"Takuto…. I'm pregnant," Mitsuki said softly as her arms slowly wrapped around her stomach. Those words echoed through Takuto's ears as if it were a bell ringing over and over. He stood frozen in shock at his desk. He slowly turned to face Mizuki with his ghost pale face.

"W-w-what did you just say?" He demanded. Mizuki eyes began to slowly tear up and she looked down while clutching her hands to her skirt. "Mitsuki…..how? Just please….how?" He asked as he rubbed his hands on his face.

"Well, I was supposed to be on my….uhhh…cycle….about a week ago. Also you know how we think I've been getting the flu? Well since it's mainly nausea…So I went to the doctor today and they told me I was 2 weeks along…." She managed to say. Her hands clutched her skirt harder and her tears became bigger, "I'm sorry….I'm sorry…." She cried. She slowly fell to the ground onto her knees and began to weep to herself.

Takuto looked down at her. Why? He thought She can't be pregnant…..she just can't! We won't be able to support the baby and she'll have to find a different job and….this just can't be happening…..

He slowly got off his chair and came down by Mitsuki. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly, even though he was upset, she needed to know that he would always be there for her. Her sobs became bigger as she fell into his embrace.

Takuto stood up and went back to his desk. Mitsuki looked up at him but knew he was too upset to talk. She rose from the ground that was covered with drops of tears and she walked away to the kitchen. She believed that cooking helped calm her for some reason.

Takuto and Mitsuki didn't speak for the rest of the night. Their apartment was so silent that any sudden creak in the floor sounded like an explosion from a canon in the war filed. Even at dinner, the squeaky sound of their knives and forks scratching against the plate sounded like two swords clashing against each other in a jousting tournament.

As Takuto walked into their bedroom, he saw Mitsuki gently weeping as she stared at the white frosted window. She was in her warm pajamas and again her arm was around her stomach. Takuto looked into her eyes and saw the white snowflakes dancing around in her eyes like how they were dancing outside. She slowly turned her head over and met Takuto's gaze. He lowered his head and walked over to the bed in hope that she didn't notice him staring at her. She looked over at him as he lay down on the bed. She closed her eyes to fight back a few tears that were tempted to leave her eyes. She slowly reached over to the desk lamp to turn the light off.

"Goodnight…"She muttered as they lay in the dark. Takuto squeezed his eyes tightly so he wouldn't show weakness but in truth, he wanted to cry like a little boy.

3:08 am huh? Takuto thought to himself as he stared at the alarm clock Guess I'm not sleeping tonight…

He slowly got off the bed and left the bedroom. He walked over to the kitchen. He wanted to test out Mitsuki's theory about cooking calming people. He walked over and began to make crepes (or a pancake version of crepes anyway). What was supposed to be one crepe for him turned into around 30 crepes.

Mitsuki awoken to the sound of the mixer being used. She looked over at the clock in confusion but to see that it was only 4:13 am. She slowly got up from her bed and began to lug herself to the kitchen. She looked over with her half opened eyes to see Takuto pilling crepe after crepe onto a plate which he clearly had overflowing with crepes. She stared at him very confused until she finally realized what was going on.

She slowly walked over to Takuto and put her hand on his arm, "Takuto….stop…please…" She said gently. Takuto immediately froze to her touch. He slowly came back to reality and realized what he was doing. He closed his eyes and took in a huge breath and dropped his kitchen utensils.

"Takuto, we really need to talk. We haven't said a word to each other since I told you about my possible pregnancy. Please, we need to talk," Mitsuki said gently luring Takuto over to the table, "I'll even make us ever some nice tea," She said with a warming smile. Takuto bobbed his head as he sat himself down at the table.

"Look Mitsuki, I know that at were on at one point going to have a child but…I mean we don't have enough money to afford that thing right now," He said with no emotion. Mitsuki felt her heart break after he said that thing. "We need to be realistic. You'll never be home to care for the baby and I'm still in school and only making minimum wage. We wouldn't be able to afford all the consequences that come with having a baby and we can't hire a nanny. Plus it will ruin your career. That baby will just get in the way of everything," He said.

Mitsuki's heart was aching a little, she couldn't bring herself to argue with him and tell him what she wants. She quietly brought over the tea. After she sat down she calmly sipped her tea and didn't look at Takuto.

"I-I-I understand completely Takuto," She said with a fake smile on her face, "But maybe my grandma-" She started until Takuto interrupted her, "The last thing we want to tell your grandmother is that your possibly pregnant Mitsuki! She'll go mad if we tell her, plus her health is getting so frail she won't be able to handle a baby," Takuto interrupted. Mizuki looked down into her tea, it was weak and hopeless…..unless she was simply looking at her face.

"Mitsuki….please….just please promise me one thing," Takuto told her as he held her hand, "Promise me you'll get an abortion before it's too late!" He said. Mitsuki stared in shock. An abortion? He thinks that she was willing to take a human's life for money matters? She couldn't believe it. But she didn't even want to fight anymore…..she was tired as it is. She breathed in and shut her eyes to hold back tears.

"I….promise…." She said with a fake smile.