Title: Unleash

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I don't own anything

Chapter 5: Trapped

Jack cringed when she heard his shout for her. Maybe I can hide in the crowd and get to the door and he won't notice. But the crowd wasn't cooperating for her. Instead of resuming their movement, their stillness made her slipping through them nearly impossible.

"Look around yourself for a girl of 13 nearly 14, her hair was recently shaved, brown eyes, brown hair... Person who brings her to me will get 100 UD as a reward." Riddick's voice washed over the still crowd and Jack felt dozens of eyes turn instantly to her.

"Oh shit...," she breathed, understanding falling on her like a ton of bricks. So much for sneaking through! Instantly she was running through the crowd, trying to push her way to the door. Someone grabbed at her pack, but she slipped out of it and kept dodging as best she could. She could see the door and almost made it when a brick of a man moved smoothly into her path. She tried to slip around him, but for being such a large troll he was a quick one. He snatched her out of the air and held her so that her feet weren't touching the floor, her arms pinned to her sides. Jack began cussing him, kicking and squirming with everything she could.

"Let me go, you fat son-of-a-bitch! I'll gut you if you don't..." But before she could finish her threat, he shook her so hard that she began to feel a little nauseous.

"That's enough out of you, pipsqueak." He shook her once more to be certain that she would stop her attempts at gaining freedom and began making his way over to Riddick. When he reached the dais, he set her on her feet before the stairs, but kept his hands on her shoulders so she couldn't try running off.

"Credits for the girl." He growled out. Riddick only smirked, his eyes never leaving Jack's furious gaze, as he tossed him the chip. The crowd, having watched the drama so far, seemed to lose interest and began milling about now that the reward of credits was gone. Jack's pack was tossed at her feet, and she was left to face him.

"Ja-a-a-ck," h singsonged, "now wasn't all of that a little unnecessary?" His smirk seemed to grow larger as her eyes flared with anger. That's right, Jack. Get angry, and then we'll have some fun...

"Fuck you, Riddick! I can go where I want to go, and I don't need you're fucking permission! You don't own me!" She picked up her pack, turning on her heel. His booming laughter stilled her, though she refused to turn around and look at him. The fringes of the crowd turned at his laughter to watch what would happen to this girl called Jack.

"See that's where you're wrong, Jackie girl." His voice whispered into her ear, spooking her and causing her to jump. The fear wafted off of her, Riddick breathed in deep as he pulled her flush against him. Intoxicating...

"Saved you're life on that planet...saved you on that ship...way I see it...you're nothing but mine." He expected her to melt against him, maybe even cry at her situation, or try and run like a sane person, but the growl that escaped from her had him raising his eyebrows. Well, well, well...bitty bad indeed...

"Got yourself a bit of an animal in there, huh? Interesting..."Before she could try and escape his grip, he spun her and pulled her over his shoulder in a fireman carry , and headed to a door in the back the bartender pointed to, Jack cussing all the while, squirming and hitting him trying to drop her. His hold on her didn't budge, and her attacks only riled his animal more. He and Jack needed a little privacy to have this conversation.