Long ago in the frozen tundra's, there was a young girl. She was, what many said, beautiful. But, she had a secret. Her secret was that she was a cold, blooded killer. She loured people to her. They say that the long wispy honeysuckle colored hair flowed free in the wind. Her eyes as blue as the calmest ocean surface. Her name was just as beautiful as her looks; Kumiko. Kumiko would bring the person she was going to kill to a secret location. An old bear cave. Far enough from the village that no one would find it. Inside, it's littered with the remains of body's that she killed. Blood is smeared over the walls and floors.

But one day, two people got wise to what she was doing. They found out the pattern. Once you go with her, you never return. So they came up with a plan. One would go with her, and the other would lurk behind. The man named John went with her. She smiled very happily and sweetfully as he asked her out for a walk threw the snow. She excepted and told John to meet her by the gates of the village when the moon is highest in the sky. He agreed and went home, getting ready for the trap.

Back at her house, Kumiko got ready. Her trusty, long bladed knife put in her boot, in case of emergency, a little makeup, so she would look presentable, and her hair brushed out all nice. She waited, for a bit. Then when she looked at the moon, it was up high. Kumiko smiled evilly and walked towards the gates.

"Ready?" Mike asked John as he put his knifes and small spear into his pack.

"I think so" John said, "I just hope she doesn't kill me though"

"Don't worry, I'll be right behind you. If she tries anything," Then in a rougher tone he added, "I'll slice her freak'n off!" (Sorry peoples, I don't like to swear x.x)

John nodded and walked out the door.

Kumiko stood by the gate happily waiting for him. She seemed like a sweet innocent girl, going out on her first date. Ha, like that was true! John smiled awkwardly and waved to her. "You ready?" John asked when he was about a yard from her.

Kumiko nodded and added mysteriously, "I know the perfect place were we can go"

John raised an eyebrow, "Where?"

"Just follow me" she said, almost laughing.