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I figure Valentine's Day is a good day to post a little pointless, plot-less fluff.

This outtake picks up BPOV in the parking lot after dinner at Memo's.



It's just one little kiss. A little chemistry test.

But the way he looks at me ignites a heat in places that have been cold and vacant way too long. I watch his mouth as he leans in, but my eyes close the moment I feel the first brush of his lips against my own.

Holy Shit. This man can kiss.

I am overwhelmed by the sudden need to get horizontal with Edward. But we're in a parking lot, and asphalt leaves a nasty burn. I pull him against me when my back hits the car.

Yes. Size 13.

Heidi might be onto something. Maybe having an evil genius pimp for a roommate isn't such a bad thing.

Thank God he's not shy. He doesn't bother to pull away. If anything, he's trying to get closer. His hips are digging into mine, and I let my fingers drift into the sexy hair that attracted me to him in the first place.

Please, please, please. I've been a really good girl this year. Please don't let him be a two-pump chump.

My phone rings, and I'm pretty sure it is Heidi checking up on me. I reluctantly push Edward away, so I can dig it out of my pocket.

"Renee." Why would my mother be calling at eight o'clock on a Friday night?

I ignore it. If it is an emergency, she'll call back. "If you kiss me like that in front of Charlie, he will shoot you," I whisper.

"That would be bad," he murmurs.

"Very bad."

"So, you could come up for a while," he says, peeking at me through dark, long lashes. "They say practice makes perfect." He whispers the last word against my lips.

Oh hell. If I go upstairs, there is like a ninety percent chance I am going to sleep with him. I need to make the decision now because if he rubs that lethal weapon against me again, I'm going to be toast.

"Give me your license," I tell him.

He looks at me like I'm mental, but there are certain precautions I should follow. Just in case. I lay it on the hood of my car and snap a picture of it with my phone. I attach it to a new text for Heidi:

I'm going in. If I don't come home or text tomorrow, send the forensics team to this address. (See attached.) He drives a silver Volvo. Washington plates, number 462CAN.

"Did you just send someone a picture of my license?" he asks. He looks equal parts horrified and amused.

"Yes," I admit. "I also provided your license plate number, so if you kill me, rest assured you'll be caught."

He laughs. "Does this mean you'll come up?"

Then, he does something I don't expect. He holds his hand out to me. I think the last time I held hands with a guy was during my senior year of high school. Instead of wrapping my offered hand in his, he entwines our fingers. The feel of his palm against mine does strange things to my nethers. By the time we reach his apartment and he unlocks the door, I'm thinking the probability of getting nasty with him has risen to ninety-two percent.

His apartment is small, but it is much nicer and cleaner than I expected it to be. Most guys our age are slobs. The sound of the door closing behind me is disconcerting. I have no idea what to do now. I'm in a strange apartment with a strange man and, until thirty seconds ago, I was ready to at least contemplate getting naked with him.

"Would you like a beer?" he asks as he brushes past me. He turns on a light in what must be the kitchen.

"Sure." I follow him in and accept a bottle of Budweiser from him. "Is your roommate home tonight?"

"No, he is staying at his girlfriend's apartment tonight."

We're alone.

"So," I tell him. "I reread my very favorite response to the ad when Heidi printed out the list for the Tanya."

"Which one was your favorite?" he asks.


He sets his beer on the counter beside me as he steps in close. He leans, dragging his nose up the length of my neck until his lips are brushing the shell of my left ear.

"Is that so?" he whispers.

Fuck. Ninety-six percent.

My nipples agree.

"You were wrong, you know," I tell him. Maybe I should come clean, so he won't feel like such a stalker. "I noticed you a lot sooner than you think I did."

I side-eyed his ass up and down on several occasions.

"Really?" he asks. "So, you were ignoring my attempts to get your attention?"

"I didn't really think a guy who looks like you would be interested in me. I mean, I'm kind of plain and boring. Then, when you disappeared during our date, I really felt plain and boring. That's why I was such a bitch. I'm sorry." It's hard to say out loud, but I feel much better once it's out.

He laughs. "Bella, you are the least boring person I've ever met." He steps even closer. "There's nothing plain about you. You're beautiful. And maybe a little weird."

I can't even be offended by that.

"The first time I saw you, I noticed how insanely hot you are," I confess.

