Eventually, Alice noticed Mitsuki's sadness. She noticed that Mitsuki grabbed her stomach and would shut her eyes to hold in her tears. She became more and more worried. Mitsuki never showed her directly that she was sad, it was small hints that Alice ended up picking up on.

It was about 9:00pm. Mitsuki was in bed fast asleep and so was Alice's husband. Alice lay restless in bed and thought about Mitsuki's sadness.

I need to do something. I have too. But what if it's not right? What if she doesn't want me to do something? No, it's not like she'll admit defeat. She's too stubborn. Plus, from what I've heard, Takuto won't budge either. She thought to herself. She slowly and sneakily got up out of bed. She sneaked out of her room, past the living room, downstairs, and into Mitsuki's room.

She was sure to be quite. As she walked in, she attempted to find Mitsuki's purse. Even though it was July, it was still dark out. But she eventually found her purse, even though she found it by stubbing her toe against it. She opened it and reached in so she could feel for Mitsuki's phone. She finally found it and snuck out of her room.

When she got upstairs, she looked through Mitsuki's contacts in hope that she hadn't deleted Takuto's number. She looked and looked but never found it. Crap. Now what I am supposed to do? Then she realized to look for Mitsuki's home phone and she finally found it.

She pressed talk and it rang and rang. She prayed he would answer.

Takuto awoke to the sound of their home phone. He looked and felt like a majorly pissed off Zombie. Why the hell is someone calling me at this time? It's not that late but still! As he reached the phone, he saw Mitsuki's number and franticly answered.

"Hello? Hello? Mitsuki? Please tell me this is you!" Takuto yelled into the phone.

"Cool it eager beaver, this isn't your lover," Alice said sternly.

"Who the hell is this and how did you get Mitsuki's phone?!"He said angrily

"For the love of god, calm down Takuto. This is Alice, the girl who Mitsuki is staying with. I was calling to see how you've been, and I can tell from your opening line that you've missed Mitsuki," Alice responded with slight smirk on her mouth.

"What the hell do you want with me?" Takuto said angrily

"Look buddy, all I want to do is talk. Can you at least do that without having a tantrum?" Alice said.

Takuto clenched his fist, this girl wasn't flinching whatsoever. She meant business. "Fine. When and where?" He answered sternly.

"Look who can actually keep calm?" Alice said tauntingly, "Meet me up at McDonalds, tomorrow at…well any time between 6am and 6pm, earlier would be better though,"

"Uhhh….how about 11:00am?" He said.

"That should work," Alice said and she hung up. This is going to be very interesting, she thought to herself.

It was 10:43 am. Her husband was already at work and Mitsuki was in her room sleeping. It was basically just Alice. She felt nervous, she could feel her heart shaking…she knew that this man was capable of punching a hole in the wall and she had heard countless tales of how he has shook Mitsuki into a state of fear. She thought she knew he wouldn't hurt her, but how could she be sure? What if he was a psychopath? No, he couldn't be. Mitsuki wouldn't miss him this much if he was crazy, or maybe she was just scared? Was Alice misreading her signals? She hadn't come out to Alice and directly told her that she missed him, it was all an assumption.

She breathed deeply and closed her eyes; she refused to show this man she was afraid. He didn't deserve to see her in fear or worse, with tears rolling down her face. She knew the only way to get to him was to show him she was in control, and if he didn't like it, too damn bad. She opened her eyes, grabbed the keys, and headed towards the door; it was now or never.

Takuto was already in the car by now driving. He wasn't nervous like Alice; he had no trace of fear. He was worried and confused. Who was this bitch and why was she meeting up with him? He hadn't contacted Mitsuki in months; he let her have her space. So what could it be?

That's when he started getting nervous; what if Mitsuki has met another man? What if she was going to court and making sure she got all of her and Takuto's items, leaving him with nothing? What if this woman was here to tell him Mitsuki had died?!

He slammed on the brakes. He found himself panting, thinking about the love of his life possibly being dead. He started shaking and feeling himself being eaten by weakness.

He had to shake it off; he couldn't show up in such an emotional state. It wouldn't be that extreme, it couldn't. He tried to breathe deeply but it was more choppy and shaky breaths. He took his foot off the brake and began to drive again.

By the time Takuto arrived, Alice had already order a Big Mac with large fries and a large chocolate shake plus a cookie. The only reason Takuto recognized her was because she told him she'd be the pregnant woman eating a lot, boy was he lucky that he hadn't mistaken someone else for her.

He walked over and sat down across from her, no expression on his face. Alice was stuffing her face and once she realized he was there, she gave him a sinister smile.

