A/N: I've been thinking about writing up a Junjou Romantica story for a while now and I've finally worked up the courage. And since Misaki x Usagi is my favorite pairing, I thought 'why not write a story on them?'

Now, my inspiration for this story came to me while I was reading the Junjou Romantica manga (I've seen the anime but I've never read the manga until as of late). And I've been wondering if Misaki had ever be hiding any desires/fantasies from Usagi. So, that one thought spawned and took off from there. So, I hope you enjoy.

Pairing: Misaki x Usagi

Warning: Mild language, OOC moments, an OC will appear, yaoi

Disclaimer: I don't own Junjou Romantica

"Usagi-san, I think we should buy you some new clothes," Misaki said suddenly.

Akihiko looked up from his newspaper to stare at Misaki. His eyes were wide in surprise as Misaki continued to look at him with large eyes. His innocent eyes were glimmering and it made the author want to eat him up. A chuckle came out of his mouth before he started laughing. Misaki blushed brightly and he started to scowl at Akihiko.

"Stop laughing at me, baka Usagi-san!" Misaki shouted.

Akihiko continued to smile and patted the spot next to him, signaling Misaki to sit next to him. The student hesitated before slowly moving towards the couch. He knew that this could potentially lead to something that he wouldn't be able to get himself out of, but he found himself unable to deny Usagi. When Akihiko decided that Misaki was moving too slow, he reached out and pulled the younger boy onto the couch. Misaki gasped in surprise before he started struggling in the author's grip.

Misaki turned his head around to look at Akihiko in shock. "Usagi? What are you doing?"

Akihiko smirked and pulled Misaki's back to his chest. He leaned forward until his lips were caressing the student's ear. "You're so adorable, Misaki," Usagi whispered.

Misaki shivered as Akihiko's warm breath touched his ear. He ducked his head in embarrassment and mumbled out, "I'm not adorable."

Akihiko just chuckled and turned the both of them over until he was straddling Misaki's hips. He smirked down at Misaki, who was biting his bottom lip shyly. Misaki was staring up at Akihiko with wide eyes. A faint blush was dusting his cheeks and he was starting to breathe deeper.

"Usagi-san?" Misaki asked in uncertainty.

"You're so cute Misaki. It makes me want to eat you right now," Usami purred out.

Misaki shot his hands up to the author's chest right after he heard that. He bright red blush was present on his face and Akihiko smirked. He watched with amusement as Misaki tried to push him off. But no matter how hard he pushed, he wasn't strong enough to overpower the author.

All of a sudden, the sound of a doorbell could be heard throughout the apartment. Akihiko spared a glance towards the door and Misaki took this as his chance to escape. However, the author's hand shot out in time to stop Misaki from escaping. While Misaki kicked and shouted, Usagi dragged him upstairs to the bedroom. Misaki ceased struggling for a few seconds when he heard the doorbell ringing again.

"Usagi-san, you're not going to get that?" Misaki asked curiously.

"Anyone who disturbs my time devouring Misaki is not worth answering the door-"


Akihiko chuckled and lifted Misaki up so that he was carrying him bridal style. Misaki instinctively wrapped his arms around the author's neck. He looked into Usami's eyes and stilled. Akihiko slowed down on the stairs until he came to a halt. The two stared at each other before the both of them started to lean towards each other unconsciously. Misaki's eyes started to flutter close and Akihiko held back the urge to chuckle at his lover's cuteness.

Their lips were centimeters away from each other when the front door was broken open. Misaki jumped out of Usagi's arm, tumbling down the stairs until he collapsed at the bottom. He sagged onto the floor in a heap and groaned as he felt several places on his body start to hurt.

"Aikawa, what the hell do you want?" Usagi asked in annoyance.

"Sensei! Today is the ceremony to celebrate your newest book release!" Aikawa exclaimed in excitement.

"Not interested," Usagi said coolly as he walked back down the stairs over to where Misaki was laying on the floor.

Misaki picked his head up and looked up as Akihiko picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. Misaki gasped before he pounded his hands on the author's back.

