Chapter 14

*Niku's Perspective*

"Where are you taking me?" I asked the pink haired girl who refused to speak and continued to drag me towards some manor house.

Just as before, she looked back at me with an innocent and playful smile, like a child who wanted to play something even though she appeared just about my age. She couldn't have been a mute, because I could hear her giggling...

"I'm sorry, I have to go!" I pleaded with her. It wouldn't be much longer before Emelline and Eri would return...

As we turned the corner leading towards the path to the front of the manor, the girl gave a mischievous smile- almost sinister as she suddenly pulled me incredibly hard and sent me stumbling up along the path, crashing right into an Elvaan girl who had just walked out of the house.

"Waaah! Forgive meee!" I wailed as it all happened so fast. The poor girl couldn't have been expecting to be attacked like that within seconds of leaving her home...

When we finally stopped tumbling, I found myself unintentionally looming over the purple haired girl as she laid there with a dumbfounded and shocked expression on her face.

Since we had tumbled over a stone path with her wearing a skirt and blouse, she ended up getting a few scrapes on her knee and shoulder.

Unsurprisingly, there was no sign of the evil pink haired girl anymore...

"I'M SO SORRY!" I gasped as I began to get up off of her and to reach into my satchel for some safety bandages I kept with me.

But before I could even push myself off of her, I felt her arms suddenly wrap around my waist tightly. She kept me pressed against her as she looked up at me and narrowed her eyes with a light smile. "You know, that really hurt... I think my knee might be bleeding."

"I... I know, I'm... sorry," I stuttered nervously as I looked back at her with reddening cheeks. Why was she holding me this way?

"That was very rude of you, you know... I thought Mithran folk were supposed to be more agile. I guess that only runs in the females," she said in a soft voice. Despite being a teenager, she seemed to possess more lady-like features over the other young Elvaan girls. "You know you're going to have to make it up to me... or else I'll scream and say that you attacked an innocent girl walking out of her home."

"I-I... what? But... I didn't mean it," I whimpered, scared that I might get in deep trouble for this. "There was a girl who- but she disappeared and- oh, no... please don't do that," I pleaded quietly, trying to keep my voice down. "I'll do anything... just please, let me bandage those scrapes for you..."

"Oh? Anything, you say?" She gave me a slight smile, raising a brow and giggling quietly. "Fine, I'll let you take care of my wounds... but not with bandages. You're a Mithra, aren't you? In that case, I think it'd be best if you were to lick my wounds better, so that they could heal faster..."

My eyes went wide as she brought up that suggestion. I was immediately reminded of the time I accidentally spilled hot tea over my chest and how Eri tried to lick it better like some Mithra do...

My face was absolutely beet red as I looked off to the side. "But... I can't do something... like that."

She tightened her arms around my waist and brought me closer, giving me a little pout. "Oh, too bad... so sad. Then, excuse me while I..."

She began taking in a deep breath, getting ready to scream.

"Wait! Please!" I shut my eyes as I stopped her just in time. "I... I'll do it."

She exhaled quietly and smiled. "That is very sweet of you..."

Gosh, she spoke as if she gave me a choice.

"Come on then, or the blood will dry," she said, taking my hand as we got up off the ground and led me back towards the front door of her manor.

I blinked as I followed reluctantly, looking up at the size of the residence. "We... we have to go in there?"

She giggled, shooting me a wink. "Well, unless you wanted to put on a show for everyone out here..."

My ears drooped as I lowered my gaze. "I... understand."

To my surprise, it was empty inside. There were no servants or family like I expected to be, unless they were out.

"Right over there," she said in an oddly sweet tone, pointing at a large and comfortable chair in the center of the common room. "Start with my knee first, then move on to my shoulder," she explained with another smile, plopping herself down comfortably, pulling her skirt back enough so that her knee was exposed. "Be gentle..."

I stood there by the door fiddling with the end of my tail, not having moved much since we walked in. I can't believe I was actually going to do something like this. But if I didn't... I'd be in big trouble, and everybody would think I'm some kind of dangerous pervert...

… I couldn't let Emelline think of me like that...

or Eri.

Looking up from the floor at her knee, I gulped and anxiously made my way over to the purple haired Elvaan girl.

