I've been watching some TF:Prime recently, and it struck me that Ratchet is the only Autobot that doesn't have a human partner. Bee has Raf, Arcee has Jack, and Bulkhead has Miko. I kind of count Fowler as Prime's. Don't ask why; I'm not even sure. Anyway, I thought Ratchet should have a human partner. And voila! Lexi Bruner came into being!

Chapter 1: The Ambulance

Tires skidded. Brakes squealed. Glass shattered. Something exploded.

Lexi Bruner winced at the noise and dropped the torque wrench she'd been using. Then she cursed under her breath; that torque was expensive! She picked it up and carefully put it on a nearby workbench before rushing to the bay door of her garage and staring. A helicopter, sleek, black, menacing, and strangely built, soared over her double-bay garage. It left behind an ambulance laying on its side, windows shattered, frame twisted, and probably all passengers dead. Lexi pulled her cell phone out of her pocket and dialed 911 as she dashed over to where the vehicle lay.

Something vaguely resembling a moan of pain echoed from the cab. Lexi approached slowly, dreading what she might see.

The cab was totally empty. Lexi wasn't completely sure, but she thought ambulances were supposed to have drivers to get twenty miles outside Jasper.

"What in the world…?"

"911, what is your emergency?" intoned a woman's voice from Lexi's cell phone.

"Uh, an ambulance just totally wrecked itself in front of my garage," she answered hesitantly.

"And just where is you garage?"

"Twenty miles outside Jasper, Nevada." Lexi listed her address (her small home was adjacent to the garage) and the 911 operative asked what the condition of the driver was. "Um, I don't actually see any signs that there was a driver. It's like the whole thing just dropped here, empty," she said.

"Did you check the back?" the woman on the other end asked.

"No, hang on a sec." Lexi managed to wrench open the back doors, noting the blackened area near the gas tank and the odd blue fluid that was spreading over the road, apparently from the numerous tears and punctures in the vehicle's body. "The back's empty, just like the cab," she reported.

Okay, this is getting really weird, she thought. Freaky chopper, equally freaky and possibly totaled ambulance…it just doesn't add up.

"So…no one was hurt?" The woman sounded irritated now, like I was pulling a prank on her or something.

"I…I guess not. Uh…sorry to bother you," Lexi added, then hung up. She frowned at the vehicle, then went back inside and fetched her wrench to finish torqueing the lugs on the Saturn she'd been working on. She figured someone would come for the wrecked ambulance, but it was still there when the Saturn's owner picked it up, and it was still there when Lexi closed up the garage for the day and went into her house to microwave dinner for herself.

The next morning, when she glanced out the window, she didn't see the ambulance beside the road.

Weird. Did it get picked up last night sometime? She wondered. Oh, well, it's Saturday; time to take inventory. Lexi kept some standard parts in the garage: caps, clamps, wires, a couple splicing ends, that sort of thing. And Lexi hated keeping track of what she used, so every Saturday morning she just took a quick inventory of what she still had to see if she needed to order anything.

When she flicked on the light in the garage, though, her plans for the morning skipped right out of her head and out through the window. The same beat-up ambulance was in her garage. And it was leaking blue fluid all over her garage.


And then, to make matters worse and solidify her growing suspicion that she was going insane, the ambulance actually talked to her!

"Well? You fix cars, don't you? Fix me!" it ordered. Lexi decided she needed to stop staying up so late on Friday nights, and skip her hot chocolate before bed, because it was starting to give her strange dreams.

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