"The first time I saw you, I wanted to bite your ass," he replies.


I should be alarmed, but, fuck, that's hot. And sweet. And he's seriously packin'. Edward Cullen is getting laid tonight. My stupid phone pings before I can jump him. It's a text reply from Heidi.

OMG YOU ARE NOT! You lucky bitch. Um..size 13? WORTH IT. Sex w/bigfoot. Bahahaha. Damn. Even boy's license picture is hot. Like GQ. Did you feel it yet? Is it big like his feet? Yes or no. BTW, if you text in 5 mins saying it's over…I am going to cry.

Lovely. Heidi is wasted, and I am not answering that question. She'll forget she asked it in about five minutes anyway. My phone pings again almost immediately.

This one is from my mother.

Bella. I just checked our daily horoscopes and yours was interesting. I've been thinking about you all day, and, a little while ago, I sensed a shift in your energy…


What. The. Fuck.

I'll read the rest of her message in the morning. I turn off my phone before tossing it on the counter behind me.


"No more interruptions," she says, looking up at me shyly.

How a woman with a mouth as dirty as hers can look so innocent is beyond me. I need to kiss her again. I have her in my apartment. Alone. I want to kiss her everywhere she'll let me.

I start with her lips. To my surprise, she leans up on her toes to get closer, and it's an incredible feeling. Knowing she wants to kiss me again. So, I wrap my arms around her, pulling her closer. God, she's perfect. Small, but strong. Crazy and beautiful. And from the way her body is responding to mine, I'm guessing she's also horny.

I don't want to do this in the kitchen. For all I know, her last experience may have been with the asshat who didn't even bother to make sure she got off.

No. This should happen in my bed. If it happens. Fuck. Does she even want it to happen?

I'll give her an out. On the physical stuff, anyway.

I deliberately slow our kisses and distance my body from hers to keep her perky little nipples from changing my mind.

"There's a TV in my room," I mumble against her lips.

Please hang out with me. I'll be patient. Really, I-

"Is there a bed?" Her tongue peeks out to tease that damn lower lip.

I have her naked and spread out on it in less than four minutes. Which is an amazing feat considering the distance we cover and the articles of clothing we remove along the way. I kiss her mouth first, then her chin. She squirms as my lips tickle her neck, and her tits are as perfect as her ass, so I kiss those too.

How any jackass could pass up the opportunity to please this girl is beyond me.

She pushes on my shoulders and rocks her body against mine, and I can't help but smile as I trail my fingers lightly down her body.

One finger. She wiggles and grunts a little in frustration.

Two fingers. A sigh.

I kiss lower and lower until my mouth meets my hand. Damn. She tastes good. Tart, like the rest of her. A nice, lemony cookie.

I nibble and lick and work her with my hand until she slaps both hands down, pushes her hips up into my face, and, holy fuck, I'm holding her lower half in the air with an ass cheek in each hand.

It's like a dream come true.

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. The slope of her belly, the tips of her nipples, and the way she is pushing back against my pillow. Eyes closed. Lips parted. I can tell by her breathing and the subtle way her legs are starting to shake that she's close. I double my efforts, and I'm rewarded with a string of profanity that would make a sailor blush. And a few deities too, if I'm hearing her correctly.

It's so fucking hot; I want to see it again. So, I keep going until she does it again. I don't stop until she yanks me up by my hair. Reluctantly, I lower her to the bed.

She kisses me on the mouth, and, instead of being disgusted, tasting herself seems to make her even hotter.

Jesus Christ, I'm so hard it hurts. It is taking every bit of my willpower not to hump her leg.

"Do you have condoms?" she pants.

"No," I moan. "I haven't been with anyone since before…" I don't want her to put crazy stalker back on the list, so I don't finish that sentence. "Well, it's been a while. A long while. I didn't think to get any. I mean, I considered myself pretty fucking lucky to even get a second shot at dinner with you. I had no idea-"

"Edward," she interrupts. "I'm clean. Are you?"



Bella is going to let me…

Bella might not let me do anything if I keep staring at her like some kind of animal or start drooling on her tits.

"I've never had sex without a condom, and I just had a physical a few months ago," I tell her. "I'm good." I can feel her hand sliding between us. "Please tell me you're on the pill."

She laughs, squeezing my cock in her fist while rubbing the tip against her clit and then teasing me by only taking in the head before repeating the torture.

