked inside a large room.
the room looked to be a Corprate Office of some kind...

The Office was LARGE (about a foot long)
expensive artifacts were displayed their mike a museum exibit

and, at the very end was a large desk.
behind it, was a large wall-like window that showed the skyline of a Metropolan city.

it was NIGHT.

the man finally walked over and approached the desk.
on the desk was a plaque that read;


the Man looked at the chair, whose back was facing him.
"Anton Wraith" was obviously sitting there, possably unaware of his presense.

"((Gulp)) uhhhh...m-mister Wraith, sir?"

"what is it, Wesley?...i'm BUSY." said Wraith, his voice deep

Wesley looked and saw that his "boss" had a screwdriver and, was fiddling with a black, mechanical Raven.

"there...try it now, Talon."

the robotic Raven's red eyes flashed as it opened and closed it's razor-like beak.


Wraith finally turned his chair around and faced the now nervous wesley.

Anton Wraith was a very "muscular" man.
with a broad chin, and jet black hair that was wrapped in a poneytail.

he had amber eyes that were COLD looking.
and, wore a dark red business suit, and a ruby ring on his finger.

his "Robotic Raven" stood perched on his shoulder, staring right at Wesley.

"NOW, Wesley..." said Wraith, finally

Wesley gulped.

"uhhh...t-the Probe you sent into the Dimensional Gateway has returned, sir.
y-you know, the one you ordered to maintain surveillance of that "Parallel Earth."

"which one?"

"Uhhh...t-the "Werebeast" one."

Wraith then grinned.

"ah, yes...that "Alternate Timeline.", i almost forgot about that."

Wesley showed Wraith the disk jacket, containing a Disk.

"h-here is teh data that the Probe recor-"

suddnely, Wraith's Robotic Raven (Talon) flew over and snatched the disk jacket.
Wesley gasped as Talon used it's hover wings to hover in front of Wraith.

Wraith smiled as he opened his hand...to which Talon dropped the disk jacket in his palm.
he smiled as he opened it and carefully removed the disk from it's sleeve.

Wraith took a moment to look at the Mini-Disk...then, smiled menacingly.
he then pressed a button on a small, computer mainframe.

this made a holographic keyboard and screens appear.
he then inserted the disk into a slot and watched a screen.

"DATA LOADING..." said a computer voice


Wraith watched as various video footage played on the many screens.

he watched as the Werebeast and Raven fought of Beastbusters in Jump City.
he watched the Werebeast fight Ravager in the snowy, Canadian Wilderness he Watched Galtry torture Beast Boy in Africa...and, Raven save his life.

he also watched Beast Boy fight Galtry in Africa.
and, as the Green and Red Werebeasts battled in Jump City (that Video got his interest)

he also smiled as he watched Azari fight of Fire Demons and, finally kill the Demon Lord "Trigon" by shattering his Chakra Stone.

Wraith finally turned off the video.
she exhaled sharply and paused, as if thinking.


Wraith looked at his employee.

"I am PLEASED, Wesley."

"you are?"

"YES...this Parallel Earth is most intruging.
who knew that one "Bad Decision" by Robin would create So Much CHAOS?"

Wraith then brought up another screen on his Holo-Computer.
he then began to type using his keyboard's holo-keys.

he accessed a file called: "WraithCORP Multiverse Files."






REALITY NOTES: The Red Werebeast and Azari may prove useful to WraithCORP.
further surveallance and possible travel Highly Reccomended.

Wraith finally pressed a button, making the Holograms fade away.
he then looked back at Wesley (who remained still as a statue)

"Wesley, I want you to send Three Probes back to that Alternate Timeline..." said Wraith, finally

Wesley looked at Wraith.


"I want the First probe to monitor Azari in India.
the Second is to stay at Jump City and monitor Mar'i Grayson.
and, the THIRD...is to follow Galtry wherever he goes."

"uhhh...y-yes, sir."

Wesley turned to leave."

"oh, and Wesley...one more thing."

Wesley turned and looked at Wraith.

"that video footage of the Green and Red Werebeasts battling Intruges me.
i never knew just how Powerful and Destructive Beast Boy's powers could be..."

Wraith then stood up, walked around his desk and approached his assistant.

"so, I want you to send out One More Probe.
program it to locate Another Parallel Earth...one in which the Titans are still "a team."

Wraith then takes something out of his pocket: a Purple Chakra Stone.

"I feel the need to "experiment."

Wesley gulped.

"and...w-what is the Subject of this experiment?"

Wraith smirked, then looked at Wesley.

"to see what happened when you take a Hero like Beast Boy...and, "Corrupt" him."

Wraith chuckled to himself.

"and, believe me..."

suddenly, a ring of amger energy appeared around Wraith's waist.
the ring split into two rings and sepperated, traveling Up and Down his body.

as they did, Wraith's "human" form disappeared...replaced with a "new" one.
once the rings faded, Wesley stared at "wraith" with wide (somewhat terrified) eyes.

Wraith now had red skin, long white hair, pointed ears four yellow eyes, two horn shapes and an Amber Chakra Stone on his fourhead.

he wore a dark blue loincloth and, a long cape woth two jeweled brouches (each one had a Jagged "S" emblem on it)

he also wore black bands on his forearms and ankles.

"I know a thing or two about CORRUPTION." said Trigon, his voice demonic

Wesley gulped hard, feeling nervous.
Trigon smirked as he summoned his "morph ring" again.

he soon returned to his "Anton Wraith" persona.
Wesley sighed with relief, feeling less "frightened" now.

Wraith approached Wesley and grinned.

"i trust you'll carry out my orders, then?"

Wesley nodded.

"y-yes, sir."

Wraith grinned.


Wesley quickly turned and left.
once he was out the door, Wraith grumbled.

he returned to his desk and approached the large window.
the "demon-in-disguise" overlooked the large city and smiled.

he then chuckled evily.

"everything is going according to plan...as usual, HA-HA-HAAA!"


Author Note: This is it...the LAST Chapter of "The Lonely Beast"
with this post, I finally complete this long story (strange, how this whole thing Originally started as a "Oneshot")

Since the story's sequel will focus on Azari and Mar'i, i decided to have them socialize as young children here (a bond that will strengthen when their older)

I also wanted Starfire to have one last moment with Beast Boy and Raven, and be there for their wedding (and, clarify that they are all still friends)

I also wanted to show just what happened to Galtry (and, Trigon) and, what the basis for the Next Story will be.

it should be worth noting that Trigon's spirit inhabiting Galtry's body is based on 'Jackie Chan Adventures'

where the spirit of the demon Shendu inhabited the human Valmont (who worked with him previously)

the very LAST scene is based on the "bonus scenes" that have appeared in the Marvel Films connected to the 2012 Avengers Film.

only, This Scene is part of my "Multiverse Trigon" storyline.
in which an Alternate Version of Trigon (with knowledge of Parallel Earths and Alternate Timelines) has been spying on this Alternate World from his own Universe.

Anton Wraith is originally from the Teen Titans story "On Dark Wings..." (it is from THAT story that he is spying on the BB and Rae of "The Lonely Beast" universe)

if you are fans of "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"
then you'll find my MultiverseTrigon Storyline Enjoyable.

So, I end this story with even MORE questions (and, hopfully some Anticipation)