fanfic my insane life

Hi my name is Tina this is my story about my friend, my long lost friend. I have no idea where he is now but this is how it started…

At Madam Amberly's Academy of Evil, I was always the person who couldn't get on with most people - everyone thinks I'm a weirdo. I was always on my own but one day I saw this boy and for some strange reason there was something about him that made me want to run over to him and ask him out. He was so cute, he was short; he had ginger hair and deep blue eyes. He always had a very innocent look but he wasn't like he seemed. His name was ngin, He always hung around Cortex and Brio. They were always up to no good; they were often in the biology lab after school, stealing animals from the cages. I caught Cortex and Brio one night trying to kidnap a bandicoot. I wouldn't them have it. I tried to protect the bandicoot but then Madam Amberly came and put us all in detention. They always bully me ever since then. doesn't really take part in the animal mishap. He's really lost in his own little world and he has nothing to worry about. I want to be part of that world; I really do want to ask him out. I have to make sure that those cruel animal snatchers don't get in my way.

The School Bell rang…

I ran across the corridors to catch up with him

I shouted "Hi !"

He replied nervously "Oh, hi Tina, what lesson do I have next? Is it technology? I lost my timetable again!"

I giggled "You have maths with me, silly!"

We walked to maths together. We didn't say anything. I just kept looking at him; just thinking about asking him out. glanced over and smiled as if he could read my mind. We went into the classroom. was about to sit down when Cortex came and sat next to me. ngin moved to the back by himself.

"Oh great!" I thought "Cortex is here. I it just makes everything even worse"

Madam Amberly came in pacing up and down the classroom "Soooo class, today we will be doing the work on the 20,783,321 questions you were doing yesterday and you will not leave this class room until you are FINISHED. Also, there will be SILENCE!"

While Madam Amberly was busy writing detentions, I was just about to write a note to when a folded little piece of paper landed on my work. I turned to He gestured me to read it. I checked to make sure no one was looking and I opened it, it said:-


I was going to ask you this earlier but I was a little nervous

Would you go on a date with me, I really like you. I don't have that many friends I think you are so special to me.

Please say YES


I looked back at him, smiled and wrote a reply:-

Who would say no to a cute guy like you? Of course I'll go

Tina xxx

I made a mini 'plane and threw it back to He read it and then he fainted with shock. The whole class turned around and ngin was lying on the floor with the paper still in his hand. Madam Amberly stormed over, picked him up and carried him out of the class room. The paper fell out of his hand! I grabbed it and hid it. All I got was an evil glare from Cortex, was it something I said?