"Usagi-san! Put me down!" Misaki shouted.

"No can do. It's time for me to refill on Misak-"


Akihiko just chuckled and continued to walk up the stairs. Aikawa ran up after the two men before she was at the top of the stairs. Her arms were held out to block Akihiko's path. The author stopped and glared at his editor. Misaki looked up and his eyes widened as he saw Aikawa standing in front of them.

"Sensei, you have to go to your book release! It's good publicity for you!" Aikawa reasoned.

Akihiko raised an eyebrow. "If you're quite done Aikawa, Misaki and I were just about to go out," Usagi said in a bored tone.

Misaki's eyebrows flew up before he peeked over to Akihiko's face. "Where are we going?" he asked curiously.

Akihiko smirked and asked slyly, "Didn't you say we were going out to get me some clothes?"

Misaki blushed brightly before he bowed his head in embarrassment. Akihiko chuckled and placed a hand on Misaki's head in comfort. He turned his gaze back to Aikawa.

"So, as you can see Aikawa, I'm going to be busy for the rest of the day," Akihiko said, not regretful in the least. He then moved his attention back to Misaki, who was blushing even brighter now. He pecked his lover's cheek and nearly laughed as Misaki's eyes fluttered.

Aikawa nodded her head absently before she blinked her eyes a couple of times. She watched the moment between Misaki and Akihiko before she squealed.

"Eeeee! You two are just so cute!" Aikawa squealed. "Okay, I'll come back Akihiko-san. But I want a manuscript with all the details from today."

"Alright," Akihiko promised without blinking an eyelash.


Misaki and Akihiko walked out of the fifth clothing store. Misaki sighed and collapsed to the ground. "Why is it so hard trying to find clothing for you, Usagi-san?" Misaki asked.

"Perhaps because my tastes only revolve around Misaki-chan-"

"Don't call me Misaki-chan! And you need to learn how to buy clothing for yourself. You can't just go around in a suit for the rest of your life," Misaki chastised Akihiko softly.

Akihiko spared a glance at Misaki before he looked up ahead. "Well, if Misaki would let me have my way-"

"Don't even complete that sentence," Misaki growled out.

Akihiko chuckled and held out his hand. "Well there is one last store that we haven't gone into yet," he said mysteriously.

Misaki looked up at Usagi innocently. "Which store is that?"

Akihiko pointed across the street and Misaki followed his finger. His eyes looked at the store before he scowled.

"Hell no."

Akihiko stared at Misaki with expressionless eyes and Misaki knew that what he had just said went in one ear and out the other. He felt the vein in his head start to twitch in annoyance. He hated when Usagi decided to just do what he wanted without thinking about how his choices will affect others. The author needed to learn to be more considerate of others.

All of a sudden, Akihiko grabbed onto Misaki's hand and he began to drag him across the street. However, the author seemed to forget that cars were driving throughout the street. He also seemed to forget that traffic was especially busy today, since they were in the middle of the city during the weekend. Misaki nearly had a heart attack dodging all the cars that were rushing towards the two. And in one instance, Akihiko was almost ran over by a car, a truck, and a motorcycle. Luckily though, Misaki was paying attention and dragged the author out of the way of his immediate death.

Misaki collapsed to the ground once they reached the other side. He was breathing deeply and he could feel his face grow red. His heart was pounding rapidly, so rapidly that it felt as if it would leap out of his throat at any minute. Akihiko was kneeling down next to him, a comforting hand rubbing his back.

Misaki looked up and glowered at Akihiko. "If you do that to me again, I will not hesitate to send you to the couch for the next year," Misaki threatened.

Akihiko just stared at Misaki, but the student saw the flash of fear shining in the author's eyes. Threatening to take way sex was one effective tactic that Misaki constantly used nowadays to get what he wanted. Well, he didn't use it all the time, but he did utilize it when necessary. Placing a hand on Usagi's back, Misaki pushed himself up. He staggered when he got to his feet and Akihiko helped him keep his balance. Once he was steady on his feet, Misaki looked up at the shop and sighed.

