It had been a month since Mitsuki moved back in with Takuto. She was now 5 months pregnant. Life had been fairly quiet and simple; Takuto still attended college and he got another job, while Mitsuki was staying at home living off of her money from her most recent album. Their lives carried on almost as if nothing had happened, but Mitsuki could still feel Takuto's uneasiness whenever he looked at her stomach.

The baby would not kick for Takuto. The baby only kicked for Mitsuki. Mitsuki would cry a gleeful tune whenever she felt the baby kick and Takuto would always run over to feel the kick, but the kicking stopped the moment he put his hand on her stomach. Mitsuki would always tell him to try talking with the baby. He would always talk in a soothing tone as he held his hand on her belly, but the baby still wouldn't kick. Mitsuki would create little excuses to help Takuto: sometimes she would go as far to say that the baby was never kicking at all, that she mistook something else for kicking. Takuto would always nod and agree and pretend that he wasn't offended. But inside he was crying. Inside he felt that he was a monster. Every night he would lay awake and feel guilty stabbing him in the heart for his past mistakes. He tried to console himself; tell himself that Mitsuki forgave him. But that wasn't enough to mask his pain. That is why he looked uneasy. In his mind, every time he saw her stomach, he remembered the monster he was. He was so monstrous that even an unborn fetus could detect his evil. The worst part is that the baby is partly his creation. Part of himself hates him.

What would this mean when the baby was born? Would they cry every time I tried to hold them? Would they throw tantrums when they were home alone with me? Would they refuse to acknowledge my existence? Would they ever love me?

All these thoughts he kept to himself, he refused to tell Mitsuki or Alice. He didn't want to give Mitsuki another reason to walk out; he'd just gotten her back. Alice would probably turn to her husband and ask him for help. But Takuto had never really spoken to her husband, he just knew of him. Although, he knew that Mitsuki thought highly of him and he also was freaked when he heard Alice was pregnant. It'd also be easier to talk man to man.

He walked out of the study, which would turn into the baby's room, into the living room and saw Mitsuki on the couch gently running her finger along her belly. She looked up at him and smiled. Her smile was the one thing that could always make Takuto happy. She had one of those rare smiles. Her smile was small and simple, yet it could shine like the sun and warm the entire world. What if the baby had a smile like that? What if the baby was just as beautiful and loving as Mitsuki? What if the baby was exactly like Mitsuki, but they still hated me? Then everything I'd see the baby, I'd think that part of Mitsuki hates me. Could I ever live with that?

He went and sat down by her, and held her soft hand, "Honey, when are you and Alice hanging out, next?" He asked

She looked a little confused, wondering why Takuto would care about her and Alice. She said skeptically, "Tomorrow, for most of the day actually. Why do you ask?"

"Well, if you and Alice are spending time together, maybe I should spend time together with her husband?" Takuto suggested.

Mitsuki had a bizarre look on her face. She could not comprehend what Takuto was saying. Is he asking my permission? Why is he telling me this? How did this thought even cross his mind?! He's never met the man, only heard of him. He doesn't even know his name! He doesn't know anything about him except for that he is Alice's husband. He's a wonderful guy, I have nothing against him, but why the sudden interest? I know Alice and I hang out a lot but that doesn't mean they have too. Hell, I see Alice almost every day, I lived with her, and I still don't know the guy that well! Besides, Takuto has never been a social person to begin with. He is pretty reserved or never makes a good impression and comes off as a jackass. What is going on?! She thought. But all she managed to spit out was, "What."

Takuto could see that she was taken aback by this, so he tried to console her, "I just think that you and Alice are practically sisters; you're so close to each other. I just think that your friendship could grow even stronger if her husband and I became pals. Besides, you and Alice always talk about how our babies are going to play together and be the best of friends. Wouldn't it be awkward if her husband and I weren't all that close? Also, I need to get out of the house and have some guy time,"

Mitsuki sat there with a bizarre look on her face. Guy time? When did this man ever need guy time? He doesn't have many friends to begin with, he might not have any. Leave the house? He refuses to leave even with me. He would much rather have a relaxing night at the house then go out to a restaurant. Yes, Alice and I have talked about our babies being friends. But we meant as in occasional playdates and we'd send them to the same school. Also, Alice and I are still getting to know each other. We may not be friends after this ends, how are we to know what will happen?! She thought. But all she could say was, "Do you even know his name."

Takuto froze. What is his name? Has it ever been mentioned? Mitsuki always refers to him as "Alice's Husband". It's not like we've ever talked about the man that much. He's been mentioned every now and then, but I never cared about who he was or what he did. Hell, I don't even know Alice's last name! Okay, okay. I remember Alice saying his name when I was over at their house, maybe? Yes, yes, she did. He's American, like her. But he has a weird name. He has big culture heritage from somewhere. Yeah. Somewhere in either Europe or Asia. But which one!? Maybe just the last name was weird? God, either way he has a foreign name. CrapCrapCrapCrapCrap. I'll guess. Maybe I can get it right. What American/foreign name do I remember? There is that kid in my math class….what was his name…..

"Felix Titling?" He said skeptically. Mitsuki stared at him, a cold stare. He knew he'd screw up.

"Not even close," She said sternly, "His name is Nik Lutrova; his nickname is Niko. His father is Russian. His mother is an American. Do you know his occupation?"

Once again, Takuto froze. No. I remember Mitsuki telling me that they are big history freaks and, in general, big nerds. But I don't know what he does. This was never brought up. Oh no, yes it was. I asked Alice how she could afford such a nice house and she told me about her husband's amazing job. But what was it?! Wait, something was mentioned about art! Yeah, yeah, so what is a nerdy art?

"A cartoonist or comic book person of sorts?" Takuto said proudly.

"Nope," She said sternly, "He is a Professor of European & Asian history at the university. He also teaches Russian studies/language in the high school. Alice is an artist, but she doesn't do cartoon stuff" Now Mitsuki was just getting irritated. Alice had told him all these things, did he even pay attention?! Does she not matter to him? If she doesn't matter, then why would he care about Nik? What is he plotting? Maybe he does want to get to know Nik, but I can't help but be suspicious! Oh well, I guess I'll just let it happen and see what happens. It's not like he will kill him or anything, at least I hope…

Mitsuki asked for Takuto's phone. He gave it to her, and she put in Nik's number.

"Here," she said as she gave the phone back to him, "Just give him a call and see if he's down for it". She walked to their room. "I'm going to bed. Please don't stay up late"

Takuto stared at his phone, extremely confused. Mitsuki was interrogating him and he was failing miserably, yet she still gave him Nik's number. For some reason, that made him happy. He felt loved and trusted by her. He ran to the bedroom door in a panic.

"HEY MITSUKI!" he shouted

"Takuto! What is it!?" she yelled

"THANK YOU. AND I LOVE YOU" he shouted

There was a slight hesitation, but Mitsuki said, "Your welcome. I love you, too".

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