No, It's not The End of the story

I did name this chapter after a song :3 (The End - My Chemical Romance) I was gonna call it Dead! (Also by My Chemical Romance) but that would be mean.

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Squee finally managed to squeak out, "Who are you?"

The lady sitting on the edge of his bed smiled again and said, "I'm Kumiko. Sorry about hurting you little guy. Meant to get Nny."

"Why did you try to kill him?" Squee asked her, confused if this is real or just a dream.

"Correction" She said, "Why did I kill him"

Squee's big eyes widened and gasped, "What? The doctors said he was getting better!"

"Ya, but he was gonna die sooner or later. Were all gonna die."

"So I'm gonna die!" Squee panicked.

"That's right. We all go to hell, it's really quite pleasant, except for the smell"

"But what about heaven?"

"Hell is like a motel. People stay there for a bit then leave, in this case to go to heaven. But others may get killed, hence they stay in hell. Just like someone would stay in the woods and never be found again."

Squee wasn't sure if he should be confused or freaked out at this moment.

Kumiko saw the confusion in Squee's eyes so she sighed and patted his head. "Don't worry about it little guy." She smiled. There must be something about Squee that made both Nny and Kumiko think he is so cute. Maybe it's his eyes or just the way he seems so lost and helpless in his thoughts. "Get some sleep Squee, it's gonna be a long day tomorrow" "But how am I suppose to sleep?"

She closed her eyes and softly wiped her pointer and middle finger across his forehead. She opened her eyes and whispered, "Sleep"

Squee nodded. He closed his eyes and fell asleep. Kumiko turned around, "Don't worry Nny, he'll be fine."

"I can't leave him. He has no one now" Nny said sadly.

"I'm well aware of that. But remember you cause all this" she said pointing her finger at Nny.

Nny groaned. "I died once before, and the devil sent me back."

"That may be true," she said, "But now your with me so I get control of you.?

"Who are you anyways, I thought you were just a killer."

"Ya like you, but I'm now a reaper or a ghost, or something like that. There's a panflit about it somewhere."

Nny looked at her annoyed. She smiled, then vanished. Nny sighed, then sat down in a chair. Oddly enough ghosts can sit on stuff. He waited for Squee to wake up. He may be sitting here, but to Squee he was gone.

Squee woke up but felt like he was being watched. He didn't see Kumiko around, but felt a presence. "Hello?" Squee asked quietly.

Nny wanted to respond. But he couldn't. Any words that he would speak, no one but other ghosts could hear. If he would become a reaper, he could make himself appear to Squee. But reading the panflit she gave him, it said that that took a few decades. So he sighed and plopped down on a squishy chair, letting some air out of the cushion.

Squee heard that and darted his head over in that direction. "Hello" he said again, a bit more shakily.

Nny couldn't believe it. He could do stuff, but just not be able to be seen. Maybe that's why things kept moving around when he wasn't looking at his house. He went over by Squee and touched his shoulder.

Squee felt a sudden jolt of cold like some one set a bad of ice on his shoulder. He jumped off his bed on the opposite side were he felt it. "Who's there?" He asked.

"It's me, Nny" Nny said, knowing Squee couldn't hear him.

"What are you doing?" Kumiko asked Nny. Squee couldn't see her because he had no reaction to her popping in. "Didn't you read the panflit?"

"Parts of it" Nny said looking at it then turning it upside down.

She ripped it out of his hands and showed him a paragraph, "Here, it clearly states the rules of being a ghost"

Nny looked over and read it:

If you so choose to be a ghost, later on to become a reaper, you must follow these rules:

• Do not associate with the living, if you do the gremlins will come after you and drag you to the darkest points of hell. (Haunting ghosts can make an acceptation to this)

• Watch out for peanut butter, it causes your spirit to fade away and you will eventually become powerless

• Follow the rules of your superior (Will be the one who shows up when you die)

• Once you become a reaper, your soul will be taken out and put in unknown places

• When you go into hell for your official reaper license, don't complain about the smell.

"Are you my superior?" Nny asked when he finished reading the rules.

"Yup, you're my little cousin. Not too often family gets to work together" Kumiko said with a pleasant smile.

"Cousin?" Nny asked confused.

"Ya, the weird thing was that when I died, you were born 2 weeks later. So you must be were my soul went" She said with an evil grin.

Nny rubbed his face with his hands, "Wonderful."

She shrugged. "It's not that bad. Come on, I want to show you the spirit world.

By this time Squee gave up on trying to find out what was there, and was watching TV. He enjoyed watching the show about the green alien. So he watched that until he fell asleep.

Kumiko lead Nny to his old room, were now a young girl laid with fractured skull, broken ribs, and broken arm. "Ashame what can happen to the one who are so young" Kumiko said sadly. "But she probably had it coming"

Nny shook his head and asked, "Why am I here?"

"Because the road to the spirit word is the place were you died."

"So how do I open it?" Nny asked.

"Just ask it to"

"Um…ok. Open door to spirit world?"

Right in front of them, a large blue portal spiraled out of thin air. "Will we be able to get out?" Nny asked Kumiko.

She nodded. "We can leave when ever you want. Remember, were just checking it out."

"OK" Nny said.

They stepped into the blue portal, only to return next chapter

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