"Must we really go inside here?" he asked in defeat.

"Misaki wanted to buy me clothes. So, I want some clothes from here," Usagi said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"There's a difference between casual clothes and stuff you wear for...that," Misaki said with a blush on his face.

"For what? Do you mean sex?" Usagi asked slyly, his breath caressing Misaki's ear.

"DON'T SAY THAT OUT LOUD! And we're in public, so get BACK!" Misaki shouted, pushing Akihiko away from his body.

"So are so cute," Usagi cooed at Misaki.

"Men aren't cute! Men are handsome!" Misaki argued.

Akihiko smirked and Misaki knew that he had dug himself a hole now. The author started to advance on Misaki with a predatory look on his face, causing the younger boy to back up. He was only to go back so far though, until his back came into contact with the glass window of the store. He looked back briefly before looking forward. Akihiko was leaning down in his face, with noses barely touching each other. Their eye connected with each other and Misaki's breath started to pick up.

Misaki felt a blush start to come to his cheeks. Akihiko smirked at the student's shyness and leaned down father until his lips were brushing against Misaki's. The younger male's face burst into a red blush, stretching from his ears down to his neck.

"I wonder how far that blush stretches to," Usagi though to himself.

Misaki sucked in a breath when he saw a flash of lust go through Usagi's eyes. Swallowing deeply, he leaned up slightly to kiss the author gently. Akihiko froze as he felt Misaki's lips touch his. His fingers grazed his lips and he looked down in surprise. Misaki had slipped out of his grasp and was standing near the entrance of the shop. His head was lowered, so Akihiko couldn't see the emotions that passed over the student's face. However, he had a good idea what was going on in his lover's mind.

Walking up, Akihiko took Misaki in his arms. He sighed in happiness and hugged the other tightly.

"I love you Misaki," Usagi said in glee.

"Must you start up with that now?" Misaki mumbled in embarrassment before hiding his face in Akihiko's chest.

Akihiko chuckled. "I love you Misaki. I love you so much that my heart can't seem to hold all of my love for you," Usagi confessed.

Misaki blushed in embarrassment. "Don't say that out loud, it's embarrassing," he said softly.

Despite his arguments, his heart was fluttering in happiness. He felt the corner of his mouth twitch and he knew he was starting to smile. So, in order to hide it, he burrowed his face further in the author's chest. The two relaxed against each other, comforted with each other's presence.

"Misaki? Is that you?"

Misaki tore himself from Akihiko's grasp and looked up in surprise. A pink blur flew from the shop that they were standing in front of and it jumped into his arms. Misaki tumbled to the ground and grunted as a weight settled on his stomach. Groaning in pain, Misaki looked up only to still.

A male, probably around his age or older, was straddling his hips. The male was grinning at him and his eyes were glimmering brightly. At first glance, Misaki probably wouldn't have recognized him at all. The only thing that gave away the male's identity was the long, orange hair flowing over his shoulders.

"Yuuri-sempai?" Misaki asked in shock.

The man, known as Yuuri, grinned at Misaki brightly. He hugged Misaki tightly and cried in happiness. "Oh, I'm so happy Misaki-chan remembers me!"

A cough could be heard from above them and Misaki looked up slowly. Akihiko was glaring at the both of them- well, he was glaring at Yuuri anyway. Yuuri glanced back at Usagi briefly before he smiled. Standing up, Yuuri held out his hand.

"Hello, I'm Yuuri Satou. It's nice to meet you Usami-san," Yuuri said politely while bowing.

Akihiko observed Yuuri's hand before taking it begrudgingly. Misaki sighed in relief, although he knew that the two were going to butt heads pretty soon. Usagi seemed to always get jealous of any male that came near him, especially if he were friends with them.

Misaki and Yuuri had known each other ever since they were little boys. They had lived next to each other and went to the same school for most of their lives. While they were growing up, Yuuri thought of himself as Misaki's 'protector.' Since Misaki was known to attract unnecessary attention to himself, Yuuri often had to watch out for the other. And over the years, Misaki had grown to depend on Yuuri's opinion and protection. But once they graduated from junior high, Yuuri suddenly had to go overseas to study law for five years. And while this disappointed Misaki greatly, he knew that this was the time when he could finally learn to be independent- of course Takahiro believed differently.

