There are no mistakes in life some people say
It is true sometimes you can see it that way
But people don't live or die, people just float
She went with the man
In the long black coat

Bob Dylan

This story takes place long after any of the Doctor's televised adventures, and features a new incarnation of the Doctor and his new companion, Sophie.

I figured I'd do a bit of an introduction/contents page, so new readers can see how it works and decide which stories to read. If I've done my job, they should all work as stand-alone stories, so you can read as many or as few as you like in whatever order you desire! There's also a story arc which will be easier to follow to if you read from beginning to end, but it's all up to you.

Please review, because there's nothing better than feedback, especially constructive criticism. If you think it's worth it, please recommend the story to others. Most importantly, though, enjoy adventures in time and space!

'The Forgotten'
chapters 2-11

When she was five years old, Sophie Freeman lost her parents in a horrific car accident. Now, she's a young woman without a home, without a family and without much hope for the future. Then, one night, she hears a mysterious noise in the courtyard of her apartment complex... and people start disappearing. Left alone in a world falling apart all around her, Sophie meets the Doctor and must choose whether to join the ranks of the forgotten or be the one to remember them.

'The Deadly Tower'
chapters 12-19

The people of New Tokyo spend their entire lives in the self-contained environments of the skyscrapers that stud the surface of their airless world, but when the Doctor and Sophie arrive they discover a population under siege. The artificial intelligence of the skyscraper has turned against the inhabitants, and the Doctor and Sophie are caught in the middle.

'Eppur si Muove'
chapters 20-27

The Doctor and Sophie travel to Siena in 1633 where they meet Galileo Galilei, languishing under house arrest. But the streets of Siena aren't as safe as they seem; mutilated corpses are turning up all over the ancient walled city, a Vatican investigator has just arrived to investigate rumours of a blood-drenched cult and the Doctor realises that there's an alien presence at work.

'The Factory Workers'
chapters 28-35

Factory planet Ford XVII has been out of contact with the Human Empire for a very long time. The Doctor and Sophie discover that, far from being the entire automated, industrial nirvana they expected to find, the planet's factories and workshops are now manned by downtrodden slaves, policed by the fascistic Security Section and watched over by the mysterious Managers...

'Weapons of the Daleks'
chapters 36-43

As the resistance movement on Ford XVII drives relentlessly towards a violent uprising, despite recent setbacks, the Daleks capture the TARDIS and take Sophie hostage. The Doctor must find a way to rescue his friend, find a way off the factory planet and help the workers to overthrow the ruthless yoke of their Dalek overlords.

'The Cerberus Protocol'
chapters 44-51

The TARDIS is the place the Doctor and Sophie thought safest; their home, their transportation, their sanctuary. When the TARDIS runs aground the Time Vortex and loses power, however, they inadvertently set loose an ancientsecurity program that threatens to break the Time Lock around Gallifrey and unleash the horrors of the Last Great Time War on an unsuspecting universe.

'In Media Res'
chapters 52-59

In the aftermath of their run-in with the Protocol, the Doctor and Sophie are visiting the great repositories of knowledge in the universe. On the way to their final destination, they are knocked off course by a wave of chronon energy and forced to contend with a haunted house and a lost little girl.