Title: I Have A Story To Tell
Summary: A selection of Voyager drabbles. Most will be Tom/B'Elanna. There will be other characters and stories popping up. Written for the "Fanfiction Drabble Challenge" on Facebook.
Lyrics: Who's David - Busted

Hello again friends, been a few days since I've posted anything. I've been busy. Mostly been spending time with my new girlfriend. So writing has not been a priority. But since I write these every day, why not focus on posting the Voyager drabbles here. I will also be posting ER drabbles in their own fic too. Yey for me! ~ Shin

Are you sure that you're mine
Aren't you dating other guys
Coz you're so cheap, and I'm not blind
You're not worthy of my time

"Hey" Tom caught up with Harry after they both finished on the bridge. It had been days since they'd had the chance to hang out. He'd been so busy with shifts the spending time with B'Elanna getting ready for the baby coming.

"What's up?" Harry smiled, clapping him on the back as they came to a halt outside the turbo lift.

"Fancy the holodeck tonight?" He asked, with a grin on his face, knowing his best friend wouldn't turn him down on one of his vary rare free nights. The two of them barely had any time together now.

"Sorry I can't, I already have plans"

"I only just found out B'Elanna's working" Tom look dumbfounded. He imagined that he couldn't have looked at Harry with more shock if he'd suddenly sprung two heads.

"Yeah, I'm practicing my concerto with Ablett"

"He's an idiot!" Tom exclaimed as they got in the lift. Continuing to look at Harry confused.

"He's available" Harry looked sympathetically at him, but he wasn't in the mood for sympathy.

"Wait, are we seeing other people?" Tom asked, looking between the doors of the turbolift and the floor.

"We're not dating Tom" Harry replied with a grin as the doors opened and he stepped out.

"Harry…" Tom called after him, feeling his frown deepening as Harry smiled.

"Another night, I promise"

"Fine" Tom grumbled, and wondered if B'Elanna would kill him for bugging her in Engineering all night. He hoped she'd be sympathetic, after all… he'd just been dumped.