Title: Alone on the Moors
Prompt: a_writing_muse prompt #2 – "Euphoria", on Livejournal
Character/Pairing: Andromeda
Rating: G
Word Count: 431


Andromeda was fourteen the first time she dared to go up to the moors alone.

She lay in bed, unable to sleep, toying with the idea of going outside for a long time before she finally threw her blankets back and tiptoed out of the bedroom she shared with her sisters. As she closed the door, she heard movement and froze, but it was only Bellatrix shifting in bed.

The corridors of Black Manor were cold and silent, and Andromeda shivered a little as she tiptoed barefoot down the sweeping staircase, through the kitchens and out into the gardens.

The night air felt cool and pleasant on her skin. She sighed with pleasure, picking up her skirts and padding down the cobblestones of the garden path.

At first, Andromeda only intended to circle the garden a few times then returned to bed, but as she approached the low wall that she and Bellatrix had climbed over so many times to go out onto the moors together, she found herself hesitating. Bellatrix had warned her not to leave the Manor grounds alone, but what could be so terrible out there? Andromeda was sure she could fight off anything or anyone who tried to attack her if she needed to.

Her heart hammered as she approached the wall, slowly hoisting herself and dropping herself on the other side. She winced – the ground was rocky, sharp stones and twigs and grasses digging into her sensitive bare feet. She should have thought to bring shoes…

Too late for that now. Andromeda didn't fancy going back in and risking being caught. Squinting in the pale moonlight, she made out the path she and Bellatrix sometimes travelled, and picked up her nightdress, making her way gingerly to the trampled ground.

From there, it was easy to make her way up to the crest of the nearest hill. As she stood on it, looking out over the Manor, thin tendrils of mist twisting around her, the enormity of what she was doing hit her. Andromeda had never done anything so… risky before. She was out… alone… unarmed…

It was wonderful.

Her heart was beating so fast she felt sure she was going to explode. Flinging her arms out, she twirled around and around, giggling wildly. This sort of freedom was intoxicating…

Her nightdress billowed out around her, her long hair whipping across her face as she spun, round and round and round and round… until she tumbled to the ground, dizzy.

She might have looked stupid, but she didn't care. There was no one there to see her.