Squee kept staring at him with wide eyes and his mouth wide open. Nny sighed and patted Squee's back. "It's OK Squee, I would never kill you"

Squee closed his mouth and said to Nny, "You promise?"

Nny nodded with a fake smile, that Squee though was real, "Promise"

Squee jumped up and hugged Nny, 'I just hope it doesn't come to that' Nny thought hugging Squee back.

Squee woke up and rubbed his eyes. He looked over at Nny who was looking out the window. Nny saw Squee looking at him and smiled, "Good morning Squee"

"Morning" Squee said hopping out of bed. "What do we eatz today?"

"That depends, what do you want today?" Nny asked Squee.

Squee thought for a moment then shrugged. "Well then" Nny said walking over by the door, "Lets find somewhere you want to eat."

Squee looked down at his pj's and said quietly, "Um, can I get dressed first?"

"Oh yes, get dressed now Squee, don't want you looking like a slob" Nny said walking away from the door.

Squee nodded, went over to his suitcase and took out a shirt and pants. He hopped over to the bathroom and got dressed. While Squee was in the bathroom Nny looked over at the wall and saw a cockroach crawling along. "Not this time" Nny whispered angrily.

Nny picked up a lamp and threw it at the wall. The light bulb burst open and the glass flew everywhere, cutting the small wires in the lamp and the thing that lights up the light causing a small fire. Nny opened an eye and saw a small ball of fire walking or running quickly across the carpet. 25 seconds later it collapsed and died. Nny snickered. "That's what you guys get"

Squee slowly emerged from the bathroom with the cloths covering his eyes. Nny looked over at him and laughed slightly, "I finally killed one!"

"What?" Squee whispered uncovering an eye.

"A cockroach!" He yelled with glee, "After all these years, I find that fire can kill them!" {Not sure if that's true, but Nny seems to like the idea :B }

Squee slowly nodded and put his pj's away in his suitcase. Nny jumped up, "Ready!"

Squee nodded and they walked out the door. Before they walked out the front door of the hotel, Nny went up to the old guy by the front counter and said, "Sorry about the lamp" Then walked out the door with Squee.

The old guy looked at them with a 'wtf' look on his face.

Nny was driving around the small town looking for a place for Squee to eat. "Oh no!" Squee gasped.

Nny looked around franticly, "Did I hit someone!"

"No…!" Squee squealed.

"Shoot" Nny grumbled. "Then what?"

"We forgot Schmee!" Squee said panicky.

"Don't worry, we'll get him." Nny made a u-turn then looked at Squee, "Wait, why couldn't we just order you room service?"

Squee shrugged. Nny looked back at the road. And the lady was standing in the road again. Now he could see her more clearly. She wore a black and white stripped shirt with black pants. Her hair was black, long, and messy. She wore blocky black snow boots. She was holding a long knife, most likely a mashetti. "Your not getting away from me this time" Nny murmured hitting the gas.

"Noooooooooooo!" Squee was squealing looking at the lady, "Don't hit her!"

But it was too late, she pointed the mashetti strait at the window and the car crashed right into them with the knife shattering the window and it sticking into Nny's neck. Squee looked at Nny and started crying. "I warned you!"

The car crashed into a telephone pole and Squee was knocked unconscious…