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Summary: Deeks gets a offer to lead a team of FBI agents to try and capture a team of deadly international drug and weapon dealer and somewhere along the line there is something that goes horribly wrong and Deeks and his team fight for their life at it

Deeks finishes his finally paperwork for the day and heads to Hetty office and knocks on the pillar there and she looks up to see him standing there, "Yes Mr. Deeks?"

He hands her the file that she had given him a while back before she had left for Prague, "I finally made my decision to sign the papers."

She looks over everything to ensure all was signed right, "Welcome to NCIS then Agent Deeks. I will turn in your resignation to LAPD."

He takes his new badge and heads for his car seeing everyone has gone home for the night already and once he gets home can see someone standing by his front door and once can see the figure he shakes his head as grabs his house keys, "Fornell what owe this pleasure at almost midnight?"

Fornell follows him inside, "FBI director wants to talk to you tonight."

He shakes his head and dumps his backpack on the ground just wanting to sleep for a few hours and then go surfing in the morning for first time in 5 weeks, "Fornell just got back from a month long OP and in desperate need of some normal sleep so in morning."

He shakes his head not wanting to take no for an answer already knowing was going to be along night, "Tonight Deeks."

Deeks groans as he grabs bottle of water and follow the FBI agent to his SUV and slide in the passenger seat and they leave, "Why is it every time I see you its that you always want something and ends up with me in huge trouble and a bullet or more stitches?"

Fornell shakes his head as the rest of the ride is quiet and they pull up to the LA office of the FBI and walk inside and head to the office and he knocks and pops his head inside and smirks, "Jack he's here and ready to kill one or both of us right now I think."

Deeks rolls his eyes and walks into the office, "Director always wonderful to see you at midnight on a Friday."

The director hands him a cup of coffee, "Deeks need you help to take down these men," he hands him a file. "This is a FBI case and we are bringing just you in because you have experience the knowledge of this group and giving you a team."

Deeks runs a hand through his shaggy hair, "Adam you brought me down here after work for this? I am to tired to think ask me in the morning."

He shakes his head, "They have a 4-year-old girl in the compound only you know the location is and afraid that she maybe dead in days and that's where you come in and help us take down them before they continue what they tried 4 years ago and got 12 kids and 4 agents dead."

He rests his head in his hands, "Really know how to put me on the spot don't you. Director, I can't just leave ain't LAPD anymore but NCIS as of a hour ago."

He sighs understanding what he was saying, "I will deal with Hetty and you wont have to worry about your place and you leave in 30 for DC."

Deeks raises an eyebrow, "That don't give me much time to do anything."

"Than best get to doing things and meet here in 30."

Deeks glares at both men and takes the keys from Fornell and heads back to his place and packs enough clothes for a while and writes a note


Sorry but something came up and had to leave immediately and not sure when will be back and had to rush and will contact you soon as I can. Thank you for taking care of Monty since I know you will take him in while I am away and do hope to see you soon!

Your partner, Deeks

He sighs and sets the note on the counter and feeds Monty and scratches his belly, "Don't worry buddy as long as you don't pig out should last until tomorrow night since Kensi will worry when don't show for our movie night but make sure she finds the note and behave until then," he then grabs his black wallet that uses for undercover work and puts two pictures inside secret pocket and heads back to headquarters knowing his partner was going to be furious when he saw her again.

Director and Fornell are in the conference room with the team they have assembled waiting for him to return, "Director why is it none of us are team leader?" Dan asked.

He sighs again waiting for Deeks whose late and walks in the room and looks around and drops his backpack and duffle bag on the table, "Morning all."

The group start to laugh, "Wait your sending us with a probie agent much less lead agent and Jorge and Dan have 10 years on him."

Fornell shakes his head knowing what they meant by under esitimating him but from experience knows Deeks is tougher then he looked and good at what he did with NCIS, "Agent Marty Deeks meet your team. Senior agents Mark Lyons and Ryan Toner. Junior agents Jake Reyes and Daniel Petry and your technical/intelligence analyst Jorge Parker. Now play nice and not kill him either, His boss wants him back in one piece or hell to pay otherwise."

They all shake hands with each other, "So how are you exactly?" Lyons asked him.

Deeks shakes his head, "32 and can handle myself very well in anything that comes my way."

Jorge looks over the new guy, "What we call you? Call us Mark, Ryan, Jake, Dan and Jorge."

He nods and sits down drinking some coffee, "Just Deeks is fine and when we leave Tobias?"

Fornell rolls his eyes, "Be nice or will let them kill you but leave in 5 so get moving."

Deeks watches them leave, "Fornell can you do me a favor?" He nods and hands him a envelop. "Make sure someone knows I left and takes care of Monty."

"Deeks you better be safe with these guys. Their not like Callen and his team but hard asses and no sense of humors."

Monday morning, Kensi walks into the bullpen all pissed off and see Sam and Callen sitting there staring at someone sitting at her partners desk, "Whose the new guy and where in the hell is Deeks? So I can kill him in so many different ways."

Sam and Callen try and hold back their laughter as Hetty walks in, "Mr. Deeks has taken sometime off for now."

They all look at her confused, "Why?" Kensi asked all her anger for her partner is replaced with worry.

"Seems he has taken a case somewhere that even I don't have the clearance to know about and this is new partner Rick Tomas."

She groans and sees an envelop on her desk and opens it


I am sorry that broke the movie night but was pulled into a nasty case from years ago and much before I knew you. I am glad that you are taking Monty since I have no idea when will be back and he likes you. Take care and watch out for your new partner.

Your partner, Deeks

Sam and Callen look at her confused, "Who that from?" Sam asked her.

She shakes her head putting in in her back pocket, "Deeks who said had no idea when he was coming back and that was an old nasty case from before he knew us."

Callen nods recalling how long he had been working with them, "That was 4 years ago today that he joined the team though."

She sighs and grabs her keys and heads towards the door, "Where are you going?" Sam asked.

She rolls her eyes, "He never came to movie night on saturday or met up for our morning run and thought he was just sleeping in and now know why which means need to pick Monty up before he starves to death and don't want to listen to him complain about how killed the damn dog." She pulls up to Deeks place and see his car still there and uses her spare key and open the door and Monty rushes over and she pets him on the head and grabs his food and bowl and finds the note and heads back to the Mission, "What Sam?"

He shakes his head thinking something was up, "Just seems weird he left right after our case was over with."

Callen nods in agreement and is thinking the same thing, "It's Deeks and probably was because of something to do with LAPD."

Kensi walks over and drops her keys on her desk, "He left his car and regular phone at home."

A/N: Deeks and his team get to know each other and their case and try and learn to get along with each other