Title: Unleash

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Rating: Right now its pretty PG maybe some swear words but later will be M so I'll just go ahead and say M.

Summary: Post Dark Fury, but COR didn't happen. Riddick's animal just can't let Jack go, no matter how much he knows he's only going to turn her into a monster like him. Jack can only hang on for the ride and hope it doesn't destroy her in the end. Will she survive, or will she end up just another casulty of life?

Chapter One: Ruminations

He watched her as she slept; curled around the gun she had used to kill Chillingsworth. Imam had tried to take it away from her, but she had turned her big green eyes up at him, pleading with him to keep it. He hadn't had the heart to turn her down, and anything that made Imam jumpy was just a bonus in his book. Imam had given him a look, but after an answering one from him, Imam just sighed and went back to the back of the shuttle they had taken from Chillingsworth's cargo bay and began a long mantra of prayer. Riddick had turned back to Jack, only to discover that she had lain down beside the pilot's chair, still clutching the gun to her chest, like some old world sacrifice to some ancient god. Cute kid, he thought, picking her up from the floor and depositing her on the bench running along the side of the shuttle. He thought about removing the gun, but decided that he didn't want to deal with her when she woke up without it. He sat back in the pilot's chair, contemplating the last couple of hours.

The first shot caught him by surprise. All of a sudden he was on the floor, looking up at her. Chillingsworth was yelling at him, shouting some nonsense about him being an animal. He didn't care, all he could see was the gun she had pointing at his chest. It was odd, he should have been panicked, but all he could think about was Jack. About how she would be alone, and who would protect her from the monsters like him. Imam? Not likely…Holy man would probably try and convert her and then she would run, and then she would be lost to the darkness. Her voice was getting higher, bringing his attention back to her.


His next breath was a shock to the system, but an even greater shock was when he pulled himself back to his feet, expecting to see Imam holding the gun, but instead…Instead he saw her. His Jack, holding Junner's gun, her eyes big. He realized, they weren't big from shock, but a deeper knowledge that he had only seen stone cold killers like himself in possession of.

"Awfully uncivilized thing you just did there, Jack."

His inner beast was practically purring with satisfaction that the little one had proven so loyal. He watched Jack as her eyes fell to the gun she was still holding in her hand. He tried to reign in the beast, but he was afraid that Jack would never be able to escape him now. The beast had smelled her blood on the planet, and her adoration and proof of loyalty had only increased the beast's desire for her.

"Told you I could keep up."

Which led him to his present circumstances… What was he going to do with a kid willing to kill for him, and a Holy Man who would be all too willing to turn him in if he was pushed hard enough? And it looked like the Holy Man was willing to go to war for the kid, a kid that he and his beast were not all that willing to give up. So what to do, he thought as he stared out the viewport. He began plotting their trip to New Mecca, where he would be able to finally drop off the Holy Man. Turning his thoughts to what he would do after he had dropped off Imam, he moved to looking for planets that could support life, and still be so far off the beaten path that the mercs might never pick up his trail again. But what about Jack? His beast purred. The kid might not be able to survive the harsh planet, and it wouldn't be much of a childhood. They'd have to stay there at least another ten years till the mercs would give up and believe that he was dead. He was interrupted in his musings by Imam sitting in the chair beside him.



"Yes, it is nothing back there. What worries me lies ahead of us."

Imam cast an eye back toward Jack, sleeping the sleep of the exhausted. Have to work on her stamina, the beast pointed out with a feral grin.


"I am… concerned for her, Riddick. That she'll become…" The fear of admitting this to him evident in Imam's voice.

"Like me…"

Riddick contemplated Imam's words, trying to decide if he cared or not. She's mine, ours…Holy Man's got no right trying to 'save' her, that's our job! His beast was beginning to growl with rage, demanding the protection of Jack.

"What will you do with her, if I leave her with you? She's killed, Holy Man. And this isn't the first time I'm betting. Think your god's going to be ok with that?"

"My god forgives all, Riddick. Jack will be well loved with me. She has potential for a future, a bright one. She should have the chance for a future!"

The Navigation System popped up showing the UV System. Imam looked curiously at the name of the system in particular. His curiosity got the better of him, leading him to ask.

"What is that place?"

"That's no where"

Riddick replied gruffly. He quickly pulled up New Mecca.

"I'm dropping you guys on New Mecca."

Imam looked at Riddick closely, a small smile playing along his lips.

"So you will leave Jack with me? This is most impressive Mr. Riddick. I was afraid from your previous actions that…"

Riddick cut his words off, practically growling.

"You think if I left her with you she wouldn't cut bait and run on you? Don't kid yourself, Holy Man! She'd run and then only your god knows what would happen to her."

"So what do you propose then?" Imam asked sitting back into the chair with disdain, daring the con man to come up with something better than his plan of simply separating the two of them and dealing with the aftermath later. Riddick only smiled and leaned back into the pilot's chair.

"Don't you worry, Holy Man. I'll tell you when the time is right."