Journey in the Sengoku Era

Chapter 1

Note: Samurai Warriors 2 is owned by Koei/Tecmo and Omega Force my only clams to fame in this story are the actual story and the Origenal Charicter.

"Am I going to die?" was the last thought going through the young mans head, as he was surronded on all sides by members of Mitsunari Ishida's Western Army. Was this the end for the young man, who was far from home, would he die today without his family knowing? To know how we got he we must go to the beggining.

Modern Day inside of a young man's room. The door opens as the young man now identified as Ian due to his nametag walks in to his room.

"What a day at work." He said as he took off his uniform "im going to play some Samurai Warriors 2 before TNA iMPACT!." He turns on his PlayStation 2 to begin playing, but as he turns on the console, it shorts out sending an Electroshock through the controler and in to his body with enough power to knock the young man out, and this is where our journey truly starts.

Sengoku Era:

Ian starts to wake up from the shock then looks around, "Where am I?" He said. "This isn't my house, heck this isn't even my neigborhood." What he doesn't know is that the freak shock sent him to the Sengoku Era on the Battlefield of Mikatagahara where in just a short two days, the armies of the Asakura/Azai would face Tokugawa/Oda in a brutal battle.

As the young man starts to stand he looks to his side and sees a figure holding a Yumi bow. "Who are you?." The figure asks but the young man says nothing. "I will ask again. Who are you?." the figure asked again with an arrow pulled back on the bow. The young man still didn't respond to the inital question but instead asked a question of his own. "Where am I?" He asked. The figure responeds "You are at the Battlefield of Miktagahara where in two days we will meet the Asakura/Azai."

Ian couldn't belive it he somehow travled back in time to the Sengoku Era and not only that he travled back to a battle that rdetermined the future of all four factions involved. The figure finally came up to Ian and tied him up to take him to the Main Camp to explain his situation to Ieyasu Tokugawa.

"You are coming with me." the figgure said as they approuced Ian, that's when our hero saw this figure was a woman no older then he.

Five minutes later at the Main Camp:

This was it Ian would face Ieyasu but he was working through a plan in his head and he hoped it would help him survive.

"My lord." the girl said. "I saw this man in the battlefield i think he maybe an Azai spy." With that said Tokugawa grabbed his spear with a cannon attaced. "Speak boy, why are you here?" This as where Ian would find if his plan would work or not.

"I am a villeger from nearby." The boy said, "I wanted to see the beauty of the fields before they were standed with blood, I am not a spy."

Ieyasu lowered his spear and contemplated the boys words. "Have you no parents?" The proud man of Mikawa asked.

"No," the boy responded "My father fell protecting the land at the start of the War, and my mother passed from illness."

"What is your name?" Ieyasu asked "I wish to know your name." Ian repleid "My Name is E-on Takeda I am a simple farmer from around here, I was also looking to serve you. My Lord, as a Samurai."

This caught Ieyasu off gaurd this unknown kid waas looking to serve him? why? he wasn't as famous as Nobunga Oda, but he was more kind, maybe thats why. "Very well," Tokugawa said. "Someone find Armor and a sword for E-on."

ten minutes later

E-on as he was now called was now wearing blue standerd samurai armor with no kabuto and had a standerd Katana strapped to his side.

"Now i wish to see how well you handle your self." Ieyasu said "You will spar with Tadakatsu Honda."

After that was said a large man wearing siver armor with a dragons tail and a helmet with antlers on it stepped forward and drew his spear.

"Let us see what you got." Honda said as he sped towards E-on.

E-on barly side stepped Honda and slashed at his back but his attack defected off of Honda's armor. "Not bad," Honda said. "but you must do better!" Honda shouted as he turned and lased out at E-on with a sharp stabbing motion, knocking the sword out of E-on's hand, unarmed E-on hit Honda with a roundhouse kick that only aggrevated Honda. "Bad idea." E-on thought as he bairly rolled out of the way from a Honda downward slash.

"You do not fear death?" Honda asked to which E-on replied "Of course i fear death i just hide it," E-on reached for the sword behind him as honda was distracted, "and know i take the upper hand." E-on said as he slashed Honda's hand, forcing him to drop his spear, then he holds the point of his sword near Honda's neck.

"Very impressive E-on." Ieyasu said as he ended the match, "You may be useful as a member of my armies, welcome to the Samurai of Mikawa."

To Be Continued

This story just came to me resently and i thought "Oh yeah, this is a good idea." so heres the first chapter i will come up with more soon.

See ya later.