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Ferb stared wide-eyed and wide mouthed at his brother; still trying to decide whether he was dreaming or awake. Phineas gave him a toothy smile and chuckled,

"You better close your mouth, Ferb or you may catch flies."

Ferb blinked twice before letting out a small laugh. Phineas started laughing quietly, which made Ferb laugh a little more. Soon the whole room was filled with the sound of two boys laughing. Ferb felt tears of happiness filling up his eyes as he quickly stood to his feet and embraced his brother. Phineas returned the strong hug and started feeling tears fill his eyes as well. He gripped Ferb's shirt and rested his head against his shoulder, and felt Ferb's hand rubbing the back of his neck and back. It's been a long time since they've hugged like this.

"Ferb?" Phineas spoke up,

"Yes Phineas?" Ferb replied, without pulling away from the hug,

"How long… how long have I been out?"

"About four weeks now."

"Then how come I'm still really tired?"

"I… don't know, you were in a coma so…"

"What exactly happened? Everything seems like a blur."

Ferb pulled back and sat down on the bed next to Phineas, "Buford's car was hit head on by a drunk driver that was driving in the wrong lane. We flipped a couple of times and during that your head must've got tossed around quite a bit."

"What happened to you? Are you alright?"

"I woke up a day or so after with a slight concussion. You were pretty unstable for a while… hence being stuck in a coma for four weeks."

Phineas slightly frowned and licked his lips, "So… anything happen while I was asleep?"

Ferb shook his head, "I've been here everyday with our parents and Candace. Isabella and our other friends stopped by a few times as well."

Phineas suddenly smiled and turned to his brother, "I knew it. Ferb I… I could hear all of you while I was sleeping. I thought it was all an illusion, but I could hear you all talking to me."

Ferb nodded his head, "We were all worried about you… speaking of which, I should probably call up out parents right now. I'm sure they-"

"Ferb did you mean it?"

Ferb looked confused, "Did I mean what?"

"Before I blacked out I heard you say that… you hated me."

Ferb's chest began to hurt again. He quickly shook his head, but Phineas continued, "Soon after you were apologizing to me… I heard you begging me to wake up… I heard you crying out to me…" Phineas's eyes filled with tears as he went on, "… you were holding my hand and… crying your pain out to me. I wanted to wake up and tell you that I wasn't mad and that I forgave you, but I couldn't."

Ferb wiped his eyes, "Phineas I honestly didn't mean it. It was killing me everyday to think that those may have been the last words you'd ever hear me say to you. I am so sorry for everything, I should've talked you out of going, but I didn't…"

Phineas gripped his brother's hand, "It was all my stupid idea, I shouldn't have thought of it in the first place. We're supposed to be the good kids, the ones who respect their parents and each other. I don't know why I decided going to that concert was such a good idea, but I will never ever convince you to do something like that again. And I'm very sorry for dragging you into all of this in the first place."

Ferb smiled and gave his brother's hand a squeeze, "I forgive you, Phin. And hopefully you'll remember that little speech of yours when mum and dad scold you at home sometime in the future."

"Maybe they'll go easy on me since I'm a crippled?"

Ferb laughed and shook his head, "You're not crippled, and no they won't. I had my license and toolbox taken away for a whole month almost right after I got home."

"Well by now your punishment is probably almost up. I'll be stuck in our room while you're back to going out and having fun."

"No way, Phin if you get grounded then I'm going to stay wherever you are and stay grounded with you."

"You don't have to do that, Ferb…"

"I know I don't," Ferb smiled, "I want to though. We have quite a bit to catch up on."

Phineas laughed sarcastically, "Yeah, that we do. I can tell you all about the blackness I've seen in my eyelids for the past few weeks."

Ferb rolled his eyes, "That's not what I meant… but whatever you want."

After sharing another laugh, Ferb finally took out his phone and called his dad to tell him the good news. In less then ten minutes, Lawrence, Linda and Candace were all rushing into the hospital and hugging Phineas right away. His mother kept hugging him tightly, then pulling back to kiss his cheeks, only to hug him again and then pulled back to kiss him again. Lawrence laughed and told Linda to be careful that she didn't choke him. Candace had tears streaming down her face as she embraced her brother, and warned him that if he ever scared her like this again, she would seriously hurt him.

The doctor soon came in and checked Phineas over. He said he was in good shape, but still needed plenty of rest. He was going to have to stay in the hospital for further study before they could release him. That didn't matter much, as long as Phineas was now awake and healthy, everyone was happy.