Making sure all of the windows weren't open, I lowered myself to my knees and brought my face towards the scrapes on her knee. I wanted this to be over as soon as possible, but I had to be gentle... or I'd only make it worse.

So closing my eyes, I dubiously slipped a bit of my tongue out of my mouth and began to lick at her knee with small, slow strokes.

"Oh," she brought her hand to her cheek, looking half-away but keeping her eyes locked down on me shyly as she felt the warm and wet sensation taming the burn. "It feels better... but don't stop yet."

For a few seconds, there was nothing but silence and the sound of my tongue brushing against her knee scrape until she giggled shyly and pulled her knee away. "Good kitten... what a good technique you Mithran folk possess, hee-hee," she smiled, her face just as red as mine as she wiggled her shoulder out from underneath her blouse sleeve. "Do my shoulder next, kitten."

I was practically trembling with anxiety at what was going on right now. It felt like any second now I was going to pass out. I could feel my forehead glistening with sweat.

I just need to do her shoulder next, and then I can go...

Nodding silently, I pushed myself up off the floor inhaling and exhaling as I prepared myself to lick there. This had to be more intimate than the knee licking, being right on the shoulder and everything...

She continued to smile at me with those narrow and lustful eyes, bringing her fingernail to her lips as she watched me bring my tongue out once more to take care of the scrapes on her shoulder.

"Mn..." I uttered in embarassment as I licked her, turning my gaze away and wishing I could just turn my whole red face away.

"Ah, there... it's so good," she sighed out, "I can feel the pain fading away."

I kept getting vivid images of Emelline leaning forward to kiss me like she had the night before while this happened...

I don't know why, but I just felt so... dirty. And guilty.

Finally pulling her shoulder away, the girl fixed her blouse sleeve back on over her shoulder and licked her lips. "There is one final spot you need to take care of before you're good to go," she started as she waved her finger at the door towards herself, seemingly motioning to someone else.

When I turned to look in surprise, I saw that it was that pink haired girl from before. Had she been standing there watching this whole time?

"Momo? Will you come over here for a second?" The Elvaan girl called her.

"What...?" I asked nervously as the other girl nodded, giving a cheerful smile and hopping along towards the other, tugging my tail playfully along the way.

Taking the pink haired girl known as Momo by the collar, the Elvaan girl licked her own lips and giggled. "Will you give me a bittersweet kiss, Momo?"

Momo smiled excitedly and nodded, hugging the other girl and nuzzling her as if they were lovers of some sort. Not only that, but right after, Momo pressed her lips against the other girl and locked each other into a deep kiss.

I could only stand there wide-eyed, face flustering upon seeing two girls kiss like that and one of them- Momo, biting into her friend's lower lip gently with what appeared to be fangs.

Wincing slightly as they sunk in, the Elvaan girl gave a tiny moan into the kiss before pulling back and running her fingers through Momo's pink hair. "Thank you... now then, Niku," she called my name as she looked at me with droplets of blood on her lips, "Come clean my lips."

Her lips!

"B-But... you said...!" I began to protest, not long before I felt Momo's arms around my waist and her chest up against my back. How could she get behind me so fast without me even noticing!

As she laid her chin over my shoulder, the pink haired girl smiled happily and giggled. She walked against me, forcing me to go forward towards the Elvaan girl.

"No... I can't," I whispered, shaking my head. "I can't do that...! I won't do that!"

I yelled, somehow catching them by surprise as I felt Momo's arms give away. Taking that chance, I bolted straight for the door and fled.

And I kept running without stopping, even after I was out of the district that the manor resided in. Even after I was sure that nobody was following me.

As I made it past the Auction House, I could see Emelline there waiting in line, probably having just arrived from her campaign operations and selling some junk.

I don't know if it was because my mind was racing so much or not, but as I ran up to the unsuspecting Emelline, I threw my arms around her.

As she stared at me in disbelief, she had naught even a second to call my name before I pressed my lips against hers and kissed her.

I was lost at that moment. All the guilt and the strange feelings I was just having all began to wash away...

She pulled back blushing and in confusion, attempting to speak once more, "Nik-!-Mmph!"


I couldn't help it. Emelline...