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One Month Later

"Usagi-san, I'm home," Misaki said as he walked into the house.

"Hmm," Usagi said absentmindedly from his spot on the couch.

Akihiko was staring at the TV, not even blinking once. He vaguely heard Misaki entering the room, but his attention was focused primarily on what he was watching. He heard Misaki say something else and he just grunted again.

Misaki raised an eyebrow at Usagi's answer and dropped his bag by the door. Shedding his coat, he hung it up on the coat rack before making his way over to where the author was sitting. He could barely hear the sound of moans and panting. Narrowing his eyes in suspicion, Misaki made his way over to the couch. He stopped dead when he recognized his face on the screen. His eyes grew wide as he realized that Usagi was watching the tape that Yuuri had recorded of them about a month ago.

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING THAT?" Misaki shouted at Usagi in outrage, a light blush on his cheeks.

"Misaki hasn't let me use the camera that Yuuri gave us, so I have to use this to relive the memories," Akihiko reasoned.

Misaki flushed in anger and embarrassment before taking in a deep breath. He would have to kill Yuuri later for even giving them the camera in the first place. He didn't even want to use that stupid camera anyway. It was abnormal, weird, and completely invading. Not to mention, he constantly felt a feeling of sensitivity around the camera. Having it sit there, recording his every move...it made him feel uncomfortable. But he had to admit, it also made him feel...more adventurous.

Shaking his head, Misaki tried to banish those thoughts from his head. He shouldn't give Usagi a reason to use the camera. The author would surely abuse his new-found power and that wouldn't be good from Misaki at all. Therefore, there was no reason to feel guilty about not using the camera. Nope, not one reason. But then, Misaki was still confused why there was a pit of guilt settling in his stomach.

He bit his lip and looked over to the TV, causing him to blush. He looked and acted completely different then was on the tape. And he shouldn't be feeling horny just by watching himself on TV. But, he found that his jeans were becoming a bit too tight.

Groaning in defeat, Misaki looked over at Usagi. "If I promise to let you use the camera, will you promise to NEVER watch these videos in here anymore?" Misaki asked carefully.

Akihiko snapped his head up at Misaki in shock. The student had his head bowed, avoiding the author's gaze. He had to admit, he didn't expect to hear that. But he sure as hell wasn't about to complain. Akihiko smirked and stood up, shutting off the TV in the meantime. Misaki's eyes moved over to the author and his breath hitched unconsciously. Akihiko leaned down and placed his finger under Misaki's chin, lifting the younger male's face up so that they were looking at each other.

"I promise," Akihiko said in a husky voice.

"Was...t-this part of t-the agreement-AHH!" Misaki asked before he twitched in pleasure.

Akihiko just chuckled while he pulled out the camera from the closet. He quickly set the camera in a favorable angle and turned it on. He them moved so that he could look through the lens. His eyes widened considerably as he zeroed in on Misaki's cock. Swallowing subconsciously, Akihiko went back to starting up the camera. Now was not the time to lose control.

Once he was sure that everything was set up, he moved over to where Misaki was laying in the bed. He licked his lips at the display in front of him.

Misaki was tied to the headboard, his arms tied over his head. His legs were gaped open and shaking at the constant buzzing going through his body. His face was flushed a deep red and his lips were full from all the kissing they had done prior to getting into the bed. Moving his gaze downward, Akihiko stopped momentarily to observe Misaki's nipples. They were completely hard, sticking up as if they were begging to be licked and nibbled. His gaze continued onward until he reached Misaki's cock. It was dripping wet, a small puddle of pre-come already forming on Misaki's stomach. Moving forward slightly, the author reached out until the tips of his fingers were teasing the head of Misaki's erection. The student twitched before he whimpered in arousal.

Humming in approval, Akihiko moved over to looked at Misaki's entrance. The puckered skin protecting the entrance was constantly twitching around the vibrator that Usagi placed inside of his lover. It wasn't a large vibrator, although Usagi had no doubt that Misaki would be able to handle a bigger toy. But based on the student's reaction to the vibrating toy, he wasn't complaining one bit.

Licking his lips slowly, Akihiko leaned down and traced the skin around the vibrating toy. Misaki gasped loudly before arching his back. The author smirked and wrapped his fingers around the vibrator before slowly pulling it out. Misaki whimpered slightly and unconsciously tensed his body. His body was unconsciously trying to keep the toy inside of him. Seeing his reaction, the author slowed down his pace until he was completely still, the toy still vibrating inside of Misaki.

Akihiko lifted his other hand and cradled Misaki's face. Misaki opened his eyes and smiled slightly at Usagi. Akihiko smiled back and leaned down to capture Misaki's lips in a gentle kiss. Akihiko broke the kiss seconds later and stared straight into Misaki's eyes.

"It's time for me to refill on Misaki," Akihiko said seriously.

Misaki stared at Usagi in astonishment before he screamed in shock and pleasure. Akihiko slammed the vibrator deep into Misaki's entrance. He pumped in and out a couple more times before he pressed it right against Misaki's prostate. It buzzed against Misaki's prostate, causing the student to twitch sharply. Akihiko smirked darkly before he ripped the toy from Misaki's body. The student squirmed on the bed and whined deep in his throat. He could feel his entrance gaping open and it embarrassed him greatly.

Licking his fingers thoroughly, Akihiko chuckled at Misaki's reaction. "You sure are desperate, Misaki. What do you want me to do now?"