Phineas recovered pretty quickly. Within a week, the doctor proclaimed it safe for him to return home, but he had to take it easy and get plenty of rest for a few weeks. Phineas didn't care though; he had enough of being in the hospital. Ferb was really excited, because he was allowed to drive the car for the first time in months to pick his brother up from the hospital. With his license safely back in his pocket, he drove off by himself to get his brother from the hospital.

On the way home in the car, Phineas was looking around excitedly and was nearly bouncing around in his seat. Ferb had to reach over and grip Phineas's shoulder twice in order to keep him down in his seat. Once they reached home, Ferb helped Phineas out of the car and walked behind him, just in case he fell over or something.

Once the boys were inside, Lawrence and Linda welcomed Phineas back with open arms. Linda had asked Ferb to go to his room, so they could have some alone time with Phineas. Ferb gave his brother a reassuring hand squeeze before retreating upstairs to his room.

Phineas received a stern lecture from his parents, which he took as best as he could. In the end, he was grounded for a month and he had to hand his toolbox over as well. After the scolding was over, Phineas walked slowly up the stairs with his head slightly bowed. He opened the door to the bedroom and found Ferb on his bed, reading a book. Ferb looked over the top of the book and smiled,

"So how'd it go?"

Phineas sighed, "I'm grounded for a whole month…"

Ferb rolled his eyes and looked back at his book, "Serves your right though."

Phineas grinned as he sat down next to Ferb. He swung his legs up on the bed and lied down on the bed. Ferb glanced over his way before reading his book again. Phineas turned on his side and tried to look at the book Ferb was reading. He quickly lost interest once he saw that it was Oliver Twist.

"Why are you reading that again? Didn't we read it once for school years ago?"

Ferb nodded as he flipped the page over, "I like this book though…"

"Why not read a new one? One that you've never read before?"

"I will… next time I go to the bookstore, I'm picking out some more books to add to my collection. But for now, I'm rereading some of my favorites."

Phineas gulped, as he decided to change the subject, "Dare I ask what Buford said about you destroying his car?"

Ferb rolled his eyes as he closed his book up and set it off to the side, "That little weasel… I went over weeks ago to offer him money fro his broken car, but he said that he had a new car that he had for a couple of months! The one we drove was going to the junkyard the next day."

Phineas laughed, "Seriously? And he made such a big deal about us getting a scratch on it or something."

Ferb flipped over on his side so he was facing Phineas, "Well I'm just glad that I didn't have to spend a penny on that hunk of junk. For crying out loud, the bumper was super glued on… super glued, Phineas."

"I hear you, Ferb and I'm also glad you didn't have to pay to get that car fixed."

"If you can even call it a car…"

Phineas chuckled and let out a tired yawn.

Ferb smiled, "You still weary?"

"I feel really exhausted. I could probably go back to sleep for another year or so."

"You could go to sleep for a whole month, you are grounded after all."

Phineas yawned again and snuggled himself against Ferb's pillow, "I know, and you know what? Sleeping all that time sounds like a good idea."

Ferb suddenly let out a yawn, "Ugh… it's contagious…"

Phineas smiled at this, then suddenly frowned again, "I really am sorry, Ferb…"

Ferb placed a hand on Phineas's shoulder, "I know you are, and I forgive you. I'm just glad that we both came out okay. I'm sorry for saying that I hate you, when I really don't."

"It's alright, no offence but you seem pretty incapable of hating anything or anyone."

Ferb snorted, "I think I should resent that…"

Phineas smiled sleepily up at him, before scooting closer so he was leaning up against Ferb's chest, "Thanks for everything, Ferb…"

Ferb raised an eyebrow, "What did I do?"

"You were with me the most during all of this, and I'm really glad you were."

Ferb smiled and gently rubbed the top of Phineas's head, "It's no problem… you're my little brother and it's my job to look after you."

"Thanks Ferb… I love you brother…"

"I love you too brother, now get some sleep… you look really tired now."

Phineas slowly nodded his head before closing his eyes, and settling himself up against his brother. Ferb sighed as he put a protective arm around his brother's shoulders and closed his own eyes. His eyes slowly opened again when he felt something crawling up in between him and Phineas. Both brothers look down as Perry crawled in between them and settled down against their stomachs.

"Oh, there you are Perry..." they both said sleepily before closing their eyes again.

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