"What are you doing here Yuuri? I thought you were studying overseas," Misaki pointed out curiously.

Pulling back his hand from Akihiko's grasp, Yuuri grinned at Misaki. "Well, school is amazing overseas and everything, but it was just so boring without my Misaki-chan to entertain me," Yuuri whined.

Misaki felt his eye twitch. "Don't call me Misaki-chan. And why would you waste such a good opportunity?"

Yuuri smiled gently at Misaki. "I just wasn't interested in what I was learning. So, I decided to come back and start up a shop. Ever since then, it's been pretty successful," Yuuri confessed.

Misaki's eyes grew wide. "Really? What shop did you open?"

Yuuri turned and held out his hand. "This shop right here. Hidden Desires. You want to check it out?" Yuuri asked innocently.

Misaki froze and looked at the shop. He narrowed his eyes and said, "You can't be serious."

"Oh, but I am. And since you're my best friend, I can give you a discount and everything," Yuuri purred out sweetly.

Akihiko looked at Yuuri in surprise and asked, "Really? What kind of things do you carry inside?"

"Oh, well..," Yuuri trailed off, describing all the different merchandise in the shop.

Akihiko seemed to be interested in what the products in the store were and Misaki knew that was a bad sign. He knew that the author was thinking of what to buy so that he could torture the poor student when they got home. Misaki sighed in defeat. Something told him that he'd be sore for the next month or so. He heard Akihiko exclaim in excitement and Misaki looked up. His eyes widened as he saw Usagi writing down everything in a notepad.

Misaki's eye twitched slightly. "They're both a bunch of perverts," he thought to himself.

"Misaki-chan, come on! I want to give you both the grand tour," Yuuri shouted from inside the shop.

Misaki snapped out of his thoughts and sighed. He walked towards the shop and opened the door. Looking around, Misaki's eyes widened at the decor. Baby blue wallpaper lined the walls and the shop had a warm atmosphere all around. Looking around, Misaki saw all of the outfits and looked around curiously. Unlike the perverted outfits he was expecting, there were regular and normal clothing lining the shelves and hangers.

"If your looking for the good stuff, it's all in the back," Yuuri whispered in Misaki's ear.

"WHO THE HELL SAID I'M LOOKING FOR THAT?" Misaki asked in horror.

Yuuri held up a finger. "No need to shout. I can tell from your expression, you're curious as to why I have regular clothing here."

Misaki blushed and lowered his head. "I am not," he mumbled under his breath.

"Yes you are. Misaki, I'm your best friend. You can't hide anything from me," Yuuri teased.

Misaki slowly nodded his head in agreement but kept quiet. Yuuri smiled and pointed towards the back of the store. "Your boyfriend should be somewhere back there."

Misaki walked away from Yuuri, his face still burning in embarrassment. He walked towards the back of the store, in search for Akihiko. The author had mysteriously disappeared, although Misaki had a guess as to where he went off to. Looking around, Misaki saw a door a few feet away. Looking back to make sure that Yuuri wasn't following behind him- Yuuri likes to do that kind of thing- Misaki opened the door and walked inside.

A/N: Well, I was originally planning on this being a oneshot but due to circumstances, this is turning into a longer work (no more than three chapters. So I shouldn't call it a long work, per say). But I promise the good stuff will be happening later in the story. There is a reason for me rating this as mature.

Now a little more detail on Yuuri. He's an OC (obviously). His appearance came out of nowhere really (I was watching Cry Cry by T-ara and one of the girls has long orange/red hair. So, that's where the distinguishable hair color and length comes from (yes, I know I modeled Yuuri after a girl even though he's a boy. I'm weird that way). Yuuri has no romantic feelings for Misaki, so don't worry. He just likes to tease Misaki and he thinks of him as a younger brother who needs guidance. As for the shop he owns...it'll be described more in detail later on, I promise.