Mitsuki stared at her phone as if it was death coming to take her soul too heaven. She could barely move; her muscles were stiff and she felt her heart rate elevate. She was too scared to even answer her phone; she just stared at it for 5 long painful minutes. She finally got the courage to lift her phone and call her voicemail, even though her hands were shaking the whole time.

"Uhh….sorry for calling, I assume you're getting your abortion right now so I guess it was a bad time to call. I guess I'm calling because I wanted to say thanks for doing this for us; it's saved us so much future trouble! I love you so much and I promise to do something nice for you tonight! *beep* *beep* Oh hey, you know what I'm getting a call from the hospital so just call me back! Bye!"

Mitsuki stood frozen. Oh no, they most likely called to tell him that she had cancelled her appointment. She felt her heart slowly shrinking and sinking. The man who had just said how thankful he was for something she did and how much he loved her was about to be told by some stranger he never met and whom he may never meet that his girlfriend has lied to him and gone against his will. She could barely comprehend that idea. She could only imagine Takuto's face right now and his emotions.

She slowly put her phone down from her ear and reached into her pocket and pulled out the piece of paper from Alice. She dialed the number on her phone with shaking hands. It rang for a little bit, but Alice finally picked up.

"Alice Jones speaking" She said kind of seriously but also gently

"Umm….this is Mitsuki….Mitsuki from the hospital" Mitsuki said softly.

"Oh! Mitsuki! Hey! How you doing? Need something?" Alice said.

"Actually, I don't think I can go home right now. Its Takuto issues. Can you maybe help me with…baby things?" Mitsuki said. There was a long pause.

"Of course! Where are you?" She asked happily. Mitsuki felt herself smile because she now felt like she had someone to depend on.

She met with Alice and they walked over to a book store. Alice bought her some books about what to do during certain trimesters and how to do this and how to do that and what to plan for the baby. She explained certain things to her like how she needs to try to exercise but not overwork herself otherwise she will gain water weight. Mitsuki was having fun and forgot about her troubles.

Also Mitsuki just had an opportunity to ask basic questions about pregnancy and luckily Alice knew all about pregnancy.

Mitsuki didn't go home until later, mainly in hope that she could sneak in and not see Takuto. But no, the moment she opened the door she found Takuto staring at her with his arms crossed and a frown on her face.

She felt really scared, like how she would feel if she was watching an abusive relationship movie and the guy is angry at the girl. She wanted to just walk right out that door and hide like a meer child. But she couldn't, she needed to face this problem even if it meant loosing Takuto.

"Hello" she said as normally as she possibly could.

"How did the abortion go?" Takuto asked sternly, "Because I got a call from the doctor claiming that your appointment had been canceled. Isn't that weird?" He said as he stood up and approached her. She slowly breathed in to control her tears and looked Takuto in the eyes.

"Yes, I did cancel it. I don't believe in abortions and it's a woman's choice on what she can do with her body. Not her husbands. Also, I don't remember having any say on what I want to do with this situation! It seems like it's all about Takuto even though you're not even pregnant!" She yelled. Normally she would have covered her mouth and apologized, but she was going to stand up for her beliefs. If Takuto truly loved her, he would accept that.

There was a long awkward pause and Takuto just stared and stared at her. Mitsuki was serious and stern while Takuto looked like the shocked one.

"Mitsuki… can't be serious. We have little to no money right now, I'm in night school, and you're slowly decreasing in your career. A baby will not work! Your grandmother will be furious!" Takuto yelled.

"This isn't my grandmother's decision and if she hates me for it then fine. I have money saved Takuto; I have money from my parents, grandmother, past birthdays, past Christmases, past New Year's, and from my own career! I didn't go out and waste it all! If you're mainly concerned about the fact that a father can't provide for a child then allow me to give you a swift kick in the pants back to the 20s and 30s when it did matter!" She yelled. Once again, Takuto was lost for words.

"GOD DAMNIT MITSUKI!" He screamed and punched a wall making his knuckles bleed. Mitsuki didn't flinch, she just stared with no expression whatsoever on her face.

"Is that all you can say? 'God Damnit Mitsuki!' Is that all you can say?" She said sternly. Takuto stared at his bleeding knuckles. Mitsuki breathed in deeply and slowly walked away. She held in her tears with all her will power because she wasn't going to give into Takuto's rage and stand up for her beliefs.

She entered her room and grabbed some clothing and packed some things. She didn't want to do this, but it was for the best. If she didn't have Takuto to rely on, then she couldn't be with him. Alice told her that if Takuto truly loved her, he would understand why she did this.

Mitsuki began to walk towards the door and she felt Takuto's hand grab her.

"Where are you going?" Takuto said weakly. Mitsuki felt his hand shake as it tightly gripped her arm.

"I need to go somewhere else for a while. I'm going to my friend Alice's" Mitsuki said sternly. She tore her arm from Takuto's grasp and walked away. Takuto stood frozen at the same spot he had been when he was gripping onto Mitsuki's arm.

Mitsuki took her car and drove over to Alice's. She had already planned to go over to Alice's when they were hanging out so Alice had set up her futon and prepared a nice healthy dinner.

Mitsuki slowly walked in and ran into Alice's arms and hugged her. She felt the tears streaming down her face and felt herself become weaker and weaker.

"You did what you had to do Mitsuki. You did what you had to do," Alice said softly.