Misaki whimpered softly and turned his head away from Akihiko's gaze. The author just chuckled and removed his fingers from his mouth. Connecting his eyes with Misaki, Akihiko moved his hand down to the student's entrance. Misaki shivered and moved his gaze over to the camera. His breath hitched before he looked back at Usagi. The author noticed his look and smirked.

"Yes, it's recording right now. It's capturing how naughty and debauched you're acting right now. And it's capturing how hungry your entrance is for my fingers," Usagi said in a rough voice, trailing fingers around Misaki's entrance before slamming them inside roughly.

Misaki tilted his head back and moaned loudly. His eyes were wide open in shock before he snapped his head down to look at Usagi. The author just ignored his look and continued to pump his fingers in Misaki's entrance quickly. He quickly added another finger and watched Misaki's expression closely.

Misaki immediately noticed when Usagi added another finger. He bit his lip to keep himself from letting out any noises but it was in vain. His moans and pants left his mouth, leaving him feeling more exposed and vulnerable. Akihiko growled deep in hos throat and smirked at Misaki's failed attempts at hiding his moans. Deciding that he had teased Misaki enough, Akihiko removed his fingers from Misaki's entrance. He then untied Misaki and positioned him in front of the camera.

"Look up at the camera Misaki," Usagi whispered in Misaki's ear.

Looking up in a daze, Misaki's eyes connected with the camera. He whined softly before he started to squirm in place. He could feel his body start to heat up and he let out a shuddering breath.

"Usagi-san...," Misaki said breathlessly.

Akihiko moved behind Misaki and wrapped his arms around him. His hands were sprawled across the student's chest, flicking at his nipples lightly. Misaki leaned against Usagi and shut his eyes in pleasure. He can feel his erection tightening and he unconsciously begins to move his hand down to his cock. His fingers wrap around his arousal and he begins to tug at it to release himself from some of the pressure.

Akihiko watches as Misaki masturbated in front of the camera and he can feel himself getting harder. Unable to keep hold of his control any longer, Usagi lined himself up with Misaki's entrance. Without skipping a beat, Akihiko thrust into Misaki, causing Misaki to tense. Misaki gritted his teeth, surprised by the sudden insertion. Taking in a deep breath, Misaki tried to calm his body as best as he could.

Misaki tilted his head back, resting it on Usagi's shoulder. He moaned loudly as Akihiko pulled him closer, pushing his cock in deeper as a result. Misaki whimpered and opened his eyes slightly. He noticed that he was right in front of the camera and a burst of heat flowed through him. Unable to close his eyes now, Misaki kept eye contact with the lens. He moaned deep in his throat when Usagi started to thrust. Pushing his hips back, Misaki met Usagi's thrusts as best as he could.

Misaki tilted his head back and reached his arm back to grab onto Usagi's hair. He pulled the author towards him and the two kissed deeply. Misaki's moaned into the author's mouth as their thrusts continued on. Akihiko moved one of his hands towards Misaki's cock and he teased the base lightly. Instead of grabbing onto the student's erection though, Akihiko reached down to cup the younger male's balls. He rolled his in his hands gently before he squeezed them.

Misaki arched his back as he came hard. His eyes clenched shut and his mouth fell open. Akihiko felt his breath leave him as he watched Misaki orgasm all of a sudden. He then grunted as Misaki's entrance clenched around his cock. Unable to hold on to his control any longer, Usagi grabbed onto Misaki's hips and started thrusting into Misaki harshly.

Misaki whined, his entire body now sensitive after his climax. His body kept on tensing up and he was shaking slightly. After a few thrusts, Misaki felt Usagi give one more thrust before he buried himself deep inside. Seconds later, Misaki felt Usagi's cock twitch inside of him before a liquid filled his entrance. Whimpering, Misaki slumped onto the bed in exhaustion.

Akihiko picked up Misaki and moved over to the center of the bed. Misaki stared at Usagi with a glazed look before he reached up towards the author. Looking at his lover in confusion, Akihiko leaned down. He blinked in surprise when Misaki wrapped his arms around him.

"Misaki?" Akihiko asked curiously.

"M'tired. Sleep," Misaki said before falling asleep.

Akihiko looked down at Misaki before he smiled. He slipped out of Misaki's arms and moved over to the camera. Making sure that the camera caught everything, Akihiko turned the camera off and moved back towards the bed.

Misaki felt the vein in his forehead start to twitch as he watched Usagi pile several new tapes in front of him. Blinking once, Misaki looked up at Akihiko with an annoyed expression on his face.

"And what do you expect to do with these tapes?" Misaki asked.

"To record my Misaki, of course-"

"LIKE HELL YOU ARE!" Misaki shouted.

Akihiko leaned down and stared straight in Misaki eyes, causing the other to squirm. Misaki kept his eyes connected with Usagi's though, not willing to back down just yet. However, the author decided that it was unacceptable and kissed Misaki softly on the lips.

"I love you Misaki," Usagi whispered in the student's ears.

Misaki blushed a deep red. He hated when the author said that, because it made him feel weak on his knees. It also made it harder for him to scold the author when he did something wrong. But, deep inside of his heart, it also made him feel happy. He felt loved and cared for, although the author didn't need to know that little fact. Not yet anyway.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going to make breakfast. What do you want?" Misaki asked in embarrassment.

"I want-"

"You know what, don't finish that sentence. I'll just fix up whatever I see around here and you can eat that," Misaki said, a large blush coming to his face.

Akihiko just smirked while he leaned against the couch. His eyes moved back to the large bag of tapes before his smirk grew larger. He couldn't wait until he could have some fun with Misaki again. Especially with the new lens that Yuuri gave him today.


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