"If you knew my family, you would understand what a ridiculous question you just asked me. Yes, I am most definitely on the pill. And Edward?" Her eyes narrow. "If you give me some kind of VD, I'll shoot you myself."

She just threatened my life. Naked. And miraculously my dick is still hard.

I wait until she makes her move. Then I reach down and pull her hand away, pinning it to the bed and holding it there with my own. "It isn't nice to tease," I tell her, flexing my hips and giving her just a little. Her mouth falls open, and she tries to shift her hips to meet mine, but I don't give her the chance. I pull back and push forward an inch or two deeper than before. Her nails dig into my shoulders.

My self control is slipping.

"Edward," she whispers.

I bury myself inside her, and I watch her face as I do it. Her eyes close, and I know I have to kiss her again. Now that I've started, I can't seem to stop. Kissing her, I mean. Although I can already tell I'm not going to want to stop doing this either.


Her lips become more and more demanding as I wrap her leg around my waist. And then it happens. My hand touches Bella's bare ass again. I may or may not have trailed it all the way up her thigh after the leg hitch move. Regardless, my hand is on her ass.

She still seems pretty satisfied, kissing me like crazy and grinding against me. So, I decide to make the most of the situation and give it a little squeeze.

She moans.

She fucking moans.

"Oh, God. I love your ass," I tell her. "I can't believe you're letting me touch it again."

"Really?" She's breathless. And breathtaking. "I'm letting you fuck me with no condom, and you can't believe I let you put your hand on my ass?"

And such a smart ass.

We've only been doing this for two minutes, and we've been talking half of that time. This is by far the weirdest, most awesome sex I've ever had. It can't possibly get any better than this.

"Do you like doggy?"

Okay. Maybe I was wrong. It could get a little better.

"I'm sorry?" My voice cracks like a little girl's.

She giggles until I shift and press her into the mattress. "Oh." Her eyes roll back and then close. "I don't know. You seem to have a strange fascination with my ass, and it's my favorite position." She blushes after her admission.

I am going to marry this girl or die trying.

I'm also going to convince her to let me bite her ass.

But not tonight.

Tonight, I'm going to give her anything she wants. Maybe it will help convince her to pick me for forever.


As he pulls away, I get a little angry with myself for suggesting the change in position. I scramble onto my hands and knees quickly. His chuckle is low and dark. The bastard knows I want it. Waggling my ass in his face must have given me away. I still when he finally touches me.

"Just give me a moment," he says quietly. "I'm enjoying the view."

I don't know whether to hit him or kiss him.

Instead, I go porn star on him. Leaning forward, I rest my weight on my left forearm. He grunts.

Good. My ass is exactly where I want it. In his face. I trail my right hand up my thigh and let it disappear between my legs.

Edward catches up quickly. "Not without me," he says as he finally gives me what I want.



I start to protest when he pulls out again, but he cuts me off. "I want to see your face."

It's so damn sweet, I can't argue. So far, he's done all the work, and I've reaped all the rewards. I'm thinking payback is in order. Scooting back, I motion for him to relax. He does. He also leans against the pillow with his hands behind his head. His lips are turned up in a self-satisfied smirk.

I don't rib him because he's earned it. I'm adding cocky to the list. Twice. Cocky. And COCKY.

Edward's eyes are slits as he watches me move over him. We're practically strangers, but he touches me like he's known my body for years, and I know if I'm not careful, I could really fall for this guy.

He sits up so he can kiss me. With both of his arms around me and his tongue in my mouth, I shift against him until he pulls me down hard and stills. He bites my lip gently as he grunts.

I'm exhausted, but too content to move. Having multiple orgasms is tiring. I'm just learning this of course, since tonight was a first.

"That was amazing," I mumble against his neck.

"I'm glad you approve," he laughs. "Does this mean I can be your real boyfriend?"

After all he went through to find me and the way he makes my stomach flutter and my body sing, I'm ready to move my stuff in and never leave his bed, but telling him that might freak him out. Since it's too soon to ask for a key, I settle for answering his question instead.

"Well," I tease, pausing to lean back so he can see that I mean what I'm about to say. "I think you've earned it."


A/N- In my opinion, some of the best relationships can be built on friendship and fun. This B/E are fun to write because they're both a little crazy.

Happy Valentine's Day!