"Glad to see you came," She said. Takuto sensed no trace of fear or weakness, Alice was acting on plan, "Would you like to get something to eat or should we get straight into the topic?"

"Will I need food to help me ease into the news of the topic?" He asked in monotone.

"Eh, depends on how serious you take the news of this topic," She said.

"Is it serious? Like death serious?"

"HA. Woah there, it's not death serious. Don't worry your lady is plenty alive, but this is a serious discussion,"

"I think I'll skip the food, we came here for one reason and let's stick to that reason since I don't know what it is,"

"Well, you came here for one reason. I personally came for two because I'm a sucker for the holy unhealthy crap that is McDonald's food. But yes, I see your point," She then put the food down and looked up at him and smiled, "So how have you been?"

Takuto blew up, "HOW HAVE I BEEN? YOU ASK ME HOW I'VE BEEN, WELL LET'S SEE LADY! I've been home trying to pay these bills that only Mitsuki's job can pay for since my crap ass job can't afford them. I'm barely passing my college courses. I've been eating shitty convenience store food because I can't cook without burning the house down. I haven't been sleeping. So I haven't been too well, lady,"

Alice burst out laughing, making Takuto that much angrier. He snarled, "Is something funny about my shitty life, bitch?"

Alice laughed even harder, "Easy tiger, I wouldn't try your phony tough guy act on me. I am an extreme hormonal pregnant woman; I would eat you alive in a battle. Also, the name isn't Lady or Bitch; I'm not a dog for Christ sake. The name's Jones, Alice Jones,"

Takuto glared at her, he couldn't scare her away. She was tricky, she took no crap and wasn't afraid to beat him in a battle of wits.

"I'm sorry. In other words, I've been very stressed lately, like every other human being, and it's starting to get to me," He said calmly. Alice smiled, now she was starting to get some words out of this guy.

"Mind explaining to me? I'm a good listener. I'm also not afraid to speak the truth. I'm aware of what is making you the stressed out bastard that blew up not 2 minutes ago, but I want to know what led to that stress in the first place," She said.

Takuto froze, could he trust this woman? He didn't know who she was. All he knows is that she was the woman who took Mitsuki away from him. But then again, it wasn't her fault. It was his fault that he turned into an abusive controlling man. She was just there to help out Mitsuki. She must be kind, since she hardly knew Mitsuki when she took her in. Also, she went out of her way to come see Takuto today. Clearly, she was trustworthy.

"I miss her. I miss everything. She kept such stability in my life. She kept me sane and helped me un-clutter my brain during hard times. She supported me and was always there for me. Now she is gone because the one time I needed to be there for her, I left her out in the cold," Takuto said. Tears slowly ran down his cheek and he felt his heart start to break as he confessed to this stranger, "I took everything she did for granted. I've known her since she was a young teen. I fell in love with her, and I didn't leave her side. I guess I just got so used to her being in my life, I didn't realize that she could ever leave it," He whispered. Alice began to smile again, but not a happy smile, a more sincere smile.

"You are worried about your manly pride, aren't you? You've basically have told me that Mitsuki takes care of you and your living expenses and your general life. You feel as if that makes you less of a man since you can't take care of yourself let alone Mitsuki. She has a successful career, and you feel you need to own up to that buy earning a degree and getting a great job so you can contribute to pay," Alice said. Takuto thought for a moment, and then nodded his head. She smiled, "Times have changed, and sexes are equal. Your child won't care if you aren't a successful business man. They'll care that you never give up. That's what will make you a good dad. You're work ethic can aspire your son or daughter to do that when there time comes around to get into college and earn a living. Parenthood isn't about who is the most successful, it's about who is the most loving and understanding. Look Takuto, Mitsuki is miserable right now. You may not believe it, but you impacted her. She isn't the same. She thinks about you all the time. She hates the idea of trying to raise a child without you; more importantly raise your child without you. She misses you and, although she doesn't say it, she wants you back," Alice said.

Takuto began to cry. Alice reached over and asked him if he was alright, he responded, "I am just so happy," Alice smiled. She then told him she wanted him to talk to Mitsuki, whether he liked it or not.

When they came back to the Jones residence, Alice asked Takuto to wait outside. She entered and noticed Mitsuki making herself tea.

"Hey! I was wondering where you were. I know you left a note saying you were going out to McDonalds, I called you multiple times asking if you could grab me one of those mint shakes that they have for St. Patrick's day. You never answered though!" She said to Alice. Alice walked over.

"Mitsuki, I did something today. Something that will either make you hate me or love me," Alice said.

"What the